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Similar to other fresh, green citrus scents in the style of 4711, Bergamote 22 opens up in that familiar way. I also get the musk in the opening which adds some nice depth to what I thought would be a one-dimensional fragrance. The drydown is less green lemon and more sweet lemon.

It's very clean, so can be worn formally. Probably best for summer but it's very pleasant in all climates.

Projection is slightly above average and longevity is in the 6 hour range.
17th February, 2018
I am relatively new to niche fragrances, so I can't always discern all the notes. I do however know what I like and this fragrance has grown on me.

I usually don't like cumin or rose fragrances, but Le Labo made them work with this fragrance. I do get the cumin "body odor" smell, but it is usually chased away by the subtle rose.

I feel this is expertly blended. The only negatives are the low silage and short longevity, and of course the vulgar price.
12th December, 2017
The opening is nothing short of amazing; I can almost see fireworks. The lime peel feel juicy and bitter, the vetiver is sharp, dry and woody and the orange blossom ads a flowery sweetness that balances everything. The combination is perfect and the smell seems very natural. Towards the end of its life (which is too soon) becomes simpler, with a splash of bergamot under a bed of white clean musk. Its big problem is the low performance and, because of that, the price; otherwise the first hour is just awesome.
02nd August, 2017
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Opens with beautiful dry woody tart lemon citrus scent. From very early on this scent shows its dry mineral base which may be white musk and vetiver. The unique quality of Bergamote 22 is the cooling bone dry lemon, yes bergamot aroma that lasts for quite a long time for a light summer citrus. No bergamot is listed as a primary note which gives me a clue that by reconstructing the aroma of bergamot with petitgrain for dry woody orange, grapefruit for tartness, and vetiver for green tinged base of the bergamot construction the perfumer was able to reassemble bergamot with more density than is there by nature. Petitgrain+grapefruit+vetiver=a big bergamot scent. Also a very dry base. This is the best smelling lemon fragrance I've tried.
27th April, 2017
Stardate 20161208:

A nice fragrance with citrus and musk. But gone after 30 mins.
For the price thumbs down.
08th December, 2016
Simply put, lovely scent, poor longevity. Not a good value for my tastes.
02nd July, 2016
Bergamote 22 is the first regular (non-City Exclusive) that I've tried, and it is very pleasant, dominated by bergamot and grapefruit at the opening, and softening into a musk/cedar base. Many fragrances follow a similar formula but do not execute it as well. Bergamote 22 is very fresh and while optimal for hot weather, seems to maintain its strength in cooler weather as well. It's decent in both projection and longevity for a fresh warm-weather fragrance.

Bergamote 22 leans toward Versace Eau Fraiche in my opinion but has something more to it; it's more complete, fresher, and longer-lasting than Eau Fraiche. I haven't heard others note the similarity, but the resemblance is there for me.

More modestly priced than EDPs in the Le Labo City Exclusive line, Bergamote 22 is a reasonable consideration if you love it, as many do. I know I like it, but I'm not yet sure if it merits the $160-for-50ml price tag.

7 out of 10
22nd September, 2015
A buoyant, shimmery white floral over a somewhat oily vetiver-and-musk base. It references the soapy feel of scents like Mugler Cologne, only there’s a greater sense of depth and dimension. It’s one of the more substantial white florals.

But like many perfumes in this genre, there’s not that much than can be said about it. It does exactly what white florals are supposed to do (that soapy-fresh effect) but manages to feel more robust. Scents like this rarely hold up well, but this one has admirable staying power. My only contention is that it’s kind of boring and doesn’t really add anything new to the conversation. Perfectly pleasant and crisp, but a bit of a snoozer in the creativity department.
13th January, 2015
The opening is very present, with an overwhelming crispy fresh bergamot scent. The bitterness of the bergamot coming across as sharp, though the quality of the citrus is good; no artificial nineties-tangerines here. The top notes last quite a while, opening up to the soapy vetiver base which is actually quite pleasant. Ultimately the sharpness puts me off and make me wish I’d chosen a real cologne.

