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I also found this by chance. The price was $6 for 50ml so i figured i had nothing to lose. It's probably one of the best fragrances I have ever purchased for the price. It starts off smelling very similar to burberry london, but it quickly fades and dries down to a mossy musk. I also pick up a touch of vanilla in the base. I have never seen a note breakdown for this so it's a shot in the dark. I get anywhere from 1-3 hours in the cold weather, so im assuming it would last about 3-5 in the summer months. The longevity isn't anything special, and the projection won't impress anyone unless your girl has her head nuzzled in your chest/neck, but it's a eau de cologne so it's not meant to be a long lasting projection monster. It is a very inoffensive and pleasant, safe scent. This is a perfect frag to reach for if your heading to class for a couple hours. Definately not a scent i would go to for the nights out, but all in all, it's a very good frag for the price. Plus the box looks good for any collection.
27th January, 2011
Smells like a very woodsy musk. Not a bad scent for the price just not one I care for.
28th May, 2009
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United States
Seems quite mossy to me, and the musk is obviously there too. A bit of smoke, a bit of spice. Reminds me of Polo a little, but I find this to be more wearable. Not dry or sweet, well blended. Just complex enough not to bore me. I'm surprised at how good this is; I wasn't expecting much. Just to be clear, I have a green bottle that is similar looking to the one for Mesmerize for men by Avon. Since I didn't pay much for this, it's definitely got to get a positive rating.
25th July, 2008
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Discovered this one purely by chance, in a completely random, incidental manner. From the first minutes onwards it smelled to me like one of the scents i already owned and i was right: this one smells almost identical to Boss Bottled. The drydown does not change this resemblance- it is like that and stays so, for many hours even, maybe the second day too, as it has a very good lasting power. Tough this scents has so many positive sides, for some reson i am unimpressed- maybe it's just the perception of time: if Mustang would have created this before Boss i might have considered it cutting-edge...
27th February, 2007