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Negative Reviews of Reflection Man by Amouage

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It saddens me to say that this is the same company that produced the very good Honour Man and the outstanding Journey Man.
This is expensive effeminate office fragrance. In fact maybe not even that as its quite offensive. Pot pourri powder puff.
Is it? Yes it is. Its a wash off!
Lucas Sieuzac: Not one of your finest moments unless you specialise in this type of olfactory assault of an experience because there must be an Emperor's New Clothes crowd who go along with it.

Fragrance: 5.75/10
Projection: 7.5/10 (unfortunately)
Longevity: 7.5/10 (wash off mandatory)
02nd September, 2019
Got a decant after reading many hyped up reviews. Not impressed. Smells like cleaning products to me. Glad I only got a 5ml.
30th March, 2019
All the negative things you've read about this here are all true.
This isn't Amouage. This is so so bad.

Cant understand the hype around this and Interlude. Both unbearable. Is it their marketing strategy to create this sorta hype for their bad ones so as to sell them? Strange !
08th November, 2018
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Alas, had to give this a thumbs down. Reflection Man is just too loud, reminding me too much of another similar scent that I've sworn off years ago: Joop! for men.

Atrocious, loud, poorly constructed of otherwise nice fragrance notes. Disappointing.
15th August, 2018
Aggressive, overwhelming, persistent. Like a joop flavoured chemical cosh. Had to wash it off. It still kept assaulting me nasally, even after 2 good scrubs with soap and water. I felt like "young Alex" in "A clockwork orange" where he gets drugged to make him feel ill (the bit where his eyes are forced open whilst violent video's play on the big screen). Sorry but this is a no for me.
20th July, 2018
High expectations from the youtube reviews of this fragrance, so I purchased a sample. I could swear that they sent me a jacked-up, high octane version of Joop instead. If you like the sweetness of Joop that lasts forever in a day, this would be the one. Unfortunately for this reviewer, I am not a fan.
19th April, 2018
It smells bitter in the opening, which could be the bitter orange leaves. The woody base doesn't smell very well done. It gets more powdery over time. I threw away the second half of the sample.
30th September, 2017
I wanted to love this, but now I smell like my grandma, and I cant scrub it off!
28th July, 2017
There is something in this fragrance that reminds me of a mall designer cologne... something that would be worn to a club. Hence, I hate it.
30th June, 2017
When I was 16 Joop! came out (if I remember correctly). My mom got me a bottle for a gift and I immediately tried it. I thought it was the worst fragrance I'd ever smelled and I double checked to make sure it wasn't for women.

Fast forward to present time when I tried a sample of Reflection Man yesterday. I was immediately transported to that bottle of Joop! and was so disappointed. While it may not be identical it definitely is very, very similar and just isn't for me.
05th March, 2017
I applaud Amouage for straying from their usual frankincense and myrrh formula. That being said this one just misses the mark.

I will say with Reflection that the notes come across musty and have a sickly, balmy and powdery sweetness throughout. The combination of jasmine and spices in this fragrance make it come across to me like a try-too -hard, fill the room glade air freshener.

Keep in mind this is all coming from someone who used to own a bottle and did a 180 to NOT liking the fragrance. This is the first time in my fragrance journey this has happened, so take that for what it is worth.
02nd June, 2014
People keep comparing this to "JPG Le Male" so I was curious to see how this one smell like.
I'm not a fan of Le Male and actually I hate it so lets see if I hate this one too!
At the opening I can smell a sweet jasmine mixed with some neroli.
The neroli note give the scent a semi fresh and almost citrusy aroma and based on the nature of this note, it does have a sharp floral and light soapy aroma as well.
So the opening is a sweet, semi fresh floral scent with a bright soapy aroma.
It does have the feeling of "JPG Le male" in general but they don't smell exactly the same.
Le Male is a synthetic vanilla mixed with glass-cleaner aroma of lavender and it's terrible in my opinion, but this one has much better quality and it doesn't have that cleaner aroma like Le Male.
As time goes by the fresh feeling of the scent fades away and I can smell more sweet jasmine with some woods from sandalwood and also some earthiness from vetiver but both are in the background and you need to search for them.
In the base I can smell a sweet vanilla mixed with a little bit of vetiver and very weak floral notes.
That's it.
As I said the feeling of the scent is something like "JPG Le Male" but if you smell it carefully, you can detect more differences than similarities.
I don't hate this, but I don't like it either!
Both projection and longevity is awesome and it seems women like it so much!
23rd December, 2013 (last edited: 28th June, 2014)
Tony T Show all reviews
United States
overhyped and priced

