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Neutral Reviews of Pure Grace by Philosophy

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Philosophy PURE GRACE is a serious shower-in-a-bottle in the bottle scent whose sole purpose appears to be to make the wearer smell as though s/he recently showered. No surprise really, since it's printed right there on the label: “nothing smells better than soap and water clean”. As I recently bathed, it all seems a bit redundant to me. The philosophy here is one of inoffensivity: don't rock the boat and by all means avoid drawing the attention of the perfume police to you! Very much in line with the output of the house of Clean, PURE GRACE smells like a middling hotel soap with a sliver of vetiver thrown in for good measure and reminds me in its personal-hygiene-obsessed intention of breath mints or scented deodorant (both of which I shun). I prefer to start with a clean body and then layer on top a bona fide perfume. That said, since I have it, I might wear this fragrance now and then, when I know that I'm going to be in a congested public setting, such as today, when I'll be at the library surrounded by people some of whom really could use a good lathering... Perhaps my just-showered-smell will inspire them to raise the (soap) bar and finally suds up! On ne sait jamais...

Update: okay, after about an hour, I could not even smell PURE GRACE anymore. This is definitely much more of an unperfume than a perfume. There are better choices for public-friendly fragrances, it seems to me. TRACY and CERRUTI 1881 are good examples of very clean-smelling scents with a bit of perfumic integrity and depth.“Nothing smells better than soap and water clean”? Au contraire. For example, perfume.
08th July, 2011