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Vetiver extreme G. it's similar to vetiver with incense and without tobacco. I like it,remember me old Vetiver 90's .But to much expensive .
22nd September, 2017
Although I have not experienced the original this is an exceptional fragrance. As far as comparisons this is a smoother vetiver than say Encre Noire for sure. I do like this a tad bit more than Encre and would say this is a smoother scent and is overall well rounded from start to finish. For the price and quality it is a blind buy for any fan of vetiver. Enjoy!
30th November, 2016
Excellent stuff. I agree with rbaker's assessment, this flanker is a tad less woody, a bit more plush and a little bit sweeter. It is basically a reformulation for changing tastes without discontinuing the ever-popular original.

My wife's reaction the first time she walked through a cloud of this was very positive, she loves it on me.
17th June, 2016
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A perfect Vetiver! Almost similar to the regular, but more spicy and "Extreme" I use the regular for day time and work, and Extreme for evening and formal events. Timeless elegance!
04th May, 2016
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Quite like the original in many aspects, but I get a bit less of the wood side, and it is a bit richer and with a touch more sweetness. Very agreeable. The longevity is the same on my skin, nearly five hours. A case where the flanker holds up to the original version. Elegant.
15th June, 2014
I used to own the original Guerlain Vetiver and forgot how wonderful it smelled. I now got the "extreme" verison and I like it even better. I love colognes with vetiver and this one is my No. 1. To me vetiver smells fresh and clean, especially in the South Florida climate.
Guerlain Vetiver opens with a blast of vetiver and that delights the senses. A true classic cologne for men.
10th March, 2014
A Classic with a twist

I saw on Youtube K. saying that Guerlain Vetiver was for a 70, 80, 90 yo, and remembered that the experts say that there are only two kinds of fragrances: the good scents and the bad ones. If we shouldn't say that a scent is for women or men, how can one say it is for the very oldies?Is it not fashionable? What is fashion anyway? You are what you smell, smell well? I agree that there are scents with a juvenal, youth aura that suits, of course, young people. Also I agree that thare are time and place for everything under the Sun. But I cannot agree that a scent is good but only if you are over the rainbow and beoynd together with the mothballs. Guerlain Vetiver Extreme is my frst vetiver, although vetiver is in almost everything under that same Sun. And for me it smells great, really wonderful. Walking to work I got winfss of it and I couldn't belelive it was me, my vetiver giving me that very satisfying smell that just makes one feel good with himself and the world, it was almost like the first ... , for me and I am 50+. I suppose K. could say that it is because I am almost getting there. A young profesional man can pull GVE off? Of couse he can, if he wants to be taken seriously. But that is only one of his choices and there are plenty of them. I think I don't need to say anything about notes for other serious reviewers like Ericrico have done better than I ever could. Just a final thought I wear a scent for myselfself firstly and try not to offend the ones aroud me.

Pros: Adds a change, and a good one, to the original Guerlain Masterpiece
Cons: None"

30th July, 2013
Marais Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A decent 'similar but different' flanker to the original, nice to wear for a change. Similar in that it shares the same delightful nutmeg note and tonka base; different in the addition of herbs and subtraction of tobacco. Overall, darker in character; a bit more brooding. Misnamed as the vetiver is no louder than in the original. Very good; get it while it's still available.
16th April, 2013
I don't like vetiver as a general rule, but this one is better than most. The earthy quality, and the lack of a lush green overpowering vetiver makes it nice. I only own one vetiver, Moni d' Orio's Vetyver which is so dusty dry that it is almost not vetiver. This is spicier than that and a very wearable fragrance
27th January, 2013
More modern than the original, but still maintaining the classic look. Despite having the word Extreme, is a little softer, less sharp and snuff gone.
15th January, 2013
Not as dark as Encre Noire, neither as sweet as L'Occitane Vetyver. It's a great take on vetiver that's sweet and smoky at the same time with a great balance between sweetness (tonka) and smokyness (pepper/incense) Smells elegand and classy. Longevity, lasting power and sillage are medium-high. Worth it!
12th December, 2012
I had to look for this one so that I could give it a test in person before buying.

