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Negative Reviews of Bergamote 22 by Le Labo

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Stardate 20161208:

A nice fragrance with citrus and musk. But gone after 30 mins.
For the price thumbs down.
08th December, 2016
Genre: Alleged Citrus

This feels like an expensive hoax to me. I don’t smell much bergamot here – not even in the top notes. Instead, what I get is a very slender, limp accord of petitgrain and nutmeg that’s barely detectable at more than two inches’ distance. I would describe it in more depth, but I can discern no further depth to describe. (Based on the perfume oil concentration. Results with the eau de parfum may differ.)
30th July, 2014
I had high hopes for this one after some of the other great Le Labos, but I'm sorry to say that it's a disappointment. The opening is great - a juicy, tart citrus reminiscent of Frederick Malle Bigarade Concentree and Odin 03. Unfortunately, after half an hour I start to get a distinct off-note of mothballs with a whiff of compost, and the overall effect becomes a bit unpleasant. Longevity is citrus-like, i.e. not so great, though perhaps that's a plus in this case!

I don't think I'd pick Bergamote 22 over either of these others.
10th March, 2010
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