I never layer several perfumes, but could see someone else adding this to refresh a cologne.

Having worn this for several days makes me want to re-try something from long ago: Scherrer no. 2, which I have in memory as a very sharp bergamot.
For now, I'd rather take Hermès’ Voyage EdT. That is not as sharp initially, is more structured , having a little cardamom touch, and has a deeper (musky) drydown. To me both Bergamotte 22 and Voyage are meant for the same mood/circumstance and I strongly prefer the latter.
03rd December, 2014
Genre: Alleged Citrus

This feels like an expensive hoax to me. I don’t smell much bergamot here – not even in the top notes. Instead, what I get is a very slender, limp accord of petitgrain and nutmeg that’s barely detectable at more than two inches’ distance. I would describe it in more depth, but I can discern no further depth to describe. (Based on the perfume oil concentration. Results with the eau de parfum may differ.)
30th July, 2014
I like this. It's a woody citrus scent. The opening is too astringent, but it settles nicely into a grapefruit-bergamot combination on top of a diffusive, clean pepper-cedar and remarkably mild, grassy vetiver. All of this lies atop an airy musk. Bergamote 22 has a healthy dose of dryness and just enough sweetness to merit the comment, "Hey, this is pretty!" It's unisex, outdoorsy, summery, clear and transparent. The composition is sophisticated enough to put it above mainstream citrus fragrances. Give it a try, stick out the first minute of searing astringency, and be rewarded with a worthwhile woody citrus fragrance.
09th March, 2014
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United Kingdom
The opening has more grapefruit, but soon the bergamot starts up, with some petitgrain in the background. A cedar and a hint of vanilla give a bit of richness in the drydown, but this is essentially a fresh and bright scent. It is more on the elegant side of the bergamot spectrum. Limited silage and projection. The longevity of about two hours is what I expected, as I see this essentially as a summer cologne where this is normal - frequent reapplications are needed throughout the day. Very pleasant.
08th December, 2013
Not Bad!

This is an awesome summer fragrance. Longevity is really good!(This has been a short-fall for many) I love the "Made to order" approach of the Le Labo philosophy. while its not earth shattering its consistent and a long-term mainstay in my rotation. Definitely should be given a try.

The Business manager Roxy at the Saks location in Houston, TX was very knowledgeable and patient while I experienced the line.

18th August, 2013
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United States
I really enjoyed this in the shop when I purchased it. Opens with a true orange/grapefruit quality of green and bitter which softens and sweetens within moments to a crisp citrus that really projects and doesn't "read" as cologne. Unfortunately, this breaks down after approximately 2 hours and has a faint medicinal-camphor-betadine note that carries along to the rapid finish within 4-5 hours (after which there is no discernible fragrance at all). BERGAMOTE 22 is different in a basically good way. I would wear it with another fragrance to add interest and boost both scents. Also to hopefully downplay the medicinal in the middle.
20th March, 2013
This is rare...a Le Labo that smells like what it's named after.

...and honestly that's about all you get. It's very pleasant, a bright sparkling citrus that lasts and lasts.

It's not worth it though. If you come to it expecting something exciting and new, do keep moving along on your search. I can't imagine a scenario where I'd only want to smell like bergamote, it always seems like a supporting player, or a nice scent for some body wash...

