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Kind of smells like a more citrusy Silver Mountain Water. I actually like this one a bit.. and think it's sadly underrated. It dries down into a carbon copy of Gucci pH II.

My main gripe is that the bottle is way too wide, it can't be stood up, and takes up way too much shelf space.
01st October, 2016 (last edited: 22nd February, 2018)
A green, woody, peppery scent that is not all that bad. Not good, mind you, but not as bad as it could have been.

There is a sweetness in the dry down that balances the sharpness of the pepper accord.

Nothing new here. This type of scent has been copied hundreds of times since the Cool Water original. You can't beat the price - I found my 100 ml. bottle on Amazon for $9 - so if you are into this type of scent, it's certainly economical.

Turin was impressed by its quality, given the house it comes from, and gave it four stars, dubbing it a "woody citrus." I don't get the "citrus."

The odd amoeba-shaped bottle can be used either as a breast implant (which it resembles, really, it does) or a paperweight, making it the most versatile object in modern perfumery.
13th October, 2015
Genre: Woods

Azzaro Now Men is a green woody scent in the general mold of Grey Flannel, though noticeably softer and sweeter. The conventional citrus top notes are rather crudely alcoholic, but they resolve quickly and the main body of the scent is much more appealing. The sweet herbaceous green notes gain interest from an unexpected and judicious dose of spices, which briefly suggest Azzaro Now might veer off into woody oriental territory. That doesn’t happen, and instead the scent rolls on for a few hours in a quietly pleasant green woody direction and smelling like a low-budget Ormonde Man. There’s not much sillage or projection, so Azzaro Now wears close to the skin throughout its lifespan.

As with so many contemporary fragrances for men, Azzaro Now goes to pot in the drydown. It avoids the standard issue, überstrong, chalk-on-a-blackboard woody amber you can smell in scents like Lolita Lempicka au Masculin or Guerlain Homme, but opts instead for the (other) standard issue, “fresh,” clean chemical spill accord familiar from Acqua di Gio, Light Blue, and their accursed ilk. Too bad, because this fragrance had the potential to be a pleasant workhorse of an everyday masculine. As it is, the ugly bookends that surround its friendly middle volume ruin the experience.
09th June, 2014
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bFlay Show all reviews
United States
Tried this 2 or 3 times before reviewing. Very harsh astringent opening of synthetic green notes and saddle soap. This mellows to a chemically floral scent mixed with saddle soap and perhaps an arguably "leather" quality. Not pleasant as a personal scent.
20th September, 2012
I've to say I'm a bit disappointed with Now Men as I expected something more edgy and daring. The opening is incredibly conventional and banal. Citrus plus an acquatic feel that's pretty cheap. In the drydown it gets a little better with an interesting mix of (synthetic) woods, but still nothing that really catches my interest. Unnecessary.
18th April, 2011
I get the harsh synthetic vibe, and I also understand all the complaints, but what I find surprising is that people who don't like Now love Chrome...this just does not make sense. Now is nothing more than a sharper and greener Chrome.

The opening is all citrus and I guess cactus with a bitter and synthetic "fresh" aroma that lingers longer than any opening has a right to do, but then the middle notes come in and they are the same metallic notes from Chrome. These mid-metallic green notes (I can't really call them anything else because it is a synthetic mix with no comparative natural ingredients), stick around for a while, 4 hours at least. People who are not that patient with their scents will mistake this overly long middle as the base, and will thus unjustly downgrade what is a above average modern green fragrance.

The base is not amazing, but it is competent and has the same white musk and synthetic suede that makes modern fresh fragrances smell cookie-cutter similar after 6 hours. The beauty of this one is that a little goes a long way, and the duration of "Now" is most definitely 8-10 hours into the future.

A good, fresh/green scent that has replaced Hugo's synthentic equivalent from my main counter.
20th January, 2011
Fairly generic, fresh scent. I get a hint of cucumber or cactus leaping out in the top notes which is quite interesting, other than this, fairly generic, but wearable.
17th May, 2010
shamu1 Show all reviews
United States
Booorriiinggg!! In one bottle, Azzaro Now Men represents everything that is wrong about masculine designer scents released since the release of Cool Water. This is a "sporty", "perfect for casual, work or formal occasions" sort-of-fougere-hybrid-with-oriental-influences-and-rare-herbs-and-spices-capturing-the-subtle-sweetness-of-a-man-who-seeks-adventure-but-is-true-to-himself fragrance. There isn't a single original note, accord or idea contained in this snoozer of a scent. It's simply every boring masculine fragrance at the Macy's counter poured into a single bottle. You certainly HAVE smelled this before, I can assure you.
03rd December, 2009
I really want to thumbs up this. The sharp metallic quality in contrast to the woody/lichen base is nice. However, this stuff gives me a headache and makes my stomach hurt everytime I wear it.
13th November, 2009
i really dont like this, the smell is awful. whenever i try it, i cant tolerate. awful...
13th October, 2009
I bought this blind on ebay and now i wear it everywhere ! such a clean smell albeit synthetic- love the bottle shape and very easy to wear

