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Great intimate scent for a romantic night. Great sillage and projection. A 10/10 for me.
08th April, 2016
What a wonderful fragrance; sweet, floral, long-lasting....just simply amazing!

14th March, 2016
Reflection Man is my favorite of the Amouage line that I've tried so far. Having said that, I think it's a little too sweet for my taste. The initial scent was very pleasant, and I received compliments from a few female co-workers, but the fragrance became sweeter as it dried down and just became a little sweeter than I prefer. As with the Creed fragrances ambergris dry down, the Amouage line has a signature scent present in the base notes. I don't know what it is, but it has a "musty" nature to it that I just don't care for. It wasn't very pronounced in the Reflection Man like it was in Interlude Man, and especially in Memoir Man, but I got just a trace of it in Reflection Man. With the prices of the Amouage line, I think I'll be satisfied with a sample of Reflection Man, but I will wear it again and see if I warm up to it even more. As I said, I still preferred it to the other Amouage I've tried. I'm looking forward to trying Jubilation XXV Man, Sunshine Man, and Beloved Man.
11th March, 2016
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I simply do not get how any reviewer can pan this one for smelling synthetic. Nor can I understand comparing it to an inexpensive synthetic fragrance.
I am very sensitive to overly sweet and synthetic feeling scents. For example, although I love the Bond No. 9 bottle designs, I could never own one due to the lack of natural notes.
Reflection is particularly well blended and one of my 3 favorites by Amouage. In general I prefer their smokier more middle eastern scents like Interlude and Jubilation. But Reflection is just so pleasant especially after about an hour or so, that it won me over on first wearing in spite of its somewhat sweet opening.
For those that judge a fragrance on how many compliments it garners, this one is stellar in that regard too.
08th January, 2016
Super clean and uplifting fragrance from Amouage. Lighter and quite different than any of the other incense and oud fragrances I have tried to date from this house. Reflection has a strong jasmine and neroli notes in the top that are carried by a sweet floral and woods base. Like the other Amouage offerings, there's more notes in the background that subtlety shape the main theme. It's all extremely well blended and balanced masterfully into a scent with considerable character.

The dry down leans slightly toward the luxury soap side, with the rosemary and sandalwood, however the accord is so incredibly pleasant at the later stages, that I was truly reluctant to shower it off. Average sillage, but fantastic longevity. Would be a great white shirt and tie fragrance, suitable for the office and into the evening. My wife really likes it too. Thumbs Up.
23rd November, 2015
Reflection Man is a spicy/woody floral that is perfect for any occasion. At first spray I get jasmine and neroli, which I love. After a while I get wood (sandalwood) and spice (rosemary and pimento) together with the florals. Honestly, I smell NO similarity to Le Male, at all. Reflection is beautiful and very well made.

21st July, 2015
This is my favourite offering i've tried from from Amouage's mens line, It has a very clean and sweet opening. The dry down kept reminding me of Joop! Homme which was a favourite of mine in my late teens, probably why I like it so much. The only problem is it reminded me so much of Joop I don't know if I could see myself shelling out that much for a bottle. Good work Amouage for the blend but I can't see myself considering this for the cabinet until Joop runs out.
16th March, 2015
This one can come of femme, or as in pretty girl or so I was told. I guess I can see their point but by no means is this a girl fragrance because of the quality. Neroli and jasmine is the main notes kicking and sometimes I get this orange candy smell like the tootsie roll orange flavor chews. Some say it's very simular to Le Male and I can see that but it's not synthetic and is rather smooth. I will agree it's for both men and women but it smells really good and if like your jasmine and neroli.
27th June, 2014
Genre: Woody Oriental

My experience with Amouage having swung wildly between the obscene Gold and the sublime Dia, I wasn’t sure I needed to try more from this house. But then there I was one day, in a Viennese perfume shop that had Amouage, Montale, and Clive Christian to sample, and I figured I’d give Reflection a go. My wife was with me at the time, and I had her smell it on me before I did. Her response was a wide-eyed “Ooh, that’s nice!” and I knew I was in trouble.

Reflection is nice, and it tells me that Dia is no mere anomaly in the Amouage men’s line. Yes, their prices are ridiculous, and their marketing is moronic, but the guys in Dubai do have at least some good scents. (Pardon the pun – I couldn’t resist!)

Reflection goes on with a bit of sweet fruit, spiked liberally with pink pepper. The pepper mellows slightly, but persists as crisp counterpoint to the soft florals at Reflection’s heart. There is a powdery iris root in the mix as well, and this helps to integrate the pink pepper with the vetiver that forms the scent’s foundation.

