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Neutral Reviews of Gucci pour Homme II by Gucci

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hmm, this is my first fragrance
scent is ok, fresh and not too mainstream
I really like the tea and cinnamon note (cinnamon was used really good here, enough, not too strong)
longevity : medium
silage : medium
09th May, 2017
Only giving this a neutral because of the performance issues. I sprayed on a good amount this morning and 1.5 hours later, I struggle to get a whiff. Smells great! Classy, refined and special. Mature and almost old fashioned but 20-30 age range should be able to pull this off with some confidence thrown in.
01st March, 2016
I will give this scent an neutral rating ...its a good scent but my grouse is that it disappears much too quickly on my skin ...and that sucks ...I blind bought 2 bottles as had high expectations of it ...after reading opinions / reviews here on BN but it fell short of my expectations as after the initial blast of bergamot & Violet ..this simply disappears and that's really a no-go zone for me ...wonder why people are giving it a thumbs up as a fragrance needs to have 3 things in my book to get a thumbs up :
Smell : 7/10
Longevity : 3/10
Sillage : 4/10
Projection : 4/10
hence in my book I will never recommend it it only meets one criterion in my evaluation which is the smell ...which is ok but nothing mind boggling about it for me it will be a negative or neutral rating !
19th November, 2015
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Such a soft fragrance, very reminiscent of fabric softener. Not really worth the money compared to just wearing dryer sheets under your clothes.
18th November, 2015
I really like this scent, but the longevity is woeful on my skin, unfortunately.
23rd August, 2015
Hello gents, just acquired this again. Had it before and swapped it for pure havane from a BNr, good swap for me. Thought I'd give it another go because it was a nice scent but very fleeting .Giving it a chane at redemption the second bottle had the same fleeting aspect. Should have took to heart that this has been reviewed overwhelmingly as a short lived scent. Just for kicks I layered it with vintage fahrenheit. Really nice, adding even more violet notes to balance out the motor oil note, amazing .
04th June, 2014 (last edited: 14th June, 2014)
Tea is the main drink of most people in Asia and as a guy who lives in Asia, I'm saying that this fragrance smell more like green tea. like fresh and green tea leaf's. it doesn't smell like dried, black tea that taste and smell bitter with dark aura.
Add fresh and green tea leafs in a teapot,some boiling water, some spicy cinnamon and then something sweet in it. now smell it. you have the scent of this fragrance.
The tobacco note supposed to give the scent a dark aura but it's not that strong and in my opinion this fragrance does not have a dark smell and feeling.
It's more green and natural instead of dark and exotic.
The smell is very good and pleasant but it's not a unique scent.
Average projection and longevity.
02nd June, 2014
bmn Show all reviews
United States
Smells REALLY nice. For 10 minutes. Then almost completely gone. GPH 1 is light years better. Maybe I'm just not a tea person -- I don't love any of the tea based bvlgary scents, either.
06th April, 2014
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United States
slightly reminds me of tea 4 two, which is a favorite of mine.t4t was discontinued at the time so ive purchased this one to add to my starting roster for the spring and summer. that slight smokiness and lingering tea is a nice fit for warm weather.but'''the cinnamon for some reason gives the feel of a classy and boring atmosphere...not in my starting roster. this frag is a nice 1 though for warm weather and ive gotten compliments from this as well.
26th February, 2014 (last edited: 14th December, 2016)
gone with the wind

I really found this stuff appealing and nice to wear. but there is a big problem here. yes, Longevity.

if you apply one spry on a test paper, after 12 hours you will find an unused, fragrance free one which is very strange to me.

Pros: beautiful bottle, enjoyable fragrance
Cons: too fast disappearance"

19th October, 2013
Funny how people's perceptions of fragrances can differ, because I find this scent actually makes me feel physically queasy - I can definately smell why other people would like it but I find the strong whiff of tea and pepper to be a strange cloying aroma that catches in my nose, it's very sweet and overpowering to me.
08th May, 2013
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United States
I want to really like how this smells, but one of the notes just smells funny. I'm really unsure which of the notes it is but it reminds me of dark wooden dining room furniture. It smells good overall, but that one note just smells strange and somewhat synthetic.
26th January, 2013
My problem with this fragrance isn't it's projection nor it's longevity. My problem is with its lack of personality. It's almost too safe. Too friendly. I see it as very..."Disney".
It's a pleasant cinnamon bubblegum and milky tea that is lovely enough, I suppose... but ultimately bland.
Oddly, It brings to my mind pastel sweaters, Mentos mints and Mr. Rogers neighborhood. I've given it a couple full wearings and still can't imagine when I would want to smell like this.
19th June, 2012
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bFlay Show all reviews
United States
I purchased this after recommendation at the local perfume shop. GUCCI POR HOMME II has a pleasant soapy lavendar top which mellows to the black tea, tobacco, and myrrh median point. This is fairly light and unquestionably masculine, so I like it and will wear it, but not every day. Certainly appropriate for daytime wear and perhaps in the workplace as it is not pervasive in it's projection and is inoffensive. A good cologne for any man's collection, but probably not what one would choose as a "signature" fragrance.
09th December, 2011
I will at least give it some credit for distinction. I got a little of this and a little of Envy aftershave to try out. I enjoyed sitting relaxing with this the first time I tried it. Second time the novelty wore off somewhat and I dont think I could enjoy wearing it very often, the tea note is pleasant enough but doesnt really excite me. Envy however was a different matter..
08th November, 2011
Quite a pleasant smell, but nothing special. The biggest problem with smell
disappears after two hours without a trace. The weakest scent I ever try.
20th June, 2011
Really amazing scent, extremely pleasant. Smells to me like a Chai Tea Latte from Starbucks. I can't see anybody ever being offended by this fragrance.

