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This one is so-so. My tastes are veering away from floral-fruity perfumes. And that, is what this is. It has a creamy-fruit tendency with some musky, wood base.

I give this a thumb's up, for the bottle design.
10th September, 2017
A rainy midnight scene is not complete without a romantic kiss of the to walking in a jungle when a comfortably warm breeze blows through the flowering fruit trees with freshly watered orchids.Midnight Rain is a warm and sensual fragrance with an intriguing collection of notes.quite romantic in nature and sweetly sensual but so familiar and not something new.a nice combination of sweetness, muskiness,youthfulness,confidence,comfort,sexyness, deepness and lightness.

From the initial spray I got a delightful and delicious blend of fruitiness and floral summer night.The velvety fruit is accompanied by a disturbing synthetic mandarin note that disappears quickly in the heart of vanilla,plum blosoom and lily.exotic wood,musk and patchouli are blended with sensual notes of vanilla orchid that overrides and harmonizes,softens the edges.perfect for autumn evenings when you want to think back on the hot summer nights.wear it if you want your loving man his embracing you in a pasiionate way.


Longevity?6 hours on my skin.

31st August, 2016
Could be unisex, I loved the opening, and kept sniffing my hand. I told the SA at Nordstroms that I had to test the longevity. An hour later it smells like vanilla extract. It does smell good, but dry-down is boring vanilla.
05th July, 2016
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Another white cloud fresh/warm, creamy, wet, molecular, intoxicating, musky, powdery in a woody/vanillic way and (in this case) with nuances of orchid, plums and freesia. Obviously the aroma is yummy, tropical and attractive like a rain of vanilla, tropical flowers, zabayone and delicious unpredictable sweets but i don't detect full refinement, texture and class. The note of amber doesn't take the stage with a remarkably charge of animalic and decadent luxuriousness (in the way to reduce the sweetness and to enhance the mystery), the patchouli is not heady and royal while the dry down becomes mostly vanillic, woodsy and fruity/floral in a way already matched by many many different fragrances before (yes, Midnight in Paris, Black Orchid, Flowerbomb, though these fragrances have their particular traits, being all anyway slightly deficient in elegance and full class in my opinion). What i like about this concoction is its tropical wet/fresh feel, anyway the ability to preserve a touch of fresh umidity in the final vanillic warmth. Romantic, attractive but too sweet, and finally boring. Not a masterpieces in my humble opinion guys.
24th March, 2013
I looooooove this fragrance. It's the right type of fruity floral I've been looking for. It doesn't smell peppery and patchy like some of the current perfumes out now. The staying power for this is very good. :-)
04th March, 2012
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United Kingdom
Love this scent, was an airport grab, but am so pleased with it. I find it quite a unique scent, feminine but not cloying. Haven't seen this brand anywhere else though, would love to try the others.
20th July, 2011
When l tried Silver Rain in a store & hated it, the SA suggested l might prefer this one. ln a way she was right, as l simply found this to be a lighter version of Silver Rain, & therefore slightly less offensive. But only just.
05th July, 2011
I wanted very badly to like this perfume, as I tested it in a Neiman Marcus a few years ago and remember being extremely impressed. I sampled it tonight on my skin and have decided that my tastes must have changed drastically!

Opening notes are very, very sweet in an almost nauseating way to me. I kept thinking of rotting fruit! Oddly, at some points it reminded me of a sweeter version of Ange Ou Demon, as I definitely got the white lily note in the middle. The only part of this scent I enjoyed was the dry-down, which ended up surprisingly musky with just the right hint of patchouli.

I will say I think the bottle is super cool...but I just can't wear this again.

28th March, 2011
Starts out quite nice, if not a little sweet, with red fruits. Then turns into an even cheaper, more artificial version of Calvin Klein's Euphoria.
17th October, 2009
Slutty sweet, a little like a very soft and subdued Chinatown. A soft white floral that is very wearable and not midnight at all. The bottle is something else though.
14th November, 2008
A good friend hugged me at a party and said I smelled delicious. He asked me what I was wearing so I showed him my sparkly rainbow raindrop purse spray. Fabulous! Several friends tried a tiny drop and it smelled wonderful, yet completely different, on every single person. My chemistry brings out the guava, pomegranate and a green scent that I can never quite place. It is a very nice, high quality perfume but will probably not make it into my permanent fragrance wardrobe.
20th October, 2008
I like this fragrance. It smells like several other perfumes (Angel? Curious? MAC?) in different ways with similar ingredients, but you can tell the quality of these ingredients is exceptionally high. Despite all the fruits and other sweet notes, it's surprisingly soft and not sickeningly sweet and dries down to a very nice spicy/woodsy scent. Not offensive at all and you have to love the really cool bottle!
19th October, 2007