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Reviews of Désir de Rochas pour Homme by Rochas

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Desir is my favorite fragrance from the house of Rochas. Citrus and cacao are a magnificent combo in this fragrance. It lasts a very long time on me and I get many compliments when I wear it. It is inoffensive and can be worn either to the office or a night out on the town. I have done both.
18th June, 2014
I did expect more from Rochas. This a simply combo of cedar and cacao. Opens with a burst of citruses, then join the cacao and then fades with a generic cedar base. Sillage and projection are close to skin. Lasting power is average, about 4 hours.
18th November, 2012
Rochas Desir Man is a nice fragrance. And that`s all. While I enjoy it, i don`t see it as proper successor from a house which created solid, strong, memorable male fragrances. Desir Man seems like an attempt to do a citric woody fragrance with some gourmand notes, but avoiding to go on a syrupy or desserty direction. It works, since the cacao here has a dry aroma and doesn`t smell chocolate-ish. I don`t like the citrus at the opening, they smell alcoholic and cheap, but once the fragrance goes to the heart notes you get a dry spiced cocoa note. The base gets more gourmand, with the use of some vanilla, but the cedar and cashmere wood contributes to create an abstract, maybe a little generic, tobacco-ish aura. It`s nice, but not the new wonderful Rochas that would ressurect a solid fashion house in the fragrance aisle.
10th December, 2010
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If you want to smell nice but doesn't want to draw much of attention (e.g: first day of work), this one is a good choice. A nice fragrance but doesn't hold my interest for very long. I have only 2.5oz and lost the interest just about time it almost empty. Longevity 3 - 4 hours, medium silage.
07th December, 2009
smells Show all reviews
United States
This is one of my favorite scents, I get a lot of compliments from it. Its a slighty flowery and fresh at the start, but the base is very addicting to smell. its smell to me like a very amped up boss selection with better quality.
01st October, 2009
Pretty pleasant. Kind of nice. Inoffensive. Adjectives that apply to hundreds of mainstream frags can be easily heap on this rather lightweight Rochas offering. Aside from a robust essence of chocolate which is very irresistible, the development that follows just bore me to tears. I love Rochas but Desir pour Homme has to be the weakest link. I shall be kind and give this a neutral rating. One thumb up for being inoffensive and one thumb way down for being so very average.
29th March, 2009
Tony T Show all reviews
United States
a cross between mb's individuel and selection from boss as stated previously. flowery but a very passive scentthat lingers for hours.a bit of herbalness too.noy my kinda scent though even so you can tell it's of high quality.
18th February, 2009
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United Kingdom
To my nose, an updated, improved version of Rocher's Hoggar without so much of the ginger/cake smell. This scent has to be tried to be appreciated.
15th July, 2008
Cool and comfortable, I'd wear this pretty much anytime. Has a flowery herbal freshness that is quite soothing. Imagine Z Zegna without the spice. Very classy with a bit of playfulness to it. A scant wood note in the drydown.
08th June, 2008
the intial 5 minutes i get the best Chocolate notes...ever, wow! its a gourmand kinda frag with woodsy notes and bit of Cigar. very mature and defined. definitely for someone who is confident and want somethin different. definite must have. this is from the house of Rochas. its a classic.
02nd May, 2008
HDS1963 Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I also would recommend this. Initially a very fresh fragrance, redolent of Mont Blanc Individuel or Boss Selection, but sweeter at the top, then darker and muskier at the bottom. It lasts well too and you feel good wearing it. Very nice indeed.
31st October, 2007
good stuff. balanced with a tinge of camphor similar to how issey Miyake's original leaves that ever so icy freshness. It is light but strong enough with a flowery but masculine scent in the background. Not bad at all, a flowery scent that is very suitable for men. Can't wait to spend some more time with it. Recommended.
23rd May, 2007