That being said, HUGE dissappointment as far as sillage and longevity goes. This will stay close to the skin and hardly last a couple hours. One of the shortest lasting fragrances I've ever tried but one of my favorite scents. Really a shame.
28th July, 2010
this scent is amazing!! smells creamy and smooth! i love it! i gave it a neutral rating because it just doesnt last. i got about an hour, maybe an hour and a half, thats it! if it had more staying power this would be a huge thumbs up!
31st March, 2010
Cinnamon and violet notes and some musk make it absolutely feminime and unwearable for me!
All in all its nice a bit fresh and alluring scent that gets attention but not that kind I d like to get from others.
If you dont care for how feminime is a scent you may love it and feel sexy too.
28th March, 2010
Oh my, what a handsome...bottle! It feels solid and heavy. Alas, the same cannot be said of this rather light-wearing scent. The opening act with bergamot and violet leaf is indeed bright and lovely, somewhat similar to that of Calvin Klein Man (also a 2007 release). But where Man goes all powdery with incense and amber, GUCCI POUR HOMME II gets drier and sharper, a lightly spiced tea leaf accord taking centerstage before the resinuous glow of myrrh alters the entire composition to something resembling GPH's cedar, only lighter. Maybe I expect a little more from Gucci but as much as I find GPH II versatile, it just doesn't excite me enough to get a decant, much less a full bottle.
15th November, 2009
I haven't worn it yet. But I sprayed it on a ralph shirt collar i have hanging up and a cotton pad. Its very unique, to me. Its doable... Sweeter spice, pimento cheese sandwich, woodsy, eggnog at new years, and big red gum? haha I don't like it as much as I do the smell of chili powder. Though I probably wouldn't wear chili powder.. oh I let my wife, niece, and sister smell it and they wasn't too crazy about it.
08th November, 2009
I adore the bottle design, and I want to adore what's inside, but I don't--not yet anyway. And I'm leaving open the possibility that I might love it one day--or at least like it a lot. For the moment, I'm on the fence.
I just tried this for the first time two days ago. I found it to be nice after the first spray, but waited to see how it evolved. A friend who was with me smelled it and didn't care for it--he claimed that it was missing something. His reaction wasn't my reaction, but after 30 minutes or so I wasn't sure I liked it enough to buy it. After several hours (great longevity, a plus) I was still smelling myself, yet still undecided.
I think I have discovered that I have a strong reaction to violet. It's the one element that made me despise Narciso for Men, for instance. And it's pretty pronounced to me in Gucci PH II. Doesn't offend, but still stands out. What's funny is that I was looking for a scent to replace my almost empty Paul Smith London. It's my "going to church" fragrance--which means I have to like it, and I want it to be pleasant enough to others since I'm sitting in close proximity to them on the pew, but not so unusual that it would evoke strong reactions from them. However, I really like the violet in PS London, probably because it's balanced nicely by the brandy and is a warmer, softer smell.
Gucci PH II is well-made and mostly pleasing, but perhaps that's just it: it's too green and too unique for what I'm looking for at the moment. Or maybe I'll come back to it in a few weeks and fall in love.
17th August, 2009
I've been itching to get my hands on Gucci Pour Homme II for quite a while, so when I seen it at a local store for a good price, I bought it blind.
A small error on my part...
Gucci Pour Homme II smells quite nice with a combo of violets, tea, cinnamon and woods. Modern.
It is also the weakest scent I have ever tried. 10+ spays = 0 sillage.
It lasts for minutes, not hours on me.
I'll plaster myself with this all summer to use it up.
I give it a neutral because it does smell good but trust me, try before you buy.

09th July, 2009
Great smell but so subtle......i hope if it was a littbe bit stronger ....i won't buy it indeed
01st March, 2009
This scent is perfectly fine. It smells good. It gets a neutral rating because all it really does is remind me of something that, in my opinion, is much better: L'Occitane's Eau des Baux. GPH2 has the same intense and lovely woody notes, but it turns the cinnamon up a notch, and I'm not the biggest fan of cinnamon. Eau des Baux also somehow manages to smell very dry throughout (probably the smoky notes), which I like, and there's something different in the Gucci that smells much wetter, for lack of a better word. If you like this, try the L'Occitane.
07th February, 2009
When I wear this I smell two things...

Tea, which I love, and pimentos. which I I love...


So far, the two tea inclusive fragrances I've tried have had an additional note that ruined it. This had pimentos, and the other one had burnt rubber, and we all know which one that is.

I don't know if it's my skin or my nose, but sour notes really seem to stand out on me. Don't get me wrong, interesting is great, but at the same time a smell should immediately convey a desire to get closer and smell more, at least to me.
26th August, 2008
I wanted so much to love you because of that black-tea and cinnamon sensation that sold me at first sniff...but the musk made it impossible and you went back the very next day.
11th August, 2008
It's not perfect but there is something elegant and "expensive" in this one.
16th May, 2008
When I apply GPH II, my skin initially gets a tingling sensation, which is a bit unsettling. Almost feels like something burning. Thankfully, the sensation goes away in a few seconds leaving no evidence behind. As to the scent itself, GPH II seems dominated by Black Tea and Cinnamon early. It has a smoky character that gives way to gentle wood and musk in the base. Overall, a pleasant scent, but not compelling.
17th December, 2007
GPH II reminded me a bit of Penhaligon's Opus 1870 because of the pepper overlaying sweet undernotes. Opus uses rose while Gucci uses tea and cedar. I'm a fan of Gucci Envy and the first Pour Homme, and while this scent isn't bad, it's sweeter, lighter, and blander than Opus 1870 (which I love), so it gets a thumbs-sideways. The visual presentation is stunning.
10th November, 2007