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Neutral Reviews of Coromandel Eau de Toilette by Chanel

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An old school aldehydic, amber and vanilla. Coromandel opens like many Chanel women's fragrances with a strong blast of aldehydes that are likely driven by the benozin. Fortunately, it's short lasted, and the drydown is all amber, vanilla and an undertone of woods. I like that the fragrance is relatively tame as amber and vanilla can turn sour, but it's nothing that strikes my nose as anything special. It could easily be unisex as I don't find much about the scent to be decidedly feminine. Light sillage but decent longevity. An unenthusiastic neutral from me.
07th November, 2017
Stardate 20170808:

Amber Vanilla with woods.
I don't get much Jasmine.
In the middle phase dry woods dominate supported by soft amber.
It starts with a promise but ends as generic benzoin vanilla.

08th August, 2017 (last edited: 14th September, 2017)
Starts off more feminine but during drydown, the amber notes remind me of my Perry Ellis M, which is a men's fragrance that also resembles Chanel Allure. Projection and longevity are excellent.
15th August, 2016
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Top: citruses, bitter orange, neroli
Heart: jasmine, rose, patchouli, orris
Base: incense, olibanum, benzoin, woodsy notes, musk, Tahitian vanilla

The moment I tried Coromandel, I fell head over heels in love with this fragrance. For about 2 hours, I kept smelling my wrist. The rich, sweet and exotic oriental concoction was so divinely intoxicating I almost rushed back to the Chanel boutique to buy the 200ml bottle. Then, with no warning, the musk note that had remained rather discreet up to that point suddenly appeared and ruined everything for me. As I often said before, I am not too big on animalic notes and musk is most certainly an ingredient that does not agree with me. I believe it is the combination of musk and jasmine that reacts badly on my skin. To my utter disappointment, this exclusive EDT I was so crazy about minutes before had turned into a rather uninteresting cheap-smelling musk-based fragrance.

The friend who accompanied me to the store also tried Coromandel but with very different results. On her skin, the fragrance developed much better. The fresh yet zesty citrus notes were very present. More importantly, the dreadful musk note did not show up at all. However, it failed to do what any animalic note is intended to do i.e. give the fragrance longevity and stability. We both found Coromandel extremely pleasant on her but she did not buy it either due to its unfortunate lack of staying power. A third party was supposed to be with us that afternoon. Who knows? Maybe Coromandel would have fit him to a T!
18th July, 2012
Super long lasting juice, then again, anything with a strong patchouli note does also.

Not really fond of the opening, its a bit of a cherry, almond smell which I find a bit off putting. The amber here is very nice and reminds me of Eau Lente from Diptyque (just texture not smell), may be its the incense and benzoin/opoponax doing tricks.

Dries down to a creamy, almondy, white chocolate sensation,and yes, this is like Amen white chocolate edition you can say, but less sweet.

Interesting fragrance, its a like but not a love as I don't find it compelling or challenging enough and the opening wasn't that appealing to me. Its an oriental that its warming or caressing and comforting enough for me and a bit too much patchouli.
12th March, 2012
Kaern Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Had great hopes with Coromandel after wearing the delicious vetiver - Sycomore from the same range. However, I found all the notes and accords, especially the amber and patchouli way too powerful. In fact, the opening five minutes was almost unbearable in it's stridency. The drydown is ok, but I found the vanilla note used here a touch sickly, almost Givenchy PI like. If this had copied the subtleness of Bois des Iles, I think it would have been much improved. Awarding a neutral is being generous, but it isn't a bad fragrance, just not for me.
31st January, 2012
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United Kingdom
This has that gourmand-y sweetness going on that I just don't get on with. The spices are barely evident on my skin, with my least favourite perfume aroma, vanilla, taking centre stage. The patch is a supporting player to my nose. I wish it were stronger.

Try as I might, I just don't like it very much but I'm giving it a neutral as its clearly a good example of its type.
06th September, 2011
Christopher Sheldrake's earlier Borneo 1834 (2005) was a dark chocolate and patchouli marvel of hungry brown shadows; his Coromandel instead pairs white chocolate and benzoin with patchouli and makes the fragrance shimmer with a mother of pearl effect that drifts peculiarly close to the taste of sherbet.

Not as senseless as someone choosing white over dark chocolate, but I still can't imagine wearing Coromandel with Borneo 1834 purchasable somewhere in the world.
31st May, 2011