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Negative Reviews of Beautiful Love by Estée Lauder

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This perfume made me literally sick. After 10 hours -yeah I am quite patient- I can't wait to step into the shower right now. It smells like a synthetic bouquet of many different white flowers randomly/carelessly mixed, and it does not have a distinguishing quality at all, -spare a nostalgic, sickening breeze of overly old-ladylike white florals which I associate particularly with the 1970s!-.
19th June, 2009
Two scents I absolutely dislike combined in one fragrance! rotten tuberose and soap... great!
At first the tuberose in the top notes smell okay but the fade within seconds, then the soapyness is even more dominating and headache-causing... after a while you additionally get the tuberose in the base that smell very cloying, uhh... (just thinking about it)
But even if I try to ignore my personal taste I don't think any tuberose-lover would appreciate it since it is actually quite flat and synthetic like a cheap, heavy floral fragrance. I would not recommend it to anyone.
26th January, 2009
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United Kingdom
I was really hoping this would be lovely, but it's a rather 'eh' older woman seeming fragrance to me. I love the original Beautiful and hoped that the carnation, whipped cream, and tonka bean would make it smoother but alas, it's sort of a slap of flowers.
27th January, 2007
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