I have to start off by saying that the original Guerlain Vetiver is probably the closest thing I have to a signature scent. It's clean and soapy - and has that tobacco sweetness that gives it a bit of sexuality.

Vetiver Extreme is darker and smells a bit dirty - which is cool because I wanted something different. The grass is much more present here, and the absence of the tobacco is noted without question. It feels a bit naked for a few hours.

I would not reccomend this one to others becuase it is an acquired taste. I like it, but it's not mainstream...and casual cologne wearers would think it's a bit harsh.

It's somewhere between the original Guerlain formulation and Encre Noir. I can guarantee that I am the only man in a city of 70,000 that has this in his cabinet and actually wears it out. That's also a good thing.

28th August, 2012
This is a truly great vetiver...wonderful, actually. I love the sensuality and depth that the pepper, tarragon, nutmeg and cedar give this - along with the fresh top citrus notes of bergamot & lemon along with artemisia. The vetiver is always there - from the top to the excellent drydown. This is nice, warm and rooty vetiver. Not overtly dark like Encre Noire's version (which is a different and a wonderful fragrance as well) but, definitely darker than Guerlain's standard rendition. Note that I am speaking just of the vetiver - not the tobacco, which is noticeably absent here in Vetiver Extreme. I really like the incense and tonka bean added to the basenotes versus the tobacco - more modern, yet still rustic and very earthy. I don't want to say that this is "Extreme" - it is difference of notes and subtleties, but definitely still Guerlain's touch and the epitome of class. I have a passion for vetivers and own several and have tried a fair number (with more on my "to do" list). What I love is the richness and composition of this Guerlain bottling - personally, I think it is a 4.5/5 stars and a great scent for cooler weather - but could also shine in the spring and perhaps summer evenings at formal events. It exudes sophistication and class. My body chemistry has an affinity with this's like a natural expression of self - bold, confident, masculine yet refined. I can put a nice 4-5 sprays on and then refresh with a couple later in the day...this is oh so nice. It projects wonderfully and the longevity is there (about 6+ hours or so for me). I cannot possibly figure out why the negative comments against this. If any other name was on the bottle (other than Guerlain), it would be considered a strong rival (read: possibly superior) to the "Classic" itself and winning over people by the droves...I believe we sometimes smell with our eyes first and that is not fair to our noses' interpretation. That is fine - I hope that keeps the price point lower for me. ;-)
29th November, 2011 (last edited: 20th December, 2012)
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Simply an earthier, rootier, more resinous, darker and less complex version of the original Vetiver, a reorchestrated flanker which, as already elsewhere told, seems featured by a sort of rubbery or better more artificially powdery final undertone in sostitution of the ambery final tobacco and the woodsy silkiness yet typical of the original version. May be have been in here pushed up the spices but the final misty-incensey-cedary powder is surely enhanced in comparison with the original better assembled version (while the opening is weirdly more hesperidic and harsh). A strong note of olibanum turns this out like a more woodsy and overcasted one. The note of nutmeg is pushed up in comparison with the original version that was more breezy, virile and exotic than this latest initially muscular (but finally fainter) and more shadowy (and I should add smoky) flanker. Not bad anyway even if this " ostensibly Extreme version" lacks the airy virile light of the great original.
16th November, 2011 (last edited: 11th October, 2015)
I'm grading on a curve, here -- this isn't bad, but it's my least favorite vetiver so far (compared with Encre Noir, Sel de Vetiver, Grey Vetiver, Fat Electrician, and various other vetiver-heavy fragrances).

Vetiver Extreme starts out with the same rooty vetiver of Encre Noir, along with a blast of pepper and lemon that don't hang around for too long. It's a bit dirtier than Encre Noir, not in an animalic sense, but in the sense of smelling more like actual dirt - like vetiver roots unearthed from the damp soil under a big rock.

Unfortunately, the scent remains grassy and vegetal rather than blooming into a sweeter phase as most vetivers seem to do. The drydown is really not too different from the heart notes, though it heads in the general direction of boiled Eastern European vegetable roots. Longevity was just a few hours on my skin.