In fact skip the fragrance, just buy the shower gel, it's much more enjoyable in those short but strong bursts of invigorating cleanliness than for an all day affair.
13th November, 2012
Bergamote 22 by Le Labo - One is initially treated to a citrus whirlwind. Bergamot, with its bitter and orangey as well as faintly peppery facets commingle with the tanginess of grapefruit. Petitgrain supplies a woody and green undertone to the sparkling citrus. Transitioning to the enhancing heart, the bittersweet bergamot is bathed with the sweetness and somewhat indolic character of orange blossom as well as the fresh and mildly camphoraceous character of aspic. Nutmeg with its softly and sweetly cinnamon-like spiciness mists the melange. Segueing to the appealing base, the enhanced bergamot interplays with the slightly sweet and creamy cedarwood, the laundered-linen illusion from musk, as well as the velvety, play-doh aspects of amber. A green, almost watery, and leafy vetiver provides a carpet for the mixture to flow to its comforting and refreshing drydown. This high-quality and well-blended composition is made for summer and casual wear. It has average projection and longevity. However, besides its limited versatility aforesaid, the scent is nonetheless trite, and, as such, its price point cannot be justified.
14th June, 2012
I have been trying bergamot fragrances for some time now. This one is one of the best ... alas my taste has changed and I am not anymore very fond of the note often described as bergamot. Bergamnote 22 is rather linear, ... in a way honest to its name, and lasts for hours.
20th May, 2012
For men? Really, I'm not convinced. The day I wore this, I received so many compliments. I didn't feel like this needed gender bending at all.

I usually hate dominant citrus notes in my fragrances, especially when grapefruit plays a leading role, but Bergamote 22 has proven that a perfectly refreshing citrus scent without harshness or sour accords can be achieved.

Bergamote 22 sparkles with such brightness and prettiness. In truth, the name is a little misleading as the woods are quite a feature in this fragrance.

There's a sweet aspect to this fragrance that is difficult to explain. It's a clean floral to my nose with an interesting soapy quality, especially towards the drydown. I only noticed the sweetness on the tester card, but not my skin.

On my skin, the masculinity of this fragrance appears. For the first few minutes it's a clean and crisp blend of citrus and musk, however vetiver and amber really feature after the top notes fade. This fragrance also struggled to last on me.

On others Bergamote 22 has wonderful sillage and longevity. I so wanted this fragrance to work for me, but like all citrus scents, they don't go well with my chemistry.

I have not been entirely let-down by this fragrance, in fact I'm thoroughly impressed. I highly recommend.
12th April, 2012
This is a nice summer scent, but not an eye opener great one by any means. It has hints of bergamot and petit grain throughout and is quite lone lasting. Still though, for the price it is essentially a well composed, clean, crisp citrus that you can find similarly or better done from other houses.
08th February, 2012
An average quality green bergamot supported by a well done citruses opening and laying on a woody vetiver base. Not particularly exciting but surely enjoyable throughout its 8+ hrs lasting.

Honest and pleasant except for the price.
19th December, 2011
This is another scent I quite enjoy. On me, it's a half-and-half affair, one half being a rather traditional citrus cologne of orange and neroli over petitgrain and orange blossom (I never smell much upfront bergamot, personally). The other half of its personality is a very bright leafy green vetiver over rose geranium. If you can imagine layering a good citrus cologne like Eau d'Hadrien with Guerlain Vetiver, you'd end up with a fairly good idea what Bergamote 22 smells like. This makes for a very appealing mix, and is in my opinion the best of the extremely citrus-heavy vetivers out there.

It's a bit summery, and can feel a little trite or simple in colder weather when thoughts turn to smoky wood scents and heartwarming gourmands, but as a mix of bright vetiver and greens with happy citrus, it's perfect for a hot summer day.
07th December, 2011
This cologne makes me think of sitting on a veranda on a summers evening in the Texas Hill Country. Cicadas chirping, hot dry wind blowing through the cedars, scrub, and limestone canyon. Citrusy and Dry. I like it a lot.
12th May, 2010
I had high hopes for this one after some of the other great Le Labos, but I'm sorry to say that it's a disappointment. The opening is great - a juicy, tart citrus reminiscent of Frederick Malle Bigarade Concentree and Odin 03. Unfortunately, after half an hour I start to get a distinct off-note of mothballs with a whiff of compost, and the overall effect becomes a bit unpleasant. Longevity is citrus-like, i.e. not so great, though perhaps that's a plus in this case!