I have worn my decant 3 days the past week and I must say that I am not impressed. it smells awesome but Mont Blanc Individuel is in the same category but costs way less. if you are unfamiliar with MBI plz give it a try.

Pros: great smell and longevity
Cons: similiar to Individuel which is 7 times cheaper

16th June, 2013
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I'm sorry but this frag is not appealing to me. If you've spent a lot of time with Le Male you might have noticed once and a while you get a whiff of something disgusting hidden underneath that great smell. Reflection Man is that exact disgusting smell no one can put their finger on.
29th October, 2012
The shapelessness of this leaves me a bit at a loss for the right descriptors: white flower miasma, not-quite-eucalyptus chest rub, bubble gum (hence the Le Male comparisons), chlorinated swimming pool water, sweet el-cheapo synthetic musks, napthalene, this perfume has them all and then a few. But it remains vague (not elusive, there’s a difference), somewhat sweetish and when there’s a glimpse of the sandal in the base one breathes a sigh of relief. To its credit, about 3 or 4 hours in this does cohere and becomes quite comforting but Amouage can do so much better. Lasts forever.
25th August, 2012
Smells okay....for a pesticide. I'm not prone to exaggeration, but this is just awful. I received 3 complaints the first time I wore this! and someone sitting next to me actually had his hands over his nose, and was too polite to tell me I stank; it was very embarrassing. I'd only done two sprays on skin, not clothing. Avoid this.
17th March, 2012
This fragrance was amazing... at first. It lasted only 1-2 hours and then became a barely noticeable skin scent. For the 1-2 hours its amazing but there is NO way to justify spending the price of a full bottle. It smells great and projects well for the first 1-2 hours and then that's it, shows over. I do think that while this smells better than JPG LeMale I would not purchase it over LeMale.
13th March, 2012
Big disappointment in this one. A very sweet, somewhat powdery floral mess. On opening the floral sweetness reigns king. If there is neroli in this, I don’t detect it. Instead I get the jasmine/rosemary laced with something very sweet. Sickening really. This persists for hours and maybe later on you can detect some hints of vetiver and sandalwood, but why would you want to wait 4-5 hours of disgustingness to get to this, which isn’t remarkable in its own right.
12th January, 2012
Right after the 1º spray, we have in Reflection an explosion of a super sweet jasmine note. After 5 minutes the neroli starts to appear, but not a crude neroli, extremely herbal like in Bois Blond from Atelier Cologne. Here we have a slight sweet version of it, and that's it. This fragrance stays like that until the end without changing. Boring and without the standard quality of Amouage.
20th November, 2011 (last edited: 12th December, 2011)
I was really expecting a lot from this fragrance especially because of some recent hype. However upon smelling it I know why they call it reflection man. Its simple. This is how a rich old man on his death bed would smell while "reflecting" on his life. I will say this however, It is indeed very well blended.
04th October, 2011
I´m working my way through the Amouage lineup, and they´ve all rather impressed me thus far. The exception being this, obviously.

Not sure what I expected, judging from the notes listed, this is something I might like. Unfortunately, all that I get is a huge blast of floral, followed by cotton candy and corn mixed with death. Carnival at the mortuary perhaps?
24th July, 2011 (last edited: 19th August, 2011)

... just a tad more expensive and harder to carry on airplanes. More tragic - it denies the wearer of the hipster nature associated with the toting of a true "perfume solid". So essentially no fun at all.

