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Positive Reviews of Coyote by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

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United States
This is the first BPAL fragrance I've ever sampled, so I don't know if they're all oils, but that was what struck me about this one. It's viscous, and there's no alcohol on opening. So, I'm guessing this is a perfume oil. The lack of the alcohol means it doesn't have that stinging opening that so many perfumes have. However, it also means it leaves a little oily sheen on my skin before it gets absorbed, which could be a problem for some clothes fabrics.

I had read reviews on that this one smells like desert soil and grass. I definitely don't get any soil out of it. Instead, it smells like a perfume oil mixture I had made for myself once. The components of mine were champa and amber, with a base of peru balsam. I added a touch of anise oil as well. Coyote smells almost exactly like that mixture, but with sandalwood as part of the base also. There's something else in it that reminds me of old teak furniture, or the old, damp teak in some sailboats. But desert soil? No.

The anise makes it just a little gourmand, and yummy (I like licorice), and it makes me want to try other BPAL fragrances.
11th July, 2008