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In a comparison with L'artisan perfumeur's Tea for Two, this can seem underwhelming at first. The opening is less strident, lacking the smoke and spices of the latter. And it certainly stays close to the skin throughout. But structurally, this is terrific: the drydown to woodsy tobacco is really pleasing. Thumbs up.
12th December, 2017
I really love Gucci pour Homme II. The smell is absolutely fantastic and quite unique. I don't have anything else in my collection that smell remotely like it. It is a really calming scent. Unfortunately for me, the performance and longevity isn't that great. For the smell, 10/10 for sure.
06th November, 2017
Definitely not like the original GPH, which was in a different scent class entirely (think pencil shavings, but not in a bad way).

GPH II has its imitators - HiM by Hanae Mori comes to mind, not a bad scent in its own right. But this one stands alone in its smoothness, predictability, and pleasant woody quality. Bergamot and violet leaves are quite apparent in this one, as is the black tea note. I swear that this one has a cedar wood thing going on that I really enjoy, though it's not listed above in the composition. From the beautiful bottle design to the classy scent within, I would highly recommend a try of GPH II!
19th October, 2016
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Love this. Personal top 10.

I'm not familiar with tea notes, but if that's what I'm smelling, more please. I'm so tired of smelling that screeching woody note in all the designer fragrances I test.

This fragrance is versitile. It manages to be fresh without feeling aquatic, sporty or citrusy. It also has an elegant vibe, but the freshness keeps it from being a date night-only wear.

Perhaps best suited for the under-50 crowd, but I could see anyone over 25 wearing this easily. The scent stays close, but I've no issues with longevity. I can see why others have commented on performance issues, but this wasn't made for the man looking to get noticed.

This is one for a man comfortable with himself. This is for the guy who's well on his way, who's already been noticed. It's YSL L'Hommes's slightly younger brother.

What a pleasant surprise. I wish I'd discovered it sooner.

Will be purchasing a full bottle.

14th September, 2016 (last edited: 16th September, 2016)
This is a great scent. I got my bottle in 2010 or 2011 and it has absolutely no performance issues. I tried a friend's bottle first and woke up still able to smell it the next morning. When my bottle was gifted to me, the performance was identical! Perhaps I lucked out or my skin holds on to this scent for much longer. Either way, it is as good of a fragrance as it's made out to be.

Of all the notes listed, I think I smell violet and black tea. The others are most likely in there, but I can't pick them out. It almost has a hay-like vibe similar to the smell of driving past a tall cornfield with the windows down on an evening in August or September. I'd say this is a safe blind buy due to how cheap it can be found online. It is also unisex to my nose.

Longevity: 10 (for me or this particular formula)
Projection: 9 (sometimes it can actually be too much)
Smell: 10

09th August, 2016 (last edited: 26th April, 2017)
Where do I even begin--Gucci Pour Homme II is such a lovely scent. My only problem with this fragrance is its popularity. Though I generally go for more old school scents, this one is an exception. The tea notes are exquisite.
08th April, 2016
Beautiful smell, not so good longevity
07th March, 2016
IF, just IF the SPL were a little bit stronger, then it's a 10/10 fragrance to me..

too bad the SPL with this one are really poor.

smell: 10/10

03rd July, 2015

In my opinion GUCCI fragrances is not suitable by every style because is truly special.I always feel classy when i wear Gucci fragrances.

I prefer the original GPH this cologne is lighter and updated from the original but is really lovely and is masculine scent with a mysterious side to it.

It is evening cologne or for intimate/special occasions.elegant woman loves it.the longevity is above average on my skin.the base soft woody/spicy.

Anyway if you are looking fora luxurious in spring/summer GUCCI PHII is what you need!

23rd April, 2015
Consensus is right on this. The more I read BaseNotes, I've come to realize that when there is a consensus of reviews saying the same thing, they are probably right. Such is the case with GPH2.

