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Negative Reviews of Now Men by Azzaro

Total Reviews: 7
Genre: Woods

Azzaro Now Men is a green woody scent in the general mold of Grey Flannel, though noticeably softer and sweeter. The conventional citrus top notes are rather crudely alcoholic, but they resolve quickly and the main body of the scent is much more appealing. The sweet herbaceous green notes gain interest from an unexpected and judicious dose of spices, which briefly suggest Azzaro Now might veer off into woody oriental territory. That doesn’t happen, and instead the scent rolls on for a few hours in a quietly pleasant green woody direction and smelling like a low-budget Ormonde Man. There’s not much sillage or projection, so Azzaro Now wears close to the skin throughout its lifespan.

As with so many contemporary fragrances for men, Azzaro Now goes to pot in the drydown. It avoids the standard issue, überstrong, chalk-on-a-blackboard woody amber you can smell in scents like Lolita Lempicka au Masculin or Guerlain Homme, but opts instead for the (other) standard issue, “fresh,” clean chemical spill accord familiar from Acqua di Gio, Light Blue, and their accursed ilk. Too bad, because this fragrance had the potential to be a pleasant workhorse of an everyday masculine. As it is, the ugly bookends that surround its friendly middle volume ruin the experience.
09th June, 2014
bFlay Show all reviews
United States
Tried this 2 or 3 times before reviewing. Very harsh astringent opening of synthetic green notes and saddle soap. This mellows to a chemically floral scent mixed with saddle soap and perhaps an arguably "leather" quality. Not pleasant as a personal scent.
20th September, 2012
I've to say I'm a bit disappointed with Now Men as I expected something more edgy and daring. The opening is incredibly conventional and banal. Citrus plus an acquatic feel that's pretty cheap. In the drydown it gets a little better with an interesting mix of (synthetic) woods, but still nothing that really catches my interest. Unnecessary.
18th April, 2011
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shamu1 Show all reviews
United States
Booorriiinggg!! In one bottle, Azzaro Now Men represents everything that is wrong about masculine designer scents released since the release of Cool Water. This is a "sporty", "perfect for casual, work or formal occasions" sort-of-fougere-hybrid-with-oriental-influences-and-rare-herbs-and-spices-capturing-the-subtle-sweetness-of-a-man-who-seeks-adventure-but-is-true-to-himself fragrance. There isn't a single original note, accord or idea contained in this snoozer of a scent. It's simply every boring masculine fragrance at the Macy's counter poured into a single bottle. You certainly HAVE smelled this before, I can assure you.
03rd December, 2009
i really dont like this, the smell is awful. whenever i try it, i cant tolerate. awful...
13th October, 2009
What is there that you won't find in any other contemporary "mass consumption" parfum? I don't know! It is so common to me.Maybe because i have scented so many shampoos and hair sprays and hair gels(cause there is a certain soapy quality in this one) which have just about the same fragrance composition or maybe beacuase it's just not my style-...both.Just as it has been noticed before-for a limited agegroup and i would even say 16-25 y.old boys.I even imagine that it was created in a kind of hurry and rush (to start selling) and this bottle...-Lord have mercy! No wonder if some "country bumpkin" got it for himself with a thought of a great parfum AND an electric razorblade in one deal.Pick this one if you just don't know any better.
19th August, 2009
Tony T Show all reviews
United States
same nasty opening as fcuk but it does not last throughout the scents longevity. very synthetic florals follow with no direction. who is this scent for . is their a crowd for soft metallic florals. i think not. try be4 u buy.
26th February, 2009