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Positive Reviews of Jasmin et Cigarette by Etat Libre d'Orange

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An interesting, challenging fragrance. The jasmine note is nice. Some other notes (tobacco, hay) add dissonance, but it still feels wearable, just.

As it develops, it becomes a more and more wearable floral, losing some of the quirkiness that was borderline too much in the opening.
07th April, 2018 (last edited: 08th April, 2018)
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A reasonable jasmines combined with tobacco - that is exactly the opening I am getting. They are both balancing each other well. The tobacco very clearly is cigarette tobacco, industrial cigarette tobacco á la Marlboro, a mix of fresh unsmoked cigarette tobacco and its ashes, with at times whiffs of dried grass and fruity elements evident. This is well done.

The drydown adds a musky-ambery note that is too generic to be of any further interest, but the tobacco remains until the end and remains the core persistent component throughout the longitudinal development on my skin.

The performance is on the less impressive side, with moderate sillage, adequate projection and a mere four hours on longevity on my skin.

A scent for warmer autumn days, it is characterised by the jasmine-cigarette central accord that is convincing indeed, and overall this - just - justifies its - barely - positive score. 3/5.
15th January, 2016
A surprisingly good pairing of white florals with quite a literal unsmoked cigarette scent. It’s technically tobacco, but it’s not like some rich pipe tobacco—it’s like the dregs of packet of smokes—cardboard and all. Ultimately, it’s more fun than serious (one of the few cases in the line where the humor of the packaging extends into the perfume itself), but it’s an impressive little blend as well. A milky, fruity jasmine that slides neatly into a believable cigarette accord for an effectively atmospheric experience. It’s almost like perfumed sweater that spent the night in smoky bar. Far more appealing than it should be, but I’d hesitate to approach it with any expectations of fine perfume. Trashy good fun in all the right ways.
14th January, 2015
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There was no ashtray note, and not really a cigarette note at all - it was more a tobacco accompanying a leather. In fact, the name might create problems. Those seeking an ashy cigarette edge may be disappointed, but it isn't the fault of the fragrance (it is what it is), only of the marketing.
It opened with a plastic-y jasmine, a little strange and cheap-smelling. I was dubious at this point. But it began to morph into a mellow, easy-going leathery jasmine fragrance when the apricot and tobacco kicked in. It was diffuse and sensual from here on out, with the hay making it kind of laid back. I would call it kind of funky, but not hippie, more a beach house on a rainy weekend sort of frag. Casual, sensual, comfortable, a little sexy-t-shirt-and-blue-jeans.
Its downside is it doesn't have great longevity, roughly 3 hours. Though it has low sillage, I like it in this one. It's always nice when someone leans in closer to smell your fragrance, rather than takes a step away. It makes this one a little more intimate, a scent that becomes part of your skin instead of effusive.
28th August, 2014 (last edited: 03rd September, 2014)
Jeszra Show all reviews
United States
When pressing my nose down to my arm to take a deep breath of this fragrance I can almost feel the smoke rolling in the back of my throat. The jasmine and apricot manage to take cigarette smoke and turn it into something beautiful. It becomes perhaps a little to sweet at points and I tend to prefer my tobacco in the cherry pipe tobacco arena like Tobacco Vanille. It's an interesting and beautiful fragrance but not something I'd buy in a full bottle unless I picked up smoking.

