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Reviews of Matthew Williamson - The Collection: Warm Sand by Matthew Williamson

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I Whould describe this as a Organic version of Dior's Dune but lighter and
without alot of Aldehydes and Ozone
and tarry benzoin in it but it doesn't last long it dissapers like in 5 Minutes
and then i have to reply it over and over again. i'm sorry Matthew Williamson but I perfer Dior's Dune
then your Warm Sand.

12th February, 2011
On my skin this is a sharp soapy jasmine. The featured note is supposed to be "ginger lily," so perhaps ginger lily smells like sharp jasmine. (?) The musk might be the hyper clean detergent white musk...and it might be tipping this into strangely sharp soap. It's just not lovable, or breathtaking, or interesting. I cannot detect incense or sandalwood.
14th January, 2011
A light, smooth sandalwood is predominant, with a high floral note strategically placed far enough back that it doesn't overwhelm the composition. There's nothing groundbreaking or earthshattering about Warm Sand, but it's soft, pleasant and easy to wear, a genuine accomplishment on its own terms. It also has the added plus of being an incense fragrance that's light enough for consistent summer use.
22nd May, 2008
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