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I just bought a bottle of this and it's beautiful. It reminds me of Chanel's Égöiste with its peppery notes and strong, citrus opening. I love it.
22nd March, 2019
A really nice fragrance, "F pour Homme" by Salvatore Ferragamo has that nice fruity-lavender-pepper combo that I've enjoyed in many other scents.

"F" has a lovely shimmering quality to it, along the lines of Allure Homme by Chanel and remotely so like Boss Bottled #6 by Hugo Boss. Pleasant, tasteful level of sweetness to me (opinions will differ here I'm sure).

I can see myself wearing this as a regular casual occasion scent. Nicely done! :-)
18th October, 2018
This is my first fragrance by Salvatore Ferragamo, and ‘F Pour Homme’ is a wonderful surprise and an great scent to have for colder temperatures. Ideally this should be worn in the coldest of Fall and especially Winter.

The initial blast is basically lavender and pepper, some cedar wood but the pepper notes dominate for the first hour or two. As it settles, more lavender and base come out and you catch whiffs of labdanum. It is very masculine and dark, sort of like a Davidoff Cool Water that has been toned down on the freshness and beefed up with pepper, cedarwood and more lavender.

Performance is outstanding. With a liberal application of ten sprays (neck, shoulders, chest and wrists) I am getting 9-12+ hours of longevity, with excellent projection and sillage.

People will smell you wearing this, and it projects about three to five feet away from you. I would say this is perfect for cold weather, nighttime outdoors situations. It gets you a lot of compliments from beautiful ladies, but again, this only works in colder weather outdoors, as the pepper is somewhat offensive in warmer temperatures.

If you love this, also pick up Ferragamo’s ‘F Black’, it is very similar to this but with additional notes of apple and sweetness and can be worn in more situations. I highly recommend both.
04th February, 2018 (last edited: 21st December, 2018)
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That clean, fresh-showered, feeling... Nice scent, Mr. F...!!

Pour Homme is very pleasant scent that once you apply, you have the clean and fresh showered feeling. I am a big fan of Salvatore Ferragamo fragrances and have many to chose from. Free Time has just recently crept into my Top Ten...

Pour Homme comes out of the bottle with aqua and floral notes - and call me crazy - I smell some minty notes somewhere... It is easy on the nose and easy to wear. The downside is that Pour Homme lacks staying power and longevity. Yes, you will get that occasional whiff up to four hours, but not that lasting power that you get throughout the day. If I get 6-8 hours, I am pleased. You may get 3-4 hours from Pour Homme...

No "Wow Factor" compliments to speak of - but I will add that is not out of the question. The fragrance is very pleasant. The bottling and packaging are first class. Of noteworthy interest, I do love the bottle. It is clear and allows good visibility of the fragrance. Pour Homme offers great flexibility or versatility - being light and of solid universal notes, it can be worn any time of year and for any occasion. Additionally, it will make a great tight quarter office cologne - it will not offend those with sensitive noses.

The price/value is fantastic - the current online rate is about $30 for a good size bottle.

My final tally for Pour Homme is 4.0 stars out of 5 stars. If the projection and longevity were better, the tally would be much higher. Given the pleasantry of the fragrance, the bottle design, and the price/value, I would definitely recommend buying. Throw it in the gym bag... Play like a Champion...

Pros: Pleasant scent.. Nice blend of notes that can be worn during any occasion...
Cons: Lacks projection, sillage, and longevity...

22nd May, 2013
I love this fragrance because of the great pepper note in it. I love spicy fragrances!
Start with strong mix of lavender, green apple and some chili and black pepper combo!
In the dr ydown you have all of those notes, plus mooooore pepper! very warm and spicy dry down.
In the base you can smell again pepper and sweet amber combo which is really great.
If you like pepper just like me, you will love this fragrance and it doesn't smell like Terre D'Hermes at all!
Great projection and average longevity.
20th November, 2012
This is another great fragrance that is sure to get the attention of people around you. I'll echo what people below have said, it isn't a very complex scent so it might come across as unoriginal but I disagree. I think it has that unique kick coming from the black pepper note that is sure to have people asking what you're wearing. I will warn you that if you are sensitive to black pepper, it might give you a headache if you accidentally over-apply. I made that mistake on my first application so be careful.

06th September, 2012
Excellent fragrance , I dont get the negative reviews. I always get compliments from girls about it. I can see why people might not like it , in particular the apple accords , but I find this a very fresh yet sophisticated fragrance. This is what millionaires smell like ! Wearing this you feel like a million bucks!
I prefer this to the Black , it has more punch to it .
30th August, 2010
Fresh opening which turns into a pepper which I found very nice. The drydown smells "clean" which is pleasant enough not to categorize this is a bad blind purchase. I can see myself wearing this on occasion but not a main stay.
14th June, 2010
I think this is a very competent, dare I say exceptional, scent. I don't find the accords especially synthetic and the warth that foetidus referred to is definitely something I've noticed. I have read that this is very similar to Terre d'Hermes, which has many fans and supporters here. Based on my limited exposure to Terre d'Hermes, I would say that there are some similarities in the opening, particularly in the use of the citric top notes, but F Pour Homme replaces the weird mineral note of TdH with a leathery warmth. All in all, I think it sets its self apart in this way and the result is an enjoyable and desirable fragrance. To make things even better, this fragrance lasts an average of 10hrs on my skin, spanning the entire work day with detectable sillage going into the evening. If its not your thing, then fine; I won't argue. To everyone else, its worth at least a sniff.
01st June, 2010
The calmer Terre D'Hermes references are right on. Terre has a petroleum note that nags me and never seems to go away. F pour Homme is more of a class act being cleaner without the offending overtones. This has made it one of my current top 5 choices in fragances.
15th January, 2009
Starts off as a fresh friuty fragrance, you only need to wait for the initial notes to fade away then the real journey begins, be careful or be caught smelling yourself cos the transformation is unbelievable. from fresh to spicy leather!! Without going overboard I think F pour homme tranforms itself from a daytime to an evening scent over the entire day. You guessed it thumbs up!
30th October, 2008
I agree with Andrew; this is a softer gentler Terre d'Hermes. Not nearly as breathtaking and complex as Jean-Claude Ellena's work of art (there is that sparkling crystalline quality to Terre d'Hermes that is missing here) but, to my nose, it is more wearable. It is a bit sweeter, too (not necessarily an advantage). The full-on linear olfactory laser of TDH can give me a headache after a few hours, and F pour Homme mellows out in a way that allows me to wear it all day.

Great site, I'm a frequent reader, new poster.
09th May, 2008 (last edited: 17th May, 2008)
06th April, 2008
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United States
I liked this one at the beginning; it has a fresh top note. Later, when it matures a bit, it turns more leathery. It stays in that mode for a while. In the last stage of drydown, it returns to a sweetish, spicy place. On the whole, I would say it's quite nice, but short of truly special. Still, I feel it could be a good work or casual evening scent.
04th December, 2007
To my nose, this is a softer and therefore more "user friendly" Terre d'Hermes from Hermes. i love that fragrance but sometimes it is just a little too strong and rough around the edges. This on the other hand is smoother and more refined. Not bad. I def recommend this if you like Hermes but have issues with its savage nature.
11th October, 2007