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Negative Reviews of Gucci pour Homme II by Gucci

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Total tripe! I cant believe Gucci discontinued the Original Gucci and Pour Homme, and even Gucci Nobile. This a many reviewers have pointed out is tea overtones, but no longevity or projection what so ever. My pet hate is paying nearly £1 or may be more and the damn thing doesn't last. I might as well just throw my money down the drain, after all the point of a fragrance is to give off an aroma. If this ca be equated to a car, it would be like buying a car, which had flat tyres and a battery with no engine. Why?
01st September, 2014
I don't do reviews because I tell it like it is, and don't want to offend anyone. However, this one just made me type a few words

My gosh, why would anyone want to smell like a bag of bigelow tea? I blind bought this based upon reviews, never again. My nose gets the violet ever so slightly upon initial spray, then its nothing but tea, tea, tea. Disgusting!

I'm going to revisit this after I stop gagging, but think this is headed for the frag graveyard
17th December, 2013 (last edited: 20th December, 2013)
After such a high note that Gucci PH struck, naming a frag GPH II it was asking for trouble. Could it ever live up to the original? Does it live up to it? In a word, no. GPH II tries to approximate so many men's fragrance trends of late into one weak and short-lived formula. Yes, there is violet, tea, pepper and cinnamon but it all smells rather cheap, kind of like not much money was put into it. At times, you wonder whether the perfumer took a big vat and dumped Narciso for Men, Bulgari PH and HeWood into it and called it day... or GPH II. There are many better tea-based frags on the market than this.

GPH II is a yet another signpost on the road as to how dire Gucci's mens frags and mens' frags in general have become. Gucci PH and Envy for Men along with Rush for Men were tantalizing and ground-breaking, guided by Tom Ford. Well, Tommy's got his own house now and Gucci's house is standing on a deck of cards. Disappointment continues.
10th October, 2011
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Well, this just goes to show what a personal and subjective thing fragrances are, because while Gucci Pour Homme II may be a classy and unique addition to the market that a lot of very cultured noses like.... I just personally can't stand the smell of tea.

And that's what it boils down to with this fragrance, because to me the tea is really the predominant note from top to bottom. If I got up in the morning and washed my hands and face with wet tea bags, that's more or less the character and strength of what I get from wearing this fragrance. I know most people consider tea a nice, sweet, comforting smell - and a lot of people are enthusiastic imbibers of it too - but I don't drink the stuff and have always hated the smell and taste of it, almost at the level of a mild phobia. For that reason Gucci Pour Homme II makes my stomach a little queasy.

I can't use my own personal (and seemingly quite unusual) dislike for tea as a reason to call this a bad fragrance, though. The lack of sillage and longevity are more legitimate, general criticisms, which, as some others have said, might make you reconsider splashing your cash on this one. But most of all, potential buyers should MAKE SURE THEY REALLY LIKE TEA before adding this to their collection.
29th December, 2010
I have to begin by saying this fragrance has been the biggest disappointment to my expectations ever. I love tea, yet it never crossed my mind for a long time to look for a tea fragrance, thus when I heard about this one while browsing around I immediately went to try it. Right after applying it, you get the top notes, but they last very briefly you can easily miss them. After that it's just sweet creamy tea, smells exactly like a Vanilla Earl Grey tea I have. It's a very lovely smell, and after trying it I really wanted to smell like that.

However, getting to the bad part; This fragrance does not project, and it absolutely has no longevity. And when I say it has no longevity I mean it really has no lasting power. I have a skin that very few fragrances last up to their average longevity on others or their advertised longevity. Yet of all the perfumes I tried this one has to be the one with the shortest life. Not even 30 minutes! and you have to drive into your wrist to smell it even right after spraying it.

Absolutely not worth the price, or any price, no matter how good it smells. It's just a bad "tease" for a tea fragrance. I haven't tried any other Tea fragrance yet (looking forward for Tea for Two), but I doubt this is the best Tea the perfume industry has to offer. It's slightly above average scent-wise, but I love Tea. Also, sadly I LOVE the bottle and would like to add it to my collection. But as attractive as it is, and as much as I love tea, I have more chances of smelling like tea if I put a tea bag in my pocket than I have by spraying this on. I can not emphasis on how much there is no excuse for a perfume, from a somewhat reputable house, to smells this weak.
21st August, 2010
Def not my type of smell. I blind bought this and before my box came in I went and smelled this in the mall today and I will not even take this stuff out of the box when it comes in. I know it's my fault for blind buying but it sounded like this stuff was right up my alley.

