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This isn't really like anything else I've tried from Amouage. It's restrained, even a bit boring. It's pretty much a floral with some citrus on the opening... I've seen some reviews describing the opening as bitter, but I think they've just been reading the list of ingredients rather than actually paying attention to how it smells on the skin. It's not remotely bitter. It gradually gets more and more powdery and there's a bit of a woody vanilla (and something else a bit artificial and I'm not sure what it is) in the dry-down but it doesn't dominate. It's a well-done modern tribute to the barbershop, but it doesn't do this any better than a lot of other scents like it (almost anything from Dunhill, for example, who specialize in this kind of thing) and it has no real distinguishing element. Maybe that's what it's supposed to do, stay in the background, be polite, not push itself forward at all, but I like my scents to have at least something interesting about them.
17th March, 2018
This opens clean, fresh, luminous.
Everything used here fom the top down is clean, crystalline and yes, reflection is the right name for this.
There is a fresh, high pitch, breath-mint note that carries this scent from start to finish and the partivular rose note here lends an underlying sweetness in conjunction with the other white florals. A creamy sandalwood (again clean), reveals itself in the drydown and finally some minty patchouli and cedar.
My main issue with this fragrance is that i find it quite linear and something that i might find boring to wear given that it also has very good performance.
As an older guy in his 40s the other thing is that this feels 'young' on me.
8 hours longevity, good projection.
A like for me.
10th October, 2017
have tried this twice now. both times the scent was gorgeous but became a skin scent in 10 mins on both (clean) wrists despite 2 sprays on each! sadly I had to leave it and I purchased Journey instead which is a phenomenal scent with ample staying power.

note, I did not check the country of origin on this but the Journey says Made in Oman. the tester did not have a cap so I couldnt tell whether it was the magnetic version or not but it has to be the later as the Journey is a magnetic cap.
25th August, 2017
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One of the most expensive "musky/talky bath-foams" of the market. Not for me. An "highly placed" mix of "market cracks cliche'-formulas". Joop Homme+ Baldessarini Ambre + a whichever musky-herbal-talky "ubiquitous" bath foam + Paco Rabanne One Million + Gaultier Le Male + a bombastic luxurious packaging = Reflection Man. Just a far more expensive, yet slightly more herbal and structured mix of the former juices. Finally Reflection turns out pretty talky, floral-chic and warm. I've read somewhere there is no resemblance with Joop Homme but I detect many points in common with it especially about the first part of the run (angular- herbal/hesperidic- elements, candied heliotrope, spices, jasmine, patchouli, vetiver, ambroxan, tonka, sandalwood etc). Finally the olfactory routes diverge and Reflection Man becomes a musky-talky amalgam significantly distant from the Joop's powerhouse disclosure. A really powerful fragrance. Hints of peppery spices, woody saltiness, synth ambery piquancy, floral patterns and aromatic herbal greenness ransom an otherwise overly boring expensive talky-ambery blend. Save your money guys.

P.S: after many ours I detect several changes, the juice evolves, a "languid" anisic (a la Thierry Mugler's Angel) sort of unisex fruity/floral patchouli comes out and I finally see a pretty chic sort of Chanel Allure's aura (vaguely candied/honeyed/floral-chic/aromatic). I detect in this phase an alluring sambac jasmine supported by neroli, "anisic-starry-candied" sandalwood and patchouli.
19th March, 2017 (last edited: 20th March, 2017)
Not a bad entry in the incense-dominant Amouage men's line, but Reflection, to me, is nothing terribly special. I get mainly citrus top and heart notes in partnership with the usual incense and patchouli base notes. It's more orange-dominant in the opening and then relaxes into a balance between the orange, neroli, patchouli, and incense. There's also something slightly sweet to it, which I would guess is the cedarwood, but it's not so individually detectable to me.

It leans slightly to cold weather use but the citrus/incense pairing works for 12 months, at least to me. Longevity and projection are both decent, but Lyric Man, which I tried recently, is a preferable year-round Amouage fragrance. And while I'm still intrigued by the line, I remain generally hard-pressed to justify the price. Seemingly only a hard-hitting, long-lasting purely cold weather fragrance would justify the Amouage cost. Nonetheless, Reflection might end up smelling good enough on another man's skin to work as a versatile, even signature scent, so if the note list strikes a chord, go for it.

