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    I admit I had gotten this scent, mistaking it for a discontinued "blushing cherry blossom", that I really liked.

    If I had smelled this in-store, I would not have bought it. It might have been a good mistake though, because I learned to like it.

    Since I own it, I occasionally use it. It is an inoffensive scent, and there is not much projection so it is good if you are around people who dislike strong scents.

    I initially smell floral with cherry. Unfortunately, the smell lasts only a couple hours on me.

    At times I can't stand the scent, other times I absolutely love it. But I must like it most of the time, because I am almost done with the body cream.

    It is a day scent and a spring scent. Casual. I MIGHT buy it again, but only if it is super cheap.

    16 March, 2014

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    Dame Piglet

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    I actually really like this scent. It's not expensive, but that's fine with me. The scent is starts off fruity floral (not surprising) but then it mellows warmly. People have to stand within a foot of me to smell it, so it's fine for work. I could see how it wouldn't work for everyone, but it's easy to sample scents at BBW, so why not?

    21st May, 2011 (Last Edited: 28 May, 2011)

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    There are several BBW Cherry Blossom scents. I have the pink one that's just called "Cherry Blossom" in shower gel, body lotion & body spray. I smell cinnamon, mimosa, some very sweet maraschino cherry and sandalwood. I like it, but the sandalwood becomes very strong on me, which also happened with BBW's Warm Vanilla Sugar. My skin seems to grab onto sandalwood and won't let go. I wish the other notes would last as long. I like trying the various BBW stuff, though, especially the shower gels. They're fun. A cheap thrill. :-)

    01st April, 2007

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