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BEAUTIFUL LOVE is inspired by the timeless emotions of being deep in love.A ligher,younger version which is as prettily romantic as the original BEAUTIFUL.It has a soft,flowery,pleasant scent that you are sure to love.This is a scent you would smell in the springtime in a flower garden.Refined,Delicate,Joyous,Elegant, Modern,Floral,Pleasant,Fresh and Absolutely Romantic.

This soft tropical floral scent mixes mango,freesia and magnolia with fresh marigold,and flirty jasmine, tuberose and rose blended with charming tonka bean, sandalwood,vetiver and patchouli who this beautifully blended floral is sure to put a smile on your face. The perfume is just right and not overpowering.

BEAUTIFUL LOVE is a lovely daytime scent,soft yet is romantic but not can wear it anywhere,whether to office,conference,romantic walk but above all a wedding.Suitable for a young lady.the perfume is a nice airy spring-like scent.Anyway if you like philosophy's falling in love,this one is a perfect comparable scent to that.


Longevity?Nice on my skin.

13th June, 2015
I agree with blood-orange on this one with it being a mood uplifting fragrance, it smells wonderful, although, I have to disagree that I do think that it shares qualities with the original beautiful and you can tell its a toned down much warmer fragrance than the original perfume.

Personally, I think its a compromise between Pleasures, and Beautiful and is a nice summer fragrance for an evening.
08th December, 2011
It is very difficult to compare the original Beautiful to Beautiful Love because they are both so different. Beautiful Love is more of a fruity floral whereas the original is strictly floral.

The sales assistant told me that this fragrance is the younger alternative to the original, which I'd have to agree with. This fragrance is surprisingly pretty and nicely balanced. It may be a little overpowering initially with its fruity notes, but the drydown is absolutely exquisite. It becomes a soft and feminine blend of tuberose, jasmine and rose. The tuberose gives this fragrance that tropical and coconutty like scent.

This fragrance actually makes me feel quite happy when I wear it. It's not like anything that I usually wear; it's not overpowering, sexy or daring. Instead it's more of a sweet and romantic type of scent. It could quite possibly be the signature fragrance for falling in love.

The lasting power is fantastic and unlike most florals, this scent won't leave you smelling musty at the end of the day.

26th April, 2011
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I have a love-hate relationship with this fragrance. I completely understand that women sometimes wear fragrances for themselves, sometimes for other women, and sometimes for men, and I would definitely categorize this as something I would only wear for a man.
Infact, I wear this only for my boyfriend. It's his favorite fragrance, hands down. It's the only fragrance he knows by name and the only one he asked about when another woman was wearing it. He bought it for me as a gift, and he loves it when I wear it. He literally buries his nose in my neck, closes his eyes and takes a big sniff, followed by either a huge smile or a big kiss. All the men in my office love it too. I've worn it to clubs, to church, on dates, always with the same result. Men are always telling me how good I smell when I wear it.
I think it smells synthetic on me and like a big mish-mosh of white florals with no unique character. When I want a "take notice" white floral, I usually reach for Fracas on my "sexy" days or Carnal Flower on my "wild" days, maybe even Michael by Michael Kors on a summer day, and I would have never bought Beautiful Love for myself. However, I can't deny that men love it, and for that, I give it a thumbs up.
24th December, 2010
I can feel Beautiful-love warm creamy side and i love it!

Is soft, powerful, with good powerlasting. I like the way beautiful-love works the violet, mango and tuberose combination.

The Patchouli, sandalwood and vetiver notes are usually very strong, but don't worry cuz beautiful-love makes the flowers reign from the beginning until the end of the scent.

Beautiful-love is much less aggressive than her opulent mother Beautiful. this two fragrance have almost nothing in common..
20th May, 2010
This perfume made me literally sick. After 10 hours -yeah I am quite patient- I can't wait to step into the shower right now. It smells like a synthetic bouquet of many different white flowers randomly/carelessly mixed, and it does not have a distinguishing quality at all, -spare a nostalgic, sickening breeze of overly old-ladylike white florals which I associate particularly with the 1970s!-.
19th June, 2009
Two scents I absolutely dislike combined in one fragrance! rotten tuberose and soap... great!
At first the tuberose in the top notes smell okay but the fade within seconds, then the soapyness is even more dominating and headache-causing... after a while you additionally get the tuberose in the base that smell very cloying, uhh... (just thinking about it)
But even if I try to ignore my personal taste I don't think any tuberose-lover would appreciate it since it is actually quite flat and synthetic like a cheap, heavy floral fragrance. I would not recommend it to anyone.
26th January, 2009
Graziosa Show all reviews
Russian Federation
I am a fan of tuberose and own many white flower florals, such as Kors by Michael Kors or La Chasse Aux Papillons by L'Artisan, and, quite frankly, I think that those two are much more 'beautiful' than this one. This one seems so regular to me, and when I bought it 'blindly' following my mom's advice, I thought that I made a huge mistake and should give this bottle away immediately. But then I wore it to work one morning, and all of a sudden all my colleagues - and I honestly mean all of them - told me how great I smell. I have never received so many compliments on any of the fragrances I own and wear - and that's nearly 50 bottles.

So, dear ladies, if you wear fragrances not only to pamper your olfactory sense, but also to impress those around you - do consider owning this one, as it makes heads turn.
18th December, 2007
chengfun Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A bad impulse buy for me. This smells quite synthetic on me and there's nothing outstanding about it, just an average heady floral.
14th November, 2007
I just smelled this one from a magazine scent strip. Unlike the original Beautiful, I can actually smell this one. The first whiff I took, I liked it. I am a fan of fresh florals anyway. What I noticed after that - and what sets it apart from the original- is the tuberose. I wouldn't buy it because I think there are too many fragrances with tuberose that are popular right now and that note is a bit cloying for my tastes. But I would recommend that other try it.
07th February, 2007
Mitulove Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I was really hoping this would be lovely, but it's a rather 'eh' older woman seeming fragrance to me. I love the original Beautiful and hoped that the carnation, whipped cream, and tonka bean would make it smoother but alas, it's sort of a slap of flowers.
27th January, 2007