5 out of 10
13th April, 2015
The comparisons to Le Male are apt, at least at first. It's flowery and powdery at the top and definitely has a similarity to Le Male. It's a bit more peppery and has some green leafy notes, though, and seems slightly more complex. Longevity and sillage are nowhere near as potent as Le Male unless you really pour this on.

It's a sharp, almost bitter/powdery cologne with a lot of green and flower notes up front and dries down into a powdery and woody cologne. I don't get a lot of sillage here; very close to the skin after the opening blast.

This is something you'd smell on a guy in a nice suit who is planning on going to the bar after work looking for love. It smells higher end but has a very familiar (Le Male) body to it. For the price of a bottle you can do better, I think.
01st May, 2012
I'm new to the Amouage range so I have to believe that it will be all uphill from here. :) So far, all i'm getting after about 30 minutes in, is neroli and what to my nose smells like mimosa, though I don't see that listed as an official note. Certainly pleasant - even beautiful - but hardly remarkable in any $250 per bottle kind of way...
31st October, 2011
Well, for the retail price of this one, I feel that it should blow you away on all fronts. And while it is one of the most unique scents I've ever smelled, I can't say that I was immediately taken by it.

It's intriguing to be sure, and it makes me want to wear it again to try to figure it out more, but it just lacked a "killer" nature to it, as apparently Jubliation XXV has (according to reviews I've read/watched/gathered). Something that just captures you and leaves you enthralled.

Upon smelling it for the first time, the pepper in it struck me most quickly. Not in a put-offish way, but definitely a nostril burner if you're not expecting it. I could also pick up some powdery florals (most likely jasmine/orchid). At application, the neroli and bitter orange came out a bit more - moreso than just smelling it from the bottle. About 30 minutes in, I also got a phase of the scent where it smelled like "blackened Dr. Pepper", the best way I can describe it. It projected it's top and middle notes very well for about 5 hours before it began to settle down into the sandalwood and vetiver (the two listed base notes that I could most easily identify). It definitely gets sweeter as it goes along, but never approaches Creed-sweetness ( which is the only other niche brand with which I've had experience).

I think it's an intriguing scent, and I want to wear it again. For sure, it's not a day-to-day sort of deal, so I think my 30mL split will suit its nature nicely. I enjoy it, but just wish it possessed that "capture you" trait I had originally anticipated.
17th April, 2011
Very good scent. Really masculine and sweet at the same time.

Too bad it only lasts a few hours on me.
And when you also take note on the price it gets a neutral score from me.
12th May, 2010
This scent is of the Geir, Himalaya, Fleur Du male genre. opens with a powdery, fruity blast..i would call it the "cloud effect"..will remind one of Himalaya for sure. its when the top notes wear out that i cud detect something with a very camphor like coolness to it...only closer look and its a wonderful note of Jasmine (reminded me of how this smell was done in Fleur Du Male by Gaultier). The blending of Jasmine and Neroli is done ever so beautifully. i always feel great when houses do excellent florals for men...especially when its something that is not rose. The overall feel of "white cloud" doesnt change..somehow the notes melt into each other and give off that impression. the basenotes add some bite to the midnotes and gives it a bitter quality..soon the powderiness begins to fade and a basenotes of decayed floral elements with patchouli and other subtle touches of woody notes is unvealed...not overtly impressed with the basenotes...but, i can still catch occasional whiffs of floral elements which is pleasing. worth the rate...? not for me..i can alwasy go back to Himalaya and FdM. but this maybe just the scent for someone who doesnt like the above two.
thumbs up for the scent. a thumbs down for the price = neutral.
13th October, 2008
A fantastic sweet semi-licorice scent. Lasted only about 4 hours on me and seemed linear but man what a scent.
14th September, 2008
This is nice, a Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male in an Armani suit to my nose. none of the wild and brash muskiness, no lavender domination, just a nice mellow sweetness. It does smell a little synthetic though. A heavier application gives it strength, depth and more dimension. If I find it at half price, I might buy it. Otherwise, waaaay too expensive, and the juice is NOT unique or daring enough to warrant shelling out the dough.
22nd April, 2008
Is it me or does this one smell like Jean-Paul Gautier?? not original to me got to rate it "neutral"
24th December, 2007
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woody start floral heart ends with many mothballs
19th May, 2007