edit: changed my mind. It's a freak and I like it. It wouldn't be my first choice for a jasmine but I might still end up getting a full bottle of this down the road or at least a good sized sample to use occasionally.
17th March, 2013 (last edited: 18th March, 2013)
This perfume is less simple than it seems. The hay does not introduce a tobacco note, but it rather pushes the jasmine into the green animal if scent of narcissus with a touch of apricot to sweeten the indoles. Then you get a musky skin scent that creates a floral bouquet with the different qualities of jasmine, giving you a not quite soliflore. The apricot with the tea-like qualities of jasmine are almost like osmanthus. Then the "cigarette" part is a cool used metal ashtray smell that on my skin is bitter like aspirin, evoking the soapy qualities of jasmine and bringing to mind another of this perfumer's creations for this line: Antiheros. The name and the notes can fool you until you spend time with this scent.
22nd February, 2013
Forget the associations with husky bar-hound chain smokers-- JeC evokes nothing of the sort. Warm and uplifting, this fragrance should be worn while spinning in circles and singing "The Hills are Alive."
18th January, 2013
Alityke Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I get only a fun slightly fizzy jasmine from this. I pick the burnt frying pan handle mote that I get from jasmine blossoms so very realistic but I do not get even a hint of tobacco never mind the tang of fag ash which was promised and may have made this more interesting.

A very pretty summer scent lackingin longevity. Little sillage. An intimate skin scent on me
04th February, 2012
I believe that with this one it's all about cautious application. Dabbed on slightly it is refreshing, but put on a little too much and you end up smelling not like the moment one opens a pack of expensive cigarettes, but like an ashtray. I like the somewhat timid jasmine in this, never overpowering or indolic.
08th January, 2012
A bit kinky, some jasmine, some tar, some tobacco. It is pleasing and disturbing the same time. Never smelled it on a smoker, that would be fun! On the long run, say over hours the scent lacks development. But, the overall impression remains that it is some peculiar, well done piece of perfumery. I really would like to smell it more often on women, just for the fun of it.
06th March, 2011
Truth in advertising award for this one.

Starts out with a lovely jasmine, not terribly indolic to my nose, instead very clean and feminine. Cigarette comes on not as heavy-handed as I'd like. If it did, I'd buy this in a rapid hearbeat. Another reviewer likens this phase to hay, and I'll agree with that. It's more a light roller tobacco than a Marlboro. At this stage, I'd be inclined to say that I want for more skank, but that's not what this scent is about. Rather it is a tightly refined study in contrasts, closer to the center of opposites than at polar ends.

Overall, another winner from ELDO. It stays pretty linear, but hey, with these two stars, that's the reason you're wearing it.
19th January, 2011
A very nice variation on jasmine, the jasmine reminds me of the type found in Thé Pour un Été. The two fragrances are pretty alike and the difference lies in the tea vs tabacco note. I think the L'Artisan is nice during summer days and the Etat libre one would be a nice one to wear when it gets a bit colder or you want your perfume to have a bit more depth.
26th December, 2010
The name says it all. What you smell is jasmine and tobacco, but what takes you there is interesting. The jasmine is clean and a bit green, not indolic, and is reinforced by a light cedar. I take the tobacco note to be tobacco with coumarin, giving a hay-like scent. These 3 elements give the same honeyed gorgeousness of the fresh, moist Dutch blonde cigarette tobacco used to roll your own. It made me want to take up smoking again. I know the ‘cigarette’ in this fragrance is often said to be more of a pipe or that the tobacco is smoke, but I definitely see it as freshly packaged, unsmoked blonde cigarette tobacco. The jasmine and the tobacco hold together quite well and do a fairly linear dance with each other through the drydown. Linear works here as you catch different parts of the elements coming together in different ways all the time: jasmine and cedar, tobacco and tonka, jasmine and hay, but usually just the lovely jasmin et cigarette.
29th November, 2010 (last edited: 04th April, 2011)
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mumsy Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A quiet blossom, soft and pure then goes muskyish. I quite liked this one but it didn't last long enough. Not much after just half an hour. I would have liked this to be more forceful than it is. I wanted more of it, but I would wear this on a hot day.
12th August, 2010
Oh I like. I own L'Occitane's Thé Vert au Jasmin, and Etat's Jasmin et Cigarette is the more mature, more indolic, slightly sweeter, slightly more oriental version of the L'Occitane.

The jasmin used in Jasmin et Cigarette is the indolic kind, so you might smell a bit poopy at first. The drydown is very, very nice. The scent becomes warm (instead of cool, which is the case with the L'Occitane), and the indolic part retreats a bit to make way for the sweet tobacco accord and the soft, powdery jasmin.

