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Simply put, lovely scent, poor longevity. Not a good value for my tastes.
02nd July, 2016
A buoyant, shimmery white floral over a somewhat oily vetiver-and-musk base. It references the soapy feel of scents like Mugler Cologne, only there’s a greater sense of depth and dimension. It’s one of the more substantial white florals.

But like many perfumes in this genre, there’s not that much than can be said about it. It does exactly what white florals are supposed to do (that soapy-fresh effect) but manages to feel more robust. Scents like this rarely hold up well, but this one has admirable staying power. My only contention is that it’s kind of boring and doesn’t really add anything new to the conversation. Perfectly pleasant and crisp, but a bit of a snoozer in the creativity department.
13th January, 2015
The opening is very present, with an overwhelming crispy fresh bergamot scent. The bitterness of the bergamot coming across as sharp, though the quality of the citrus is good; no artificial nineties-tangerines here. The top notes last quite a while, opening up to the soapy vetiver base which is actually quite pleasant. Ultimately the sharpness puts me off and make me wish I’d chosen a real cologne.

I never layer several perfumes, but could see someone else adding this to refresh a cologne.

Having worn this for several days makes me want to re-try something from long ago: Scherrer no. 2, which I have in memory as a very sharp bergamot.
For now, I'd rather take Hermès’ Voyage EdT. That is not as sharp initially, is more structured , having a little cardamom touch, and has a deeper (musky) drydown. To me both Bergamotte 22 and Voyage are meant for the same mood/circumstance and I strongly prefer the latter.
03rd December, 2014
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United States
I really enjoyed this in the shop when I purchased it. Opens with a true orange/grapefruit quality of green and bitter which softens and sweetens within moments to a crisp citrus that really projects and doesn't "read" as cologne. Unfortunately, this breaks down after approximately 2 hours and has a faint medicinal-camphor-betadine note that carries along to the rapid finish within 4-5 hours (after which there is no discernible fragrance at all). BERGAMOTE 22 is different in a basically good way. I would wear it with another fragrance to add interest and boost both scents. Also to hopefully downplay the medicinal in the middle.
20th March, 2013
This is rare...a Le Labo that smells like what it's named after.

...and honestly that's about all you get. It's very pleasant, a bright sparkling citrus that lasts and lasts.

It's not worth it though. If you come to it expecting something exciting and new, do keep moving along on your search. I can't imagine a scenario where I'd only want to smell like bergamote, it always seems like a supporting player, or a nice scent for some body wash...

In fact skip the fragrance, just buy the shower gel, it's much more enjoyable in those short but strong bursts of invigorating cleanliness than for an all day affair.
13th November, 2012
Bergamote 22 by Le Labo - One is initially treated to a citrus whirlwind. Bergamot, with its bitter and orangey as well as faintly peppery facets commingle with the tanginess of grapefruit. Petitgrain supplies a woody and green undertone to the sparkling citrus. Transitioning to the enhancing heart, the bittersweet bergamot is bathed with the sweetness and somewhat indolic character of orange blossom as well as the fresh and mildly camphoraceous character of aspic. Nutmeg with its softly and sweetly cinnamon-like spiciness mists the melange. Segueing to the appealing base, the enhanced bergamot interplays with the slightly sweet and creamy cedarwood, the laundered-linen illusion from musk, as well as the velvety, play-doh aspects of amber. A green, almost watery, and leafy vetiver provides a carpet for the mixture to flow to its comforting and refreshing drydown. This high-quality and well-blended composition is made for summer and casual wear. It has average projection and longevity. However, besides its limited versatility aforesaid, the scent is nonetheless trite, and, as such, its price point cannot be justified.
14th June, 2012
I have been trying bergamot fragrances for some time now. This one is one of the best ... alas my taste has changed and I am not anymore very fond of the note often described as bergamot. Bergamnote 22 is rather linear, ... in a way honest to its name, and lasts for hours.
20th May, 2012
This is a nice summer scent, but not an eye opener great one by any means. It has hints of bergamot and petit grain throughout and is quite lone lasting. Still though, for the price it is essentially a well composed, clean, crisp citrus that you can find similarly or better done from other houses.
08th February, 2012
An average quality green bergamot supported by a well done citruses opening and laying on a woody vetiver base. Not particularly exciting but surely enjoyable throughout its 8+ hrs lasting.

Honest and pleasant except for the price.
19th December, 2011
I really like bergamot, and I really, really like Le Labo, so I had high hopes for this frag. Alas, the bergamot in here is barely perceptible. The perfume is very well crafted, but it's also completely common. It's predominantly a citrusy green frag with aquatic and cuminy undertones. It's just not special or worth the price.
22nd June, 2009