Like Dia, Reflection succeeds as a men’s fragrance with a floral heart, but it’s a simpler and more transparent composition. Where Dia uses incense, leather, and amber, the cooler Reflection relies on Mediterranean elements like orange leaves and rosemary to temper its floral elements. This fragrance lacks the outrageous projection and sillage of Gold, and doesn’t last as long as Dia, drying down after about five or six hours to a slightly sweet, powdery wood and vetiver base. Reflection is well worth trying, especially for men who fear florals. It’s bright, but not a lightweight, and makes a distinctive alternative to the commonplace citrus scents for spring and summer.
25th June, 2014
First Impression is Top Ingredients!

Lots of jasmine, neroli and woody notes from beginning to end.

Absolutely Love it and recommend it.

Excellent Longevity and sillage.

Thumbs up!
27th December, 2013
Powdery Floral with Pepper

Not your typical Amouage.

Read all the bad comments about this fragrance before trying. Once I tried it, I agreed with most who gave it a poor review. Seemed overly synthetic, possibly too strong, and couldn't help but think this was made for a teenager. An Amouage frag friend kept telling me to keep trying it and that it was his favorite. I took his advice and after wearing it a few more times I did a complete 180 on the scent. It performs much better on my shirt than on my skin. Stays a little more fresh which helps with warmer weather.

Not one of my favorite Amouages but worthy of a nice size decant.

Try this one at least 5 times before discarding.

I now call it my "gulity pleasure" fragrance. We all have at least one. :)

Pros: Longevity, good all seasons
Cons: Love/Hate type frag, may come off as overly synthetic

27th June, 2013
Lightly sweet with a wood vibe and light spices. This one has a very light herbal note (probably the rosemary). In the mids you get a light leather note with a touch of bergamont and the amber relaxes it. The neroli note makes a good addition to this.Better suited for fall, winter and early spring. Great longevity on the one. 9 hours easy.
14th May, 2013 (last edited: 17th April, 2015)
I have been debating on this fragrance for a while now since all of the youtube hype. About 6 months ago I purchased a sample and wore it a couple of times. I liked it but did not want to purchase a bottle at the time due to the price. A couple of weeks ago I purchased a bottle and have been wearing it ever since. Some thing clicked with the fragrance after spraying with the bottle. Funny thing is, I have been wearing it for over a week straight and I have a lot of fragrances. This is the only fragrance I have given this much attention to out of my collection. I love every thing about refection man now, from the sweet opening to the dry down. In the past week I have been asked many times what I am wearing, and that it smells nice and not offensive. This fragrance is extremely wearable. I would highly recommend giving this fragrance a wearing for at least a couple of days straight. If it does not appeal to you then maybe it could be your skin, as I think this is among my top 2 scents. Blended to perfection.
11th November, 2012
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United Kingdom
This is an intensive and heavy oriental scent.  Initially heavy on sweet spice, it develops into jasmin-based flowery patchouli-heavy drydown. The at times sickly-overpowering sweetness settles and it becomes quite balanced with a hint of wood at later stages. On me it was quite cloying, projecting forcefully and lasting abut six hours.
I could not wear this for work, but it is a sophisticated blends with a rich development; for me more an evening-out choice.
12th May, 2012
Weird fascination at first sniff, and it hasn't let up yet. Coming down to the last few drops of a generous department store sample, I sprang for a full bottle. It grows on you. If you haven't sniffed it you should think bizarre, bright, chemical air freshener. But it's much deeper in the uniquely so-bad-taste-it's-good style that Amouage is famous for. Seems to be a tweaked version of a bright, floral, somewhat watery, and "clean" aromachemical conflagration. On the too-sweet side for casual wear in public, unless you actually want to shock the hell out of innocent bystanders with the atomic sweet chemical cloud surrounding you. There are times when I actually crave an outre effect like that. To all other casual observers beware. This one is for fans of slightly disturbing and obnoxious fragrance statements. Your statement will be broadcast loud and clear.
12th April, 2012
Love this smell. I am finding that I like the smell of neroli. There is no vanilla listed but it gives the feeling that it there is some in it. I have yet to find someone who is put off by the smell. 3 to 4 sprays on this one is all you need and lasts all day into the night, with the later hours being a lighter scent, but I kinda like it that way.
01st April, 2012
I LOOOOVE this one! Totally spring scent! Imagine a new biological beginning after winter and you get this one! Floral, sweet yes but also very fresh and well balanced...I even smell Mimosa although it is not listed as an ingredient. Probably the "youngest smelling" of the Amouage range.

Quite a bit waxy, jasmine, ylang-ylang, the exotic note, ...the whole fragrance smells like a sweet exotic flower or fruit. Also, I smell that Bazooka chewing gum note from back in the day that makes my saliva gland go, lol. A distinctively "wet" smelling fragrance: juicy, floral, rich, modern, sweet and a little pungent peppery.

A lighter oriental so an ideal daytime and great scent to get introduced to this extraordinary brand!