Everything I like about this fragrance is already in Encre Noir, along with other delights that don't make an appearance here. And Encre Noir is about 25% of VE's price.
17th January, 2010
brrrry Show all reviews
United States
I don't think it's THAT bad............... OK, I'll admit when you see the word "extreme" you would expect an amplified version of the original. In that regard Extreme fails. And for that reason I can definitely understand the "extreme" disappointment (pun intended). To me it smells just like the regular version, just a tad bit deeper and with better longevity. It does, however, seem to stay closer to the skin than the original. I think if this was named differently or issued from a different house it wouldn't be getting as many negs. The title and what it implies seems to be getting all of the attention and not the frag. Recommended, but only if you don't already have the original.
15th January, 2010 (last edited: 12th March, 2010)
Vetiver EO smells rooty, a statement of the obvious since it is a root. The point is, Vetiver Extreme is rootier than the regular version. So, if you want the earthy feeling vetiver has, a simpler and less complexity plus added longevity in relation to the original version, this would be the right choice.

I like this earthy-rooty accord, the reason why I am granting it a thumbs up.
05th December, 2009
Hmmm, should be called Everything Else But the Vetiver Extreme. TO me, the vetiver notes in the original is exactly the same here. Everything else, the slightly sweet base and the opening dull citrus notes are intensified. Maybe that's what happens when you make vetiver more extreme? You know what? I really dislike all these "extreme" versions. If Davidoff goes bonkers and makes Cool Water Extreme, I'll laugh.
28th October, 2008
This is an example of why messing with the original, is not always the best idea. Nothing was pleasantly amplified in this version. I'd have preferred a deeper, smokier Vetiver. Funnily, this one smells more dated than the original, in my opinion.
06th October, 2008 (last edited: 29th October, 2009)
The plain Vetiver EDC is so much better and truer to the vetiver note. Plain Guerlain Vetiver is a wonderful fragrance, but it's much lighter than Vetiver Extreme, so folks might be tempted to buy this one instead. I tell you, don't. This has a bitter undertone that is very much like the "rubber" note described by other reviewers. I thought perhaps it could also be described as a leathery carnation. Any vestige of vetiver is outlasted by an extremely strong note of nutmeg.
29th September, 2008
I love a lot Guerlain products.
But this Vetiver "Extreme" is not for me.
Smell like a hot rubber.
And please nobody compared the "Extreme" with F. Malle "Vetiver Extraordinaire " because is complety different in my opinion.
26th September, 2008
I can't believe the lack of enthusiasm for this fragrance, which in my opinion is fantastic. It's a Guerlain and it's a new chapter in the Vetiver story, so I'm kind of surprised at how little attention this has received.

The first thing that impressed me about it is that it shares a bit of a unusual "rubbery" quality with Frederic Malle's Vetiver Extraordinaire. The smell of hot rubber snorkels lying in the grass of a backyard, baking in the late afternoon sun of summer, near a pool. Vetiver Extraordinaire almost takes this facet too far, while Vetiver Extreme backs off it a little, balancing it with other things-- notably soft greens and spices.

I think what may underwhelm people about Vetiver Extreme is that its sillage has a kind of "surface tension" quality about it. You either smell it or you don't. And when you smell it, you've hit a tipping point in which you smell all of it. You have to break a certain bubble of space to smell it, because the top notes don't continually break away and flare off like sunspots. The whole thing is so cohesive that it isn't given away by the screech of renegade top notes. So in a way, people might be upset because it doesn't bleed continuous sillage everywhere.

I think it's a beautiful, sturdy variation on Guerlain's Vetiver. Earthy, green and sophisticated. The "Extreme" denotes a kind of "weight" rather than "intensity." In some ways the original Vetiver probably announces its presence with more volume. Vetiver Extreme is more of a deeper, somber, resonant lower register kind of affair.

I have to wonder if once this stuff becomes hard to find, it won't garner more praise.

19th August, 2008