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Just wonderful! a perfect unisex fragrance. I spritz my teenage son's clothes with this, I spritz everything! The only fragrance we use to the last drop and keep purchasing.
21st January, 2015
I have the perfume oil of Pure Grace. It is NOT anything special. I can't even think of anyone to whom I'd recommend this, at least without offending someone as this would be a subliminal suggestion for a much needed shower. I can only imagine this being a suitable match for the white stocking set--either in a clinical setting or for a white stocking fetishist.

I fall into a different category and this fragrance is for me and my brethren; this is for people in love with the scent of a soap bar. Some people secretly love the scent of gasoline while others blissfully inhale rubber. I love sniffing a new bar of soap. I can't explain it but this fragrance satisfies that strange compulsion. This is not the scent of a fresh shower or clean skin, just a plain ol' bar of soap, sans the wrapper.
17th April, 2012
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United Kingdom
Truly the most revolting fragrance I have ever had the displeasure of trying. If you wish to smell of a laundromat buy this.
13th December, 2011 (last edited: 23rd December, 2011)
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This scent smells even better on me due to body chemistry. I always get complements when I wear this scent. Sometimes I wonder if it is the same scent when I start to put the lotion on because it smells different in the bottle, then it settles in and I spray some parfume and ready to go. This is one of those scents you can wear anytime, especially if your going to be really active like waiting tables, being outside for the kids games etc. Any age. Great scent.
23rd February, 2011
Soap-and-water scents appeal to me: this one makes you go, "Awww how pretty!" as soon as you spritz. Really cool how that soapy, clean note starts and stays: can't decide if it is a pervasive top note or a really early heart note; and, heck, could swear it stays right through to its base note, to boot! Doesn't last very long, but I really enjoyed how the showery, clean scent developed and swelled when I worked out in the heat a bit: it somehow made the sweating more tolerable. I guess because I still smelled clean.
02nd June, 2010
Let me begin by saying that I never thought I would ever like a fragrance like Pure Grace. I don't like soapy smells, and I was just against "clean" smells in general. I dislike Amazing Grace. And yet, I love Pure Grace. I wear it everyday. Not only is it completely inoffensive, but it smells clean in a way that is intoxicating. It doesn't smell like a fragrance or a soap really, more like warm, washed, wet skin. Is that weird? Maybe it's the jasmine. I hug my boyfriend, and he won't let go because he says I smell so good. I really couldn't love it more.
30th October, 2008
Sometimes the only thing that you want is to smell as though you've been washed, scrubbed, dry-cleaned and sealed in a crisp new box. This is that perfume.
29th September, 2008
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United Kingdom
Gorgeous, clean, soapy smell. Absolutely divine.
22nd August, 2008