Not bad at all. Longevity is poor, sillage is okay.

23rd January, 2010
Dad used to smoke a pipe when I was a wee little tyke...he kept his 'pipe collection' in a wooden display sort of holder. They were gorgeously carved wooden pieces of art to my little eyes. I used to pick them up, and visually admire them. Then, as a small child would do, I'd put one in my mouth and pretend to smoke it just like my father! It did'nt quite smell the same as when he lit it and puffed, so I'd put my nose into the opening where the tobacco goes. THIS is what the cigarette part of Jasmin et Cigarette smells like! The remnants of already smoked sweet pipe tobacco - and it's amazing! When I first sampled this scent, my expectations were at about zero. Never in a million years did I ever expect to purchase a full bottle - but I did! The jasmin here is perfectly paired with the ashen & smokey tobacco, lightly sweetened with notes of hay and apricot. The blend is fantastic, a real work of art. Quality ingredients, craftsmanship and the finished product is not only one of a kind - it is completely wearable! Thumbs up, without hesitation!
05th November, 2009
Etat Libre D'Orange Jasmin et Cigarette

In the annals of perfect combinations I'm pretty sure that jasmine and cigarettes are not high up on that list. Which makes what Antoine Maisondieu has executed with his 2006 release for Etat Libre D'Orange, Jasmin et Cigarette; all the more impressive. There are a few scents out there that do wonders with the cigarette note; Hilde Soiliani Bell' Antonio is a good example. There are many more jasmine fragrances which use the note to good intent. I personally find jasmine to be one of my favorite florals because while it has some sweet aspects to it it also has a less floral aspect that appeals to me. In Jasmin et Cigarette M. Maisondieu accentuates that less floral aspect of jasmine and in combination with the raw tobacco accord creates a quite lovely fragrance. The top has that smell of a cigarette just after the match has lit it; that contrast of sweet tobacco and smoke. This accord is very evocative. The heart is the jasmine and its first appearance is as the slightly sweet floral but the deeper aspects of the note make their presence known and they are what linger along with the tobacco. This interplay is long-lasting and surprisingly interesting, on me. After a long time the base shows as a mix of cedar, amber and musk. This adds a warmth and an almost post-prandial feeling to contrast the beginning phase of Jasmin et Cigarette. Jasmin et Cigarette has above average longevity and average sillage. Jasmin et Cigarette might not be as perfect a combination as peanut butter and jelly but, as a perfume, its pretty close.
31st October, 2009
Etat Libre d'Orange is a little quirky and very interesting. it's almost like they don't care too much what people think - take it or leave it !
The name may put people off and maybe reading that there is tumeric in it . Well when I first put this on - I got sweet floral Jasmine - a really good jasmine actually with a hint of zing from the tobacco. The tabacco is not very strong at all- it remains a mere hint throughout and if I really really put my mind to it- yes, there is a slight suggestion of 'ashtray' but don't let that put you off !
The tumeric is not to be feared either - I think it's in there for edge .
All in all this is a pretty jasmine perfume with that naughty edge to it. For sinners ! It's quite delicious even - with the apricot /tonka bean notes .
Absolutely nothing to fear !
A good one !
08th October, 2009
Let me start of by saying that I dislike the puerile gimmicky-ness of both EldO's marketing and scents. That said, JeC is an example of where an unusual pairing of notes actually *works* as a personal fragrance. Yes, it basically smells like a jasmine bud in an ashtray, but this is also a scent that paints a picture. It's what a film noir actress would smell like: her heady floral perfume mixed with the lingering scent of tobacco on her fingers.
I kept going back and forth on this one, but I declare it wearable. Proceed with caution, though, YMMV.
04th September, 2009
This opened with a very sweet smoke for me followed quickly by mostly jasmin with the sweetness cut off the top. A bitter-sweet smoke returns quite quickly. The combination of notes is a wonderful blend. Never too sweet nor too harsh. Never cloying. I actually think it lies more on the masculine side of the fence. Anyway, I really, really love this.
08th June, 2009
This opens with a clean, fresh jasmine note before turning a corner to reveal a sweet, leafy tobacco presence, not a smoked cigarette in an ashtray, but a freshly rolled one manipulated through the fingers of a woman waiting for a light. It is at once both illumination and shadow. And like a cigarette, this is satisfying yet fleeting.
17th January, 2009
Bold and brash and a little tacky, Jasmin Et Cigarette is the only ELDO fragrance I've tried where these apparently endemic ELDO qualities seem appropriate.