This fragrance is gourgeous. No other way to put it. Unfortunately, it disappears in under 2hrs. That doesn't mean I wouldn't own this one, it only means I would have to choose when to wear it. GPH2 seems to me to be a Sunday morning church service scent. Very conservative, wouldn't offend and you smell amazing. Just so long as your preacher, reverend, priest or rabbi isn't too long winded. By the time you get home for lunch the scent will be gone. That's O.K. by me, and I'll choose to reapply or pick another scent for the rest of the day.

I'll give this one a 7/10, simply because the scent is heavenly.
23rd February, 2015
Gucci pour Homme II is a pleasant, “generically” elegant and cozy designer fragrance, undoubtedly a tad inferior to Gucci pour Homme I, which shows a completely different (and superior) class and quality. But still, it’s nice. Number II is soft, easy going and to some extent a bit cheap; but it is also without doubts pleasant to wear, and that is always a plus in my book. It is basically built on some features of Gucci pour Homme I (you can feel the same synthetic cedar-incense accord), but all twisted with the silky powderiness of violet, a sweet-fruity tone, slightly creamy-lactonic too, and overall with a brighter and cleaner atmosphere. The tea note is really nice, and together with violet and tobacco creates a fresh (yet warm too), cozy, gentle feel of peaceful and sweet softness, almost plushy, well contrasted by a hint of leather (modern, finished, “posh”) and woody-peppery notes. Incomparable to the hyper-refined, adult, sharp and shady smoky woodiness of Gucci pour Homme I... but as I said, really pleasant and worth the low price. The combination of sweet-fruity notes and “pencil sharpener” cedar reminded me a bit of Balmain’s Carbone. Discreet, yet long-lasting persistence. Nothing groundbreaking, but solid!

12th February, 2015 (last edited: 09th May, 2015)

Nice fragrance from Gucci. I only have the Aftershave but it's almost like having the cologne as far as strength is concerned. Longevity is very good but not something I would wear every day.
30th December, 2014
Only one store had it in the 7 perfume shops I went to. The only place that had it look sketchy so I was worried it was a fake.

I asked if they could open it so I could sample it and if it was real, I would most likely buy it. They let me and looked legit, matching serials, strong blue color, and THE SMELL. Oh my, I love the smell. Like nothing I've smelled before.

Being that this was the only bottle in all fragrance stores around my area is a plus... no one will smell like me =)

Unfortunately, projection isn't great nor is the lasting power. Carry a decant, worth it.
06th December, 2014
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A wonderful aromatic tea-based fragrance. I love wearing this in Autumn.
07th July, 2014 (last edited: 26th July, 2014)
I no longer buy anything from gucci as I feel there current offerings are absolutely awful, with the exception of this. A unique fragrance utilizing the scent of black tea. It doesn't last very long, but it smells very nice when it's there. Box and bottle look nice too.

Hopefully gucci doesn't discontinue this like all of there other good products (gucci pour homme 1, 2003 for example). 5 stars until gucci stops making it.
08th May, 2014
My signature scent, the one that I hated at the first sniff and few days later came back and bought it because I couldn't stop thinking about it.

Starts off fresh - violet leaf mixed with bergamot, at first it smelled like a kind of sweet&sour sauce to me... But when it dried down, the magic started to happen. Very strong black tea mixed with cinnamon, tobbaco and myrrh came in and started to dance on my skin. And I started to gather LOTS of compliments. It's a kind of hybid between fresh and warm fragrance. I prefer to wear it in fall and winter, because that's when myrrhe appears. In spring and summer I get refreshing tea with violet leafs, but it chokes me out in the summer heat and that is when I'm not using it.
It lasts on me usually 12-15 hours and I don't go very heavy on the trigger - 4-5 sprays is all I need.
Definitely VERY unique and I hope it'll never be discontinued.
21st February, 2014
metchu Show all reviews
United States
Class in a bottle. Fresh, but refined. Wear this anytime, anywhere. The tea notes are very present and in my opinion, very pleasant. Not a "sexy" scent but just one that smells good. It's a bit smokey, a bit peppery, but really a nice fragrance. Longetivity is a bit poor as is the sillage. My girlfriend likes this one on me, but it's not really intended to be a "make her go crazy" type of smell. 8.5/10
05th January, 2014
My thumb is way up on this one. Love, love, LOVE this fragrance. To me, it ranks higher than GPH1. Beautiful opening. I get nothing but tea, violet and a little throat tickling from the pepper. If you are unsure about buying this one, I hope I can persuade you to pull the trigger. Freshness in a bottle and quickly climbing into my top 5.
16th November, 2013
Gone but not forgotten