i really love this one and i always get compliments when i wear this one!
09th October, 2009
What is there that you won't find in any other contemporary "mass consumption" parfum? I don't know! It is so common to me.Maybe because i have scented so many shampoos and hair sprays and hair gels(cause there is a certain soapy quality in this one) which have just about the same fragrance composition or maybe beacuase it's just not my style-...both.Just as it has been noticed before-for a limited agegroup and i would even say 16-25 y.old boys.I even imagine that it was created in a kind of hurry and rush (to start selling) and this bottle...-Lord have mercy! No wonder if some "country bumpkin" got it for himself with a thought of a great parfum AND an electric razorblade in one deal.Pick this one if you just don't know any better.
19th August, 2009
Ronin Show all reviews
United States
This is just so vibrant that I don't think I can get tired of it. I've worn this on a few occasions and enjoyed it every time. This is a really good one to wear during the warmer months. I prefer to spray this one on clothes since the topnotes are fantastic and I want to keep them around for as long as possible. I tried another bottle of this and the topnotes weren't nearly as vibrant as my friend's bottle.
19th June, 2009 (last edited: 13th August, 2009)
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Tony T Show all reviews
United States
same nasty opening as fcuk but it does not last throughout the scents longevity. very synthetic florals follow with no direction. who is this scent for . is their a crowd for soft metallic florals. i think not. try be4 u buy.
26th February, 2009
Fresh,without being overpowering,and subtle with a good lasting potential.

Really,all Azzaro's last quite well.

So does this one.I own a 1oz bottle,a metallic-fresh smell that can be distinguishable because not many people own this one.

Gets a good 7/10 from me.
21st February, 2009
21st February, 2009
Quite good indeed
It delivers what it is supposed to do. I usualy don't like ozonic, aquatic and mettalic fragrances but this one is pretty fine, like kenzo ph, chrome, or dry clean by cdg are going beyond this ozone/calone/metal stereotype imo. NOW is nothing very spectacular, but it can be positively surprising. I find the wood accord pretty well done , dry and feels almost natural...if I think of pencil shavings. Funny thing, I sampled Hinoki by Comme Des Garcons today and (lord forgive me) thought the dry cedar-crypress thing going on in the heart notes was similar to the wood accord in Now, atleast, before the vetiver start to showing its face in Hinoki. I also like the clean white musk drydown...leather?..amber...?...I mean come on...
29th August, 2008
This stuff is funky and has a very interesting buzz to it's texture. A metallic green accord coupled with a weird floral they claim to be rose. The bottle is shaped like a hand-phaser from an advanced alien species from Star Trek. Fantastic creation from Azzaro.
26th July, 2008
this fragrance has a mean quality. it starts with a velvety rose accord, and that lasts until the fragrance goes. longevity is mediocre and sillage is low.

i prefer to describe "now" as "soft floral aromatic" and recommend it for the younger ones, esp. between the age of 18-25. this slightly feminine fragrance seems to be put together very well but i did not like it all (my taste is different, don't count azzaro now a bad product).
20th May, 2008
Wonderful, wonderful. What a GREAT replacement for my Essenza di Zegna (which does not last at all). I find that Azzaro Now lasts all day. Finally, a fragrance worth purchasing. Most fragrances nowadays have gotten cheap with the percentage of essential oil in the fragrance itself. This is a wonderful scent, long-lasting, and you can actually feel it has more essential oil content when you spray it between your fingers and rub them together. This is an excellent product, with a one-of-a-kind scent, and it won't let you down. You can spray it on in the morning, and still smell it it during Happy Hour. It is not an overpowering or offensive fragrance, it just lasts! A great deal! Nice bottle too! PS-I didn't care for Now Women (too common).
19th May, 2008
This is a fragrance I really like, together with Z by Zegna. It is sweet has some characteristics that fragrances for women do, but Now does not lose its masculine character. During hot summer days it can get somewhat sour. However, I find it really nice during cold winter days. very refreshing....
25th December, 2007
Include frosted metal, cardamom, tea, violet, green notes,rose oxide, floated wood, letaher, lichen and amber.
Probably suit modern niche guys from 20 to 32 years old.
I really like synthetic myself.
That one has no exception:
Green, oddly fruity, ozonic, kind of wet metallic note too.
The rose oxide note goes all over the composition and really punch you on the face.
Has that caractheristic softener like smell but more fruity, that blends unique with the metal accord.
I can detect the green accord too and the lichen that put your feet on a real life floor.
Can't detect violet flower ( or could be violet leafs???), no leather, but it dries down quite nice soft ambary and light woody too.
Average sillage.
In my skin no more than three hours.
If you like synthetics in the way of CDG, and you're young, go for it.
I put neutral vote for the lasting power.

26th October, 2007
It was a dilemma for me that lasted about an hour. NOW 'instantly' triggered a fragrance memory from about 7-8 years ago but I couldn't remember what fragrance it was.
Then it hit me...CASUAL FRIDAY by Escada. Think LE MALE without the man musk and excess coconut. And I think there is some licorice in there...
Anyway, it is a little less 'solid' as CASUAL FRIDAY, but seeing as it is hard to find, I will buy NOW and be glad AZZARO reintroduced a good frag.
12th October, 2007