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This is an incredible stuff...I bought it blind just looking at the notes pyramid and I've no regrets!! It opens with a pepper blast and goes a little citrusy after a few minutes..the cedar, as The Cologneist said, unfolds brilliantly and stays till the end...I clearly smell the vetiver in the base but in a subtle way...all in all it is a brilliant scent. The only problem for me is the longevity...On my skin it vanishes in 2-3 hours and after, say 45-60 minutes of applying, it goes very close to skin..
And yes the dry down gives a faint hint of He Wood by dsquared may be because of the well balanced vetiver in the base note.
11th July, 2012
Totally agree with SirSlarty, this stuff reminds me of Tommy Bahama though. Or a more toned down L'eau D'issey. (I found L'eau D'issey to be way too overpowering)

Good stuff though.. to go a little more in depth.. it starts off with a nice big fat pepper note, as it cooks on the skin a little, it becomes slightly citrusy, and yessss here comes the cedar, boy do I love cedar in a fragrance. That combined with the vetiver while still maintaining some of its top and middle notes, makes for a very nice dry down that just goes right up your nose if you get close to it.

Sillage is ehh let's say mediocre, I've seen far worse.. towards the end it stays fairly close to the skin. Parah was a shocker to me, not many people know of it, but it's actually very good. Nothing too complex and non synthetic. Longevity is 4-6 hours on my skin. The longer this is on the more you will notice it smells like Tommy Bahama. I give this a B
20th March, 2010
An amazingly fresh and peppery, aquatic woody and clean vetiver drydown. Great for a brisk and clear day.
14th January, 2009
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