Cinnamon Tea, violets and a latent leather note.

This weird and appealing juice has now gone. A love / hate kind of scent. Only problem short duration and limited sillage on some skins, I have to re-apply it several times for a whole day wearing..maybe that's why I stockpiled six bottles.

Pros: Original composition, stylish bottle
Cons: Short duration"

15th September, 2013
Lovely warm and fresh scent

What a comfortable fragrance. I was a bit afraid the tea note would remind me of a Bulgary scent, I have two of them and I like them, but it doesn't it seems to just add a little warmth without being hot. I can smell violet leaves, cinnamom, tea and mihrr. The clean feeling must be the musk. No pepper or pimento. No citrus at all. Is it the tabaco that give its sweetness? GPH II is a bit smokey but just a bit enough to add masculinity because for a moment it smelt a little feminine. So, it is also a bit sweet.I get little of a barbershop/soap feeling, not that I mind it at all.I sprayed it on my arm and the stain shone for quite a while, that I suppose means that there are essencial oils in it? But as it is very different from my other scents I couldn't be happier with this yet another blind buy. I appreciate and thank all the reviewers who happen to be right.

Pros: Full body but light enough for Summer

19th August, 2013
Nearly perfect fragrance

The perfect day time fragrance in my opinion. Lasts for a long time, is pleasing, doesn't offend anybody. The problems I see with it are the lack of the wow factor, or sexiness factor. Sillage is also poor.

Pros: Smells amazing, longevity is great on me
Cons: Terrible sillage, not very sexy"

12th August, 2013
Numero Uno

To this day, this is the best fragrance i have ever smelled

02nd August, 2013
nyguy Show all reviews
United States
This will get you compliments if you wear enough of it

Amazing scent, tea, tobacco, and everything sweet in between. Sample if you like sweet fragrances, The newer Hanae Mori HiM is a LOT like this but sweeter, I still prefer GPHII since it's a bit toned down with it's longevity.

Pros: Everything needed in a scent
Cons: Longevity

11th June, 2013
North-African Sex Dream

Lovely. The immediate opening is a little atonal, like a small cat jumping up on a piano, but about 5 seconds in it quickly melts into a smooth warm cinnamon tea, very sweet but not cloying. Eventually a quiet, sexy waiter brings out a silver platter of tender dried fruits. Fruity but not raw; there's no trace of bright, live, acid, freshness; the fruit was put to death and lightly cooked in a gentle late summer sun with the nutrients still in-tact and the colors softened. Sensual, low-light, dark, but not somber. I get a refined mauve color out of this but I see why they targeted their market with blue instead. It's both very masculine and very feminine. An orgy of angels. I can see this working on a range of ages, genders, and body chemistries. Very well integrated and smooth, nothing seems tipped out of place. It lasts less than half a clock-face on me and I swear later on at bedtime the skin-ghost reminds me of my friend's hamper, a gal who wears women's Light Blue — sorry!

Pros: integrated, whole, balanced, calm
Cons: poor longevity on me

11th June, 2013
Marais Show all reviews
United Kingdom
This tea is tepid

If you are familiar with chai tea, you will know what to expect here. A soothing infusion of milky black tea, indian spices (cinnamon to the fore) and an unfashionable amount of sugar; violets are the only ingredients I can discern which remove it from the char wallah's domain. The result is very appetising but somewhat overdiluted.