Nothing but love for this!

I will add this to my spring scent wardrobe as it is very uplifting! Think of it like a sip from a hot invigorating ginger tea!
14th March, 2012
I think the Reflectio Man - classic men's fragrance. Pungent smell of the flauers feel good .Sharp, rich and comfotable. I like it that is suitable for use.
30th October, 2011
Reflection man.. One of the few fragrances that made me feel sick! That was at the time I didn`t know how much to apply. The trick here is to go very light on the trigger. One spray extra can ruin this fragrance. One spray under the shirt, one spray on the fingertip and just dab it on your neck, and the result is perfect. It`s a type of fragrance that`s very nice to smell from time to time, but not on a everyday basis. Too much of it can give you a headache. If you like Le Male and Antico Caruso, you will probably like this also. I changed my rating from negativ to positiv, after I "learned" the right way to apply it. Used sparingly, It`s actualy quite sexy and unique. Smells very expensive. The bottle is a work of art.
18th July, 2011 (last edited: 23rd October, 2011)
Though it's not the most beautiful or exotic fragrance by Amouage, it's very versatile and still retains the quality that you'd expect from this house. It does have comparisons to Le Male, but there's so much more to this than a Le Male clone. It's blended so well it's hard to pick out the individual notes and the overall smell is intoxicating. Sillage and longevity are excellent and the quality of ingredients are undeniable. If your looking for a modern fragrance with some sex appeal this is the one. In my opinion this one is actually worth the money because you can wear it on a daily basis. Most Amouages are glorified scent candles.
08th July, 2011 (last edited: 26th July, 2011)
It’s rather easy to feel underwhelmed by REFLECTION MAN especially if you are more accustomed to the more opulent offerings from Amouage. The top notes are brighter that usual, with herbaceous rosemary pulling in a decent shift, more so than the red pepper if my nose is to be trusted. The individual flowers that form the core are not immediately identifiable but exist enbloc with a profile that is mildly soapy and clean, which should just about please any girl who may harbor concerns over her guy wearing anything overtly floral. It projects modestly for the next 3-4 hours until the creamy sandalwood-vetiver drydown offers the comforts of its velvety embrace.

Nice and subtle. If this is indeed Amouage’s entry into the clean cologne category, I’d say they have done a pretty good job even if the composition isn’t quite as energetic as the soapy clean floral in Domenico Caraceni’s Ivy League.

rosemary, red pepper berries, bitter orange leaves, neroli, orris, jasmine, ylang ylang, vetiver, patchouli, sandalwood, cedarwood.
01st February, 2011
I own a bottle of Amouage Reflection Man. This is a great fragrance and I would where this anytime, all the time! To me this smells really sexy.
08th October, 2010
If one wishes to indulge in a comfortable and safe scent, Amouage' Reflection Man is the fragrance. It's good all the way around, all the time until it is no longer detectable. In so doing, it's much softer than many niche frags out there. Now one won't often use the words comfortable, safe, and indulgence in the same sentence when discussing fragrances, but Lucas Sieuzac has pulled that very thing off at genius levels with Reflection Man.

If one wants to have a fragrance that is like a bully who's in your face, aggressive, belligerent, or threatening, this is most definitely not the fragrance for you. If one needs a fragrance that changes character several times throughout its useful skin life like a chameleon, this is not the fragrance for you. If, one needs a fragrance that is gentle, kind, intelligent, and rich, jump right in.

Longevity on my skin is a solid 8-10 hours, if it is sprayed on my clothes, it is easily detected 24-26 hours later. It's a great at-work fragrance, a fantastic cuddle with your little kids adjunct, works for a morning stroll at sunrise, or during the evening wind down. Part of the genius of this frag is it's any time, any where applicability.

While more interesting, more intense, more characterful fragrances are out there, this is a great go-to scent. Luvvitt!
05th September, 2010
A clean icy burst out of the bottle which I like better than the other fragrances from this house. It has a younger feel to it than the others. This might be the only one I'll wear from this house.
23rd April, 2008
I'm not one for floral fragrances, and I didn't think I could pull this one off but after reading Vilbert's review and getting a sample from I couldn't resist the urge to get a bottle! Fell in love with the frag. and just had to have it...but I still wasn't sure I could pull it off. One night I felt adventurous and spritzed it on for a night out. All my friends, male and female alike commented on how nice and bright I smelled. Not an everyday scent for me, but it's something nice for special occasions in the summer months.

Oh btw this is one of those scents you have to spray in the air then walk through the mist, otherwise you get the mothball smelling note that supermarky's talking about
04th April, 2008 (last edited: 15th April, 2008)
Thumbs way up for this one. Tested it and just awestruck by its beauty. This is new and I believe it can surpass Dia.
08th June, 2007