When I sprayed it on I couldn't wait to get home and scrub it off. I would never wear this anywhere. This is one of those scents that when I smell it on somebody it gives me a headache and makes me want to gag. I'm starting to think that I may just quit trying to new frags and may just stick to Himalaya for the rest of my life. I love that stuff.
02nd August, 2010
Ohh noo I saw that thing in the note list-- the VIOLET! Ruuun!

Sadly, on testing it at a store, as much as I tried to focus on the nice tea and spices I get as everyone else does here, I just couldn't ignore it. It was there, more subtle for this Homme version, but definitely there and so ruined another otherwise stunning release from Gucci for me =[[

Start using other florals insted of the violet, Gucci! Also sadly, as in my Gucci PH1 review this thing costs a wallet-and-a-half aswell, and so as much as I wanted to rate neutral, had to give it down. Sorry Gucci maybe next time-----
19th March, 2010
Wow, am I glad I sampled this before buying it.

This was one gag inducing scent for me.

WOOD WOOD WOOD WOOD...that's ALL I get from this.
And that is NOT a good thing.

08th January, 2010
I believe that this fragrance is so poor about longevity. It can be named as "eau de cologne". It smells fine firstly, but later you can not smell it. It's so fresh and feminine. I prefer wonderful colognes like Gucci Pour Home and Gucci Envy for men instead of Gucci PH II.
01st June, 2009
Flat, shapeless and totally devoid of any structure whatsoever. The problem isn't even that it is "feminine". This smells CHEAP!
22nd April, 2009
All too familiar. I was hoping for something exciting or at least interesting. This one offered boredom.
14th March, 2009
Too feminine. Too much violet leaves and not enough woods..., can't do it. But to be fair, I didn't give it a full days wearing...
08th February, 2009
Maybe I've had a stroke or something, but I smell vinegar and little else in this. Why can't more of the luxury houses take a cue from Hermes and create fragrances that are as unique and quality-minded as the rest of their products?
01st November, 2008
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Strong, pungent, exhilirating and refreshing, and probably the most unique scent out there. If only this was true of Gucci II. It isn't; it's a weak mass market offering from Gucci. If it weren't for the tea and cinammon this would be not even worth testing. Very disappointing sillage and doesn't last.
26th October, 2007
Hmph! You're almost as noxious and insulting as your older brother..

Very contemporary, but bland, and to be frank, exactly what is to be expected.

Certainly a LOT more tolerable than its progenitor...But I personally just cant wear either...

Not for me. Watery, warm, spicey, tangy, freshy, needs a shower and a shave...all-in-all, confused (The Fragrance that is!)!
12th June, 2007
i like the colour baby blue,from this house something new but not an orijinal scent, light andd tea and bergamot with the woody base .just an ordinary one ,dont like it
02nd June, 2007
wow, this is crap. I am a bit surprised by everyone else's review does far, because GPH II is nothing but a copy of a older cologne that got a lot of bad rap for its metallic qualities. It starts out with an obvious connection to GPH I, thanks to the myhrr I guess, but anyway, it dries down to a very metallic scent tempered by a powdery lite weight. My high expectations were dashed, but it sounds like it works well for others. I def will not be buying this.
02nd May, 2007
As a Gucci Envy and Gucci pour Homme fan,I tried this at the airport a couple of weeks ago. I sprayed some on my wrist and soon wished I hadn't. It reminded me so much of my mothers' perfume; Kenzo Flowers. Thats it. Thats how this stuff smells. So I won't be getting any!
02nd April, 2007
I came to Gucci Pour Homme II expecting something a little sweeter than Gucci Pour Homme I, but this was not the case. The new manifestation is really a different breed, one that, for me, contains none of the intoxicating distinctions of its predecessor. Overall, it the sweet and powdery notes were too strong.

I am curious to see how others respond. For me it was a disappointment, but then again my expectations were high.
14th March, 2007