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Neutral Reviews of Alizée by Detaille

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Zesty and green opening gently wrapped in a soapy and creamy bag of sandalwood and synthetic ylang, galaxolide, plastic fruits, vanillin. The opening is all about this, sadly heavily seasoned with a range of nuances from shampoo to aldehydic metal. Unexpectedly enough, though, it gets better as minutes, then hours, pass; it gets softer, smoother, more discreet and more distinguished. It is like if it became more mature, more graceful, leaving behind some clumsy notes and disturbing nuances, focusing on the good ones. It rarely happens – usually in my small experience, cheap and bad-assembled openings don't get that better. Still quite generic and not the most original around, but it does its "radiant floral-talcum-sandal feminine scent" job quite decently. If you really need to use this (you don't), then apply it some 1 hour before going out!

22nd September, 2014