There's not a lot I can say about this fragrance. It's granddaughter's fruity jasmine fragrance spilled into grandpa's tin of tobacco. It's a fairly linear progression from "mostly jasmine" to "mostly tobacco". It's rich, fruity, dirty, smoky, and all in all, a unique creation in the world of florals.

Like most ELDOs, it lasts till you're dead and has nuclear-fallout sillage. Apply cautiously.
21st December, 2008
Kaern Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The tobacco in this smells exactly like a freshly opened pack of cigarettes (before sparking). The mixing with the jasmine and fruit is quiet innovative and elicits back street clubs at 4am surrounded by women (just a guess though). But there's the caveat for me -- I think this fragrance slightly sits on the feminine side of unisex.
01st December, 2008

I guess that the strong indoles of the opening are meant to deliver the Etat Libre D’Orange message. This is the third fragrance of theirs that I’m testing, and my thought as I uncapped the bottle was “Let’s see what weirdness this one has in store.” Indoles… not exactly weird, but they do deliver a potent message. I am comfortable with the indole abundance here… after all, what is jasmine without the indoles? The combinations of jasmine, tobacco, apricot and hay at first sound disfunctional, but they work surprisingly well in Jasmine et Cigarette. This version of tobacco is a wet version, and, as others have said, the tobacco does a good job of cutting the excessiveness (and in this fragrance the perfumer chose the most excessive form) of the jasmine. The hay is a very clever neutrality that calms down the potency of both the jasmine and the tobacco. But I’m also impressed by the selection of apricot as the fruity sweetener. Ordinarily I find an apricot note too cloying to enjoy, and I’m happy that I don’t see it too often in pyramids. But here it works… it really does: While providing background sweetness, the apricot smooths and makes more palatable both the tobacco and indolic jasmine. Personally, I enjoy this fragrance very much.
22nd November, 2008
The scent of fresh, moist pipe tobacco with a gentle whiff of jasmine. Shame it doesn't last a bit longer but still excellent.
19th October, 2008
Honeyed pure tobacco, like in a pipe not a cigarette. I was half expecting this to be florals and ash. The opening somewhat suggests that but delves into something more unique. THe drydown reminds me of Cool Water and YSL L'Homme, kind of a weird metallic vibe that says, "a cologne used to be here". Overall, does what it says and it very nice.
02nd October, 2008
Never thought I'd like the smell of an old ashtray (and I'm a smoker) but loved this. Is it just me or are ELdO really quite clever and innovative..?
29th September, 2008
I love it. Tobacco and hay take away the indolic, sometimes nauseating quality of jasmine. It has a fascinating sort of atmosphere, sad but beautiful. Somebody compared it to Hopper's Nighthawks and I thik it's right.
25th June, 2008 (last edited: 14th February, 2010)
Ooh, nice one! JeC reminds me a bit of an old fave: Biche dans l'Absinthe, it has a same kind of oddball elegance and understated glamour. A confident, comfy scent that doesn't try too hard. Such a lovely idea to combine jasmine with tobacco and hay!
09th January, 2008
moon_fish Show all reviews
Russian Federation
Great idea to add some dry and herbal tobacco note (as from wet tobacco or cigar) - to sweet and fruity jasmine!
It`s one of the best scents of ELDO! :)
19th June, 2007