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Negative Reviews of Bel Respiro Eau de Toilette by Chanel

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Chanel's take on the "acquatic floral" genre of modern scent, in other words, nothing at all. As meaningless as the Emperor's new wardrobe. There are literally dozens and dozens of scents identical to this that have flooded the market over the past decade, one more undistinguished than the last.

The acquatic green melon floral effect is rather plastic and has all the sophistication of a hand sanitizer scent.

A waste of time and vastly unworthy of the great house.
06th May, 2015
Along with Coromandel this is the worst of the Exclusifs: Coromandel is an extremely sickly and sweet gourmand scent; Bel Respiro is an equally sickly green one. Aggressive, brash and far too green, it certainly doesn't smell like an expensive fragrance. There are very few Polge perfumes that I like; but whereas I would say fragrances like Allure simply aren't my type, Bel Respiro and Coromandel are really nasty. For a far more pleasant green Chanel, try No18 (in my opinion, Polge at his best), or trusty old (but far from dated) No19.
27th July, 2014
For the first few seconds I think, "oh pretty!" I do smell aromatic and green notes in an intriguing composition. Within a minute I think, "uh oh" and "common" an "soap-on-a-rope for men." Then it levels out to just green soap and makes me sneeze. If I concentrate I can almost pick out an effort at the hyacinth. However, this seems like one of those "clean" fragrances for people who don't like perfume. A big disappointment for me -- seriously? this is a Chanel perfume for women???
11th May, 2010
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One of the disasterous Exclusifs. Too green and very sickly. Meonbn has summed it up perfectly in her review. Nasty, cheap and too green; I can't really say any more about it.
08th April, 2010
I don't get it--according to Chanel's description and people's reviews here and elsewhere, this is supposed to be a green floral that "evokes the feeling of standing in a fresh green field with a clear blue sky" (, 2009). I don't get ANYTHING like that--no florals, nothing green, no blue sky; I ONLY get a PUNCH to the throat with MUSK. This is a vulgar fragrance that, needless to say, fell profoundly below my expectations of Chanel, it's Les Exclusifs collection, and the name Bel Respiro--it should be renamed "Mal Respiro" (bad breath).
25th December, 2009