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Negative Reviews of Ice*Men by Thierry Mugler

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I did not like the way that patchouli is done on this one. That'a synthetic and herbal smell touched by hints of mint that did not work for summer actually. If you're looking for somethinh fresh, get out of here.
15th November, 2012
Ice Men is totally gross. I kept it thinking it would be better in the summer time but it only got worse in the heat . I now understand the meaning of the infamous urinal cake description described by others. This is what they use to make cleaning product to me. Truly a awful scent. Try before you buy this one.
15th May, 2012
No controversy here, nor anything noteworthy.
A banal, generic, synthetic "freshy".
Smells like a wintergreen dangly car deodorant.
05th January, 2011
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United States
The consensus seems to be that Ice*Men is simply a rebadging of the previous year's A*Men Summer Flash, and it makes sense that they would opt for a name change given how little of A*Men there is to be found here. Of course the formula would have to be retooled to make A*Men work as a warm-weather scent, but I would be very hard-pressed to find any connection to the original here if I didn't know that they shared some relation. Well, really, I'm hard-pressed to find any connection period.

The material from Mugler mentions a "caffeine kick," but, like others, I have been completely unable to locate any kind of coffee note here, and that's a shame, because going for an iced coffee motif here would have been a great way to play on A*Men's accords while lightening it up a bit. What I do get here is a fairly standard aquatic which, to its credit, does have a pleasant patchouli undercurrent to makes things a bit more interesting. Sadly though, Ice*Men ends up being far too wimpy to make a lasting impression, as on my skin it is gone in about four hours.

So, this one ended up being a disappointment for me, though I do hear that the recent A*Men Sunessence does a better job riffing on A*Men's accords for warm-weather wear, if only I could find it...
03rd January, 2011
I liked it when I first smelled it, but after a few uses it became apparent that Ice Men was not as great as I thought. Like several reviewers, I don't detect any coffee or "iced coffee", which was what I was looking for. It is unique, but not necessarily good. Not as competent as other Mugler creations including B*Men, A*Men, Sun Essence, or Pure Malt.
31st December, 2010
THUMBS DOWN for sure !!! This is by far the worst smelling scent... I got this cologne when I was first gettin into colognes and heard great things about the Thierry Mugler house but I wasnt ready for the gourmands yet and saw Angel ICE MEN thinking... Ive heard great things about this brand and with a name like ICE MEN this has got to be a great aquatic scent... Well it is a summer fragrance I can tell that for sure but this IS NOT FOR THE YOUNGER CROWD and smells like a fragrance someone ages 45 and up would wear.. Now to the smell. Smells like Vicks Vaporub with some coffee and nutmeg... As for a rating id give it a 2 out of 10... This is 1 of those scents that old people wear that you never forget... But not in a good way... IM only keeping this because the bottle looks badass !!! Which too me is the only good thing about this,lol
17th October, 2010
This fragrance basically consists of two notes: patchouli and menthol. I don't detect nutmeg or anything resembling iced coffee.

Why'd Thierry Mugler have to go and mix menthol in with the patchouli?? Damn! I LOVE TM's take on patchouli, it smells heavenly and is one of my favorite notes in any fragrance (A*Men's drydown, for example, contains this patchouli note). But, IMO, he ruined it with the menthol. It smells like I sprayed TM's patchouli on skin that had already been treated with Ben-Gay. It adds a medicinal property to the fragrance that I just don't care for. It's a shame really, because this would have been a wonderful fragrance without that menthol/Ben-Gay note.
16th April, 2010 (last edited: 27th January, 2011)
Slightly minty, but had no longevity or staying power on my skin. I think I would have been better off trying to use mouthwash as a fragrance, it would have lasted longer.
20th June, 2009
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United Kingdom
The first half hour or so of this fragrance is really nice -- like an iced coffee. But then, oh dear, it's all downhill. It begins to resemble one of those sharp 70's men's fragrances and becomes truly horrible. How they managed to do that with vanilla and patchouli at the bottom end beats me. Be warned -- what you smell on the blotter isn't what you get left with.
26th January, 2009
Call me silly, but I really liked that name just because I thought it would be very fitting for the guy like me who`s from up north, the land where minus 30 celsius temps are nothing exceptional.

Oh well, the scent itself is just....very bad. Utterly, completely and totally boring smell that is very thin and sharp in structurewise. Fresh and woody. Generic, cheap and absolutely pointless.
16th November, 2008
I'm not digging this one at all. It is to me, somewhat similar to the dismal Coco Mademoiselle, which I find nauseating. Loud, crude and totally unpresentable.
06th November, 2008
Dear Thierry Mugler,

A*Men is too strong! It stinks! But I want to like it. Can you strip the A*Men formula down to the bare essentials of patchouli, remove the chocolate and caramel notes and dump a ton of water into the patchouli base?


A Concerned Nose
Dear Concerned,

Sure! That'll be $65.

*flexes muscles*,

Thierry Mugler
09th October, 2008
I swear this smells like Ben Gay. The only difference doesn't ease sore muscles.The worst new fragrance, by far! Smell at your own risk before buying.
16th May, 2007
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Smells like Jif or a similar cleaning product to me. Can't imagine wearing this.
16th March, 2007