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Negative Reviews of Blue Sugar by Aquolina

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WOW a headache inducing super sweet scent that leans more towards unisex or feminine than male IMO. I got lots and lots for sweet sugar with more sweet sugar and some vanilla... WOW this one last FOREVER... ugh after 2 wears I got rid of it. A try before you buy for sure...
21st June, 2016 (last edited: 29th June, 2016)
Slade Show all reviews
United States
Might smell good on a woman, but this is not a manly scent. Should have known better with sugar in its name.

24th December, 2011 (last edited: 26th December, 2011)
If any man would wear this, let me know cause i will shake your hand and tell you how brave you are.HEHE. OMG, sniffing this fragrance just elevated my sugar level
08th August, 2011
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A couple years back I sampled Pink Sugar by Aquolina, and thought it was sickeningly sweet. Now I find the Blue Sugar under my nose, and it is equally sickening. I get bergamot and carmelized sugar, none of the other listed notes ever make an appearance. If you love your fragrances extra super sweet, you should try this one.
18th May, 2009
everso Show all reviews
United States
wow. this stuff is AWFUL. ranks in my top 5 worst scents i've ever smelled...artificial, nauseating cotton candy. all the bottles in the world should be collected and destroyed!
13th January, 2009
Why any self-respecting man would want to smell like this is completely beyond my ability to comprehend. This smells like sickeningly sweet cotton-candy flavored bubble gum. If anything, this smells like something a 5 yr-old girl would be wearing......or eating. Bleh.
25th September, 2008
Black XS without the strawberries. Not appealing.
28th June, 2008
I bought this frag cause I heard its along the same lines as Rochas Man and I love that cologne, so I thought I would give this a try. If you like smelling like cupcakes and rubbing alcohol then this is for you! Me it just made me sick and gave me a headache if you ever get the chance to take a ride on the blue sugar train PASS!
18th June, 2008
Well...I'm sorry but i don't like this fragrance. It's too sweet, almost sickening to me. I smell it like liquorice/anise/fennel aromatized cotton candy and definitely don't like it.
As nthny said it clashes with whatever you've got good!
By the way it sticks to my skin as if there was superglue in the concotion and had to wash my wrists a lot of time to take of this thing and the jumper twice...add a bit of bad memories about my ex-gf (she was the one who spraied me and the jumper alike, fortunately just once) and you've got a bottle of perfume you don't like you'll never use again and a jumper you really like you'll never use again too because every time you try to wear it memories of this sickening sweet scent come back to mind.
Buy it only if you're sure you want a whole day of sweetness and if you're sure nothing is going to ruin that day, otherwise...
03rd April, 2008 (last edited: 09th April, 2008)
This is way to feminine on my skin. It smelled just like cotton candy. Definitely not for me.
26th June, 2007