Oh, and one more thing: Reflection Man doesn't actualy clear up nasal congestion.

I would suggest sticking to your grandpa's original Vaporub, in all of its mentholated glory.

Sorry, I should be more sensitive to the lovers of this one, as I do have a huge appreciation for this house, the absolute quality in every release, and the fact that this scent will likely NOT have such strongly cheap/medicinal/antiseptic associations in many fans of Reflection Man.

This really is the scent of too many after-workout sports balms for strained muscles. I wonder if this is a very American association. (And I equate it to frequent references to "urinal cakes" in some fragrances by British posters where I get no such association. Urinal cakes must not employ a global fragrance, or otherwise I really dig the scent of a UK urinal). Reflection Man is obviously of a higher quality and blended to perfection, but at the end of the day it is a sweeter, more peppery version of a common scent wafting through locker rooms and in little tubs on bedside tables and bears little resemblance to the absolute lush opulence of most Amouage scents.
28th March, 2011 (last edited: 22nd April, 2011)
No way! Reflection Man is unaffordably sweet on my skin, no pepper, no rosemary, no vetiver to my nose. It's just an horrible blast of sweet jasmine and something else I can't really distinguish. intrusive and sticky it gives me headache in a couple of minutes. It's not a "bad" fragrance, I'd rather say it's a "really bad one" and from an over $250 scent I expect much more (much more)! This time you failed.The point is still the same: "This is real life, is anybody at Amouage connected?"
14th March, 2011 (last edited: 04th April, 2011)
This scent just rubs me the wrong way with it been to powdery sweet. It reminds me of a sickly version of joop.
04th February, 2011
Reflection Man is loaded with eastern spices in the style of dry bay leaves, coriander, and taco spices. I get corn chips. Then there's the bitter orange notes mixed with florals. It all sits on a light powdery synthetic cotton candy base, in the style of mothballs. It's a complex scent, but the notes just don't dance well with each other, and Reflection Man ends up being a complete mess.
14th January, 2011
This is going to sound weird and maybe it's just my chemistry, but this really, really, smells like a corn tortilla to me. Bizarre.
21st June, 2010

My first sniff of Reflection Man was a complete turnoff… I am pretty much anosmic to pepper so I get no pepper or any other aromatic effect in the opening; nor do I get much of a floral effect. Reflection Man comes across to me as an uber-synthetic, metallic version of CK One – no kidding, this seems to me to be an annoying mess. My reaction doesn’t surprise me much: Amouage and I have traditionally had little in common. We just do not seem to have complementary chemistry… I guess I wasn’t built for the ultra-expensive.

07th June, 2010
Kaern Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Really loved the top and middle notes and for 20 minutes, was sure to purchase-- but then it turned into a really generic beast with plenty of powder to the fore. No can do.
21st July, 2009
A total disaster from the house of Amouage. This is the only fragrance in the men's lineup which seems totally lacking in quality. It is as if the budget was blown on all the others and there was only a pittance left. It also seems particularly shapeless, much like the hideous Gucci II. In a word, horrific.
22nd April, 2009
DULLAH Show all reviews
United States
Not what I expected. This is an extremely clean powdery, thick cloud of Orris, Jasmine, and Neroli. I smell no Aromatics, spice/pepper, or leafyness. The woods are similar in texture to something between the thick, waxy bases of Canali and Himalaya. It's overall impression would be a sweeter, more feminine, richer, more powdery/floral mixture of Canali, Dunhill Fresh, Burberry Brit, and Fleur De Male. If those are to your liking, and you want the entire experience to smell much richer and last longer, this is for you. I think this might be good on a strong female, wearing soft fabrics in white/lilac/silver, in the right situation. But to designate this as a masculine scent is lol
01st February, 2009