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United States
You're a product consultant and you've just stepped foot into a niche slaughterhouse to critique some liquid smoke products while you try them on some fresh pork. The place is pretty grim and you can hear squealing off in the distance, but you're pretty hyped to taste the bacon. For some reason, though, instead of participating in any taste tests, you're taken down to a grimy, morgue-like dungeon area, where a foul-smelling, ashy cremation of some diseased pigs is going on, bones and all. You didn't ask to be made an involuntary guest on a new exposé helmed by PETA, but here you are. Patchouli 24 by Le Labo.
25th February, 2018
Interesting. I liked the opening at first, but it stays that strong and smokey for much longer than I can take. Others mention barbecued meat; I got an impression of a tin of smoked oysters just opened. Something about the smokiness and oiliness. And sure I like smoked oysters. But that's not how I want to smell. After many hours the dry down becomes powdery, lipsticky, which adds to the impression of oil. And still that canned smoke. Not for me.
24th December, 2017
I do not consider myself a parfum expert; however, I know what I like and that which I dislike. I am always reluctant to leave such a negative review 'cause I do not wish to offend. But there are enough positives on this here it is:

In one word: Blecccchhhhh!

Bought this with a few other incense, patchouli, woodsy, rose, floral, etc samples. Was recently re-introduced to Le Labo after staying at a hotel that supplied us with Rose 21 items. So, among Rose 21, I figured I'd sample a few other coveted Le Labo fragrances...

On me, on my husband and on the dog (who gagged), this fragrance was absolutely horrible awful. Burnt motor-oil, hot rubber, smokey ash, dead body...smells like the bottom of an ashtray that someone spit in...just horrible. Cannot imagine walking around smelling like this!

Sadly, the sample is in the trash, never to be inhaled by any of us again...ever...just awful IMHO!
04th July, 2017
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I agree with the reviewers here that this smells like smoked meat, but I can't understand how a smell like this amounts to a thumbs up. Aweful.
26th March, 2016
Smoke. Just smoke. The sweetness faded, the patchouli was but a faint whisper in the very onset, then just smoke. On me that was the singular and defining note that brought along no other friends to the party. I will admit that I do alter fragrance in rather extreme ways, so this could rock on others but it was a one note disappointment for me. My quest for the perfect patchouli continues.
31st December, 2013
Annick Menardo is one of my favorite perfumers, but this scent is just wrong. it smells like a barn yard. it's plain and simple vile. this and montale oud cuir d'arabie have made their way to the "never sniff again" section of the sample filing system
15th August, 2012
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United States
From the reviews, I wanted this to be similar to Japon Noir or Borneo 1834 or possibly even Pure Malt (smoke + patchouli + sweetness) but it's really not, unfortunately.

First; the most Le Labo frag's I've tried, it's extremely strong; I would def. call it pungent.
Knocks you out and not in a good way. TBH it smells like a bon fire with bags of dog feces in the middle of the flames, burning one by one and eminating stinkyness along with the backdrop from the burning wood.
Also it smells like someone is BBQ'ing a dead horse carcass marinaded with some kind of sweet and sour sauce in the middle of the fire as well.

Whatever this is, it doesn't work well at all.
So next I'm thinking...OK..where's the patchouli?

I love patchouli scents...A*MEN, Pure Malt, Japon Noir -- awesome, all in my top 20 scents and all great patchouli notes.

It takes a good 30 minutes before you can smell even the slightest hint of patchouli; again leading me to question Le Labo's naming (ie. rose31 is mostly cumin and barely any rose).

The drydown is OK; I get leather moss combined with the burning wood from the beginning which sticks around until the end. Still barely any patchouli.
Don't care for this one...the opening is plain awful and there's barely any patchouli to be found.

Also BTW, at the top this says "feminine" -- If I ever smelled a woman girl wearing this I would run away at lightning fast speeds....if a woman smells of barbecue horse carcass with dog feces and patchouli...that's not a good thing.
13th May, 2012 (last edited: 15th May, 2012)
I wish I could go for this because I know it has an infinite depth to it. It's one of the thickest concoctions I've ever smelled. And at first it intrigues me, and then it chokes me. I try not to throw away my samples, but the smell of the slightest residue on the sample glass was taking over too much of a space, and had me hating on it within a few days. I ended up trying Patchouly by Profumum as well, and I think it's probably superior, but I'm not into that either.
23rd March, 2010
I’m a die-hard patchouli lover, but I don’t like the interference of the smoky note in here. Paired with a slightly sweet base, I find the juxtaposition of acrid and syrupy to be off-putting. The patchouli is subordinate, the sweetness buzzes around like bee that has lost it’s hive, and everything submits a billowing cloud of smoke.
21st October, 2008
This is not a patchouli fragrance. However, if you enjoy smelling like "Katenschinken" (a heavily smoked North German ham) it is just the right perfume for you. Since I dislike Lone Star Memories and Bulgari Black intensely it's no surprise I can't stomach this one either. The other notes in this are entirely irrelevant, if you don't have a huge love affair with excessively sooty smoky birch tar and, like foetidus, I can't stand the stuff except as an accent in more complex leather compositions, such as the far superior Knize Ten. Extremism for its own sake, recommended for leather-clad demons from the eighth circle of hell (where those dwell who do violence to others and themselves).
06th June, 2008
I have come to realize that I really hate birch tar. Too much for me in this fragrance: These are not the kind of animalic notes I like…I’ll take civet and indoles, but they can keep their birch tar away from me. This smells horrendous to me. Patchouli 24 has incredible lasting power; I can smell it twenty hours after application, even after scrubbing, but I actually like the fragrance once the birch tar wears off … I can even smell the patchouli, and it’s an excellent patchouli fragrance – without the birch tar, that is.
09th March, 2008