I don't think I'd pick Bergamote 22 over either of these others.
10th March, 2010
This is the holy grail of citruses.

Bergamote 22 quickly ends an ambitious search for the ultimate Bergamot citrus. It's simple enough to almost be an accord, but mixed up with enough diversity to stand on its own. By itself, it's an intoxicating blast of citrus (bergamot), with a decent amount of grapefruit that lends enough of a tart pang to give it some attitude, with a hint of woods and clean-factor with vetiver. In the dry down, the bergamot cuts through as an actual base which is rare. The longevity of this core lasts a significantly long time - 12 hours or so.

With Bergamote 22 being so focused on its intent, my hope, and discovery has been that it can layer with an insane amount of other stuff. And how true that is. Bergamot and Vetiver are in a tremendous amount of fragrances. So A) you can punch up the citrus in anything that has it at the open but dies in no time, B) you can mix this in with other non-citrus scents and make something unique or like other brands without having to buy even more stuff. I can see layering this with a good 20 other colognes and perfumes easily and creatively. This is up there with the other key layering scent I've found - Tom Ford's Grey Vetiver.
04th March, 2010 (last edited: 08th March, 2010)

The opening smells richer than many bergamot openings... prominent in this one are a firm, clear (tingly) petit grain note and a tart grapefruit note which together add a broad dimension to the high quality bergamot: It’s an excellent opening. I don’t seem to pick up any heart notes, which doesn’t surprise me in a fragrance named for probably the supreme opening note. The opening lasts a long time, which is good, and gradually morphs into a vetiver / cedar with a strong background of floral – orange blossom (appropriately) in particular. It’s brilliant… It presents such a clean, clear, distinctly sophisticated version of bergamot… this one certainly is an exemplar of the artistic use of this note. The bergamot in Bergamote 22 is particularly well presented.

01st February, 2010 (last edited: 02nd February, 2010)
I really like bergamot, and I really, really like Le Labo, so I had high hopes for this frag. Alas, the bergamot in here is barely perceptible. The perfume is very well crafted, but it's also completely common. It's predominantly a citrusy green frag with aquatic and cuminy undertones. It's just not special or worth the price.
22nd June, 2009
I just love this summery cologne, it's gorgeous! I know some find it too "common" for the price and brand, but in fact I think it's very difficult to find green, citrusy and "natural" scents this good! I hate the aggressive, synthetic-smelling, slightly "musty" aspects of grapefruit, the freshly-squeezed-lemon opening of most citrus fragrances including the famous Eau d'Hardien rarely last more than two minutes before they turn to stale washing-up liquid, The Different Company's Bergamote is quite lovely but very, very soapy/powdery, Frederic Malle's Cologne Bigarade is nice but so warm and spicy it's Christmasy rather than summery... Bergamote 22 is just perfect: lovely, fresh bergamote on a leafy green/woody/cedary base reminding me of my other favourite, Miller et Bertaux' Green green green and green. It's more transparent, light and citrusy than the M&B scent, has a little less of that grassy/woody sweetness, which makes it even better as a refreshing cologne for hot days. It is quite fleeting though, I admit...
17th April, 2009
Le Labo's Bergamote 22 launches with the green smell of freshly cut branches and then evolves into a sunny, warm citrusy fragrance that is downright cozy. The middle notes are like burying your face in a bouquet of orange blossom flowers sprinkled lightly with amber pebbles. Bergamote 22 would be beautiful to wear on a summer evening but it also would be a definite "mood-lifter' in the dark cold days of late January.

The only thing I find disappointing about Bergamote 22 is its weak staying power- it pretty much disappears after 20 minutes on my skin. For this kind of price, I expect my perfume to stick around a while but when it is present, it is gorgeous.

Here are the notes, courtesy of Fishbone's website: bergamot, petitgrain, grapefruit, nutmeg, orange blossom, aspic, cedar, musk, amber and vetiver.
30th July, 2008