Projection is adequate for the first couple of hours; thereafter it is very much a skin scent and virtually undetectable 6 hours after application (based on 10 sprays).

This seems to be a weakness common to many tea scents. Making a virtue of a necessity, we can say that Gucci PH II is another good one for the office-safe and warm weather-friendly categories. Similar scents worth exploring: Duel by Annick Goutal, Tea for Two by L'Artisan Parfumeur.

Pros: Appealing, inoffensive
Cons: Weak

10th June, 2013
A light, sweet and youthful fragrance. It has a complexity and balance to it which allows me to enjoy the scent all day long without ever growing bored or irritated by it. Even upon first application the fragrance is never overwhelming or harsh. It is pleasant from start to finish. Which I find an extremely rare quality in the many products I have tested and bought over the past few years. Other people have questioned the longevity but for me this fragrance lasts for many hours and still lingers on my collar late at night. The only problem is the lack of availability (in this country at least) as I think the product has been discontinued. I will say that PH II is superior to PH I and probably the best Italian designer scent I have ever bought.
10th May, 2013
The only thing keeping this one from a 5 star rating is the longevity.

It's really perfect other than that, and I can overlook longevity because it smells so darn good. Gucci PH 1 is an all time favorite, and now that it's harder to come by, I will probably suffice with wearing it every now and again...while wearing number 2 much more.

The opening is amazing, as is the middle (I think the tea is actually what holds the frag together from top to heart. Woody drydown with the only sweetness coming from a synthetic (but well done) tobacco.

I like Chanel PE, Aventus and Guerlain's Vetiver for daily wear...but I am moving Gucci PH II into the second spot for a while. It's great for the office because it sits closer to the skin...but every now and then someone will ask me what it is. I'm definately not the 'cologne' guy when I have it on. I can't say that about the other three.

Love this stuff.
29th March, 2013
drseid Show all reviews
United States
Gucci pour Homme II opens immediately with a beautiful violet note coupling with mild peppery spice. As the scent moves to the heart phase, the violet remains though in a subdued state with the early pepper spice now swapping places with cinnamon, the spotlight now focused on the scent's real stars, black tea and non-smoky incense. The overall accord turns slightly sweet soon after, as a honey-like accord slowly grows as time passes and remains through the finish. As it enters the dry-down, a very pleasant tobacco leaf and woody tandem emerge from the base as it joins the remnants of the heart accord to send off the scent. Projection is good and longevity is average at 8-10 hours on skin.

Gucci pour Homme II is a very pleasant scent on the whole. It is relatively fresh and slightly sweet, but it really is the black tea and incense that make the scent work. The overall accord just seems so smooth and easy to wear that the scent excels at versatility as very few will find it anywhere near offensive. If I had any gripe with Gucci pour Homme II it would have to be that it lacks in the distinctiveness department to some degree. That is really nit picking a very nice effort by Gucci on this one and should not put anyone off from giving Gucci pour Homme II a try. That said, for a bit more distinctiveness and performance in a somewhat similar vein (sans tea) folks may want to additionally sample LiquidNight by A Lab On Fire that is more accomplished, in my opinion. Inconsequential gripe aside, Gucci pour Homme II smells very good in it own right and earns a well-deserved rating of 3.5 stars out of 5.
21st February, 2013
I like the violets top note when first spraying on. Disappointed it fades so soon to no more than a sigh.
26th January, 2013
Wonderful fragrance... smells heavenly! It would be in my top 5 if it had a better lasting power and projection. Smells very pleasant and unique. If you find it, dont think, just GET IT. Definetely a must have. After GPH and GPH II there's nothing interesting by Gucci. Thumbs up for this scent and big thumbs down for Gucci.
06th January, 2013