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Negative Reviews of Antihéros by Etat Libre d'Orange

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Sparkling lavender that over time develops an eternity-stretching plastic grin. About as depressing as a brat who has learned to induce madness by playing a single note infinitely using a preset on a cheap keyboard. Go for it, lavender fiends. I couldn't bear to try it more than once.
03rd May, 2012
Too much lavender for me and just reminds me of old ladies. Definitely not masculine fragrance.
05th October, 2008
Over the top lavender. This is all lavender. Try this is you like the herbal side of lavender. I find this to be a harsher lavender.
05th October, 2008
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Yawn. A herbal men's cologne with lots of lavender. I don't like lavender, it's too old lady-like. It's ok when it just adds a certain green, herbal piquancy but not when you can actually smell it. It develops a little less herbally dry, sweeter and more like anise, even though there is no anise listed.
16th February, 2007