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Antihéros starts out with a sweetish lavender and a hint of nail varnish remover which thankfully dissipates quickly. The lavender deepens quickly. I like lavender as a smell but never associate it with perfume. I was thinking Antihéros was a bit pale, and took a sniff of some lavender bubble bath that's hanging around the bathroom. The ELDO is much stronger and clearer. Maybe my mind's smellograph for lavender is of the plant itself, dried sprigs of lavender, or lavender oil. In any case, I guess Antihéros is actually plenty strong for a perfume/cologne, as it develops. In fact, it is very simple and quite soapy. In view of the company's self-promotion as iconoclasts, I keep waiting for something crazy to happen, but so far it's linear lavender..
20th July, 2017
Wow! Lavender overload. A high quality lavender explodes out of the bottle. It is a little musky, I think, which contributes nicely to the quality. The lavender tones down, as a normal lavender does, to a point where it acts smoothly in conjunction with the musk and cedar. The new accord is far too normal for Etat Libre d’Orange fragrance – it is also rather generic… excellent quality and very pleasant, but not unique. Later, the woods move further into the accord, and the lavender is pretty much gone.
Antiheros lasts quite well for a lavender fragrance; the initial lavender blast is temporary... it settles down nicely. The remainder of Antiheros is quite discreet and perfect for a pleasant, quality office scent. I enjoy the fact that this fragrance doesn’t add vanilla to the lavender – I dislike that combination. Lavender isn’t my favorite, but this one deserves a thumbs up.
28th August, 2015
Antiheros by Etat Libre d`Orange opens as a “one note mind melter” and displays a beautiful lavender note. One needs to enjoy lavender to enjoy antiheros—stay away if that isn’t the case. The lavender fades to expose a musky base.

Very refreshing 3.5/5
24th December, 2013
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Lavender soap in a bottle

Lavender, musk and cedar. This was the first perfume that I could guess all the official notes right and only in few seconds. So one can say it's quite simple, but it's nice nevertheless.
It's starts with lavender that has some minty bite to it. Then it developes to more soapy direction. You don't feel that you are wearing perfume, but you have washed you hands or clothes with most luxurious lavender soap ever.

Pros: Clean, office friendly
Cons: Simple

28th June, 2013
This is probably the most wearable of ELd'O's line. I'm a sucker for lavender, and I adore the hit of soapiness before the velvety drydown. I could wear this anywhere at anytime. The only thing I wish is that it would last longer on me.
11th January, 2012 (last edited: 23rd January, 2012)
A very strong (and unmistakeable) lavender opening with a slight sopay vibe joined by white musk and hints of woods in the drydown. During this phase Antiheros is very comfortable and discreet yet remarkably present. Simple, honest and maybe unoriginal but still head and shoulders above the average quality of today's perfumery. A nice easy wear for a (not too) casual day.
16th July, 2011 (last edited: 05th August, 2011)
Etat Libre D’ Orange Antiheros – A pretty strong lavender blast of an opening that settles down somewhat quickly into a more faint, soapy lavender. Hints of musk and woods permeate throughout the base with the soapy lavender being the prominent scent throughout. Longevity is pretty good and lavender remains throughout. Pretty basic and if you are a lavender fan then most definitely give this one a try.
20th June, 2011
Lavender. Long-gone.

I want more of this, but not in the typical way. I want it to last longer. This is a fresh, clean, almost soapy lavender, with huge emphasis on the lavender, but my goodness is it ever nice. It smells like some of the nicest soap you've ever used, to the extent that soap were made solely of lavender and you rinsed it off in a lavender solution while standing in a field of lavender.

However, the magic is fleeting. No sooner have you applied it than you realize it's already waving goodbye. Sure, you get a bit of a decent drydown, but you get it (or at least I do) within the first hour or two. I love this stuff, but I want a few more hours out of it.

14th March, 2011 (last edited: 14th April, 2011)
In the begin lavendel is accompanied with a cool breeze, later in the hart it’s aromatic and in the base it is mossy-woody. But all the way long it’s just about lavender from top to base. Rustic and nonchalant. Smells like a lavender soap, but gives rather a clean and groomed impression. It smells simple, but not cheap on my skin. To me it’s a perfect perfume for a lazy Sunday or on vacation somewhere in South France – it gives a relaxed feeling when nothing has to be done and all the time is free for whatever you’d like to do. Rustic, peaceful and nonchalant. On the other hand I also think it would be a good perfume to wear in the office – clean impression, soft and helps to keep your head cool. So, if you like lavender than it's a nice one to try. It's more powerful and crispy than Lavender from Yardley. And it's less sweet than lavender's by Caron. But if you don't like lavender - well - you might smell an old lady as other reviews mention :o).
02nd May, 2010
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United Kingdom
It smells like a sort of cheap lavender you would find in a bargain basement clear out in Boots. But it isn't because it lasts very well. Not my cup of tea really, but have a sneaky admiration for it.
07th April, 2010
Lavender, musk, precious woods
This is an excellent lavender scent: it is dry, herbal, with a lovely blue-green aura and a smoky tang. This is a very simple, minimalist scent centered on lavender with translucent hints of musk and wood. The dry down is airy, and the scent wears very well. Some of the negative responses may be due to the fact that some people don't like lavender. I love lavender, and this is a great scent -- better than Caron IMO.
06th April, 2009
This one really is the great-grandson of Caron's Pour un Homme! Lacks the powdery vanilla, but has that great trustworthy shoulder-to-lean-on lavender. I certainly wouldn't mind being held in the arms of this particular antihero. ;D
08th January, 2008