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Neutral Reviews of Vanille Noire du Mexique by La Maison de la Vanille

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A shadowy floral vanille/myrrh combo.

The bergamot is prominent at the beginning (actually is protagonist for a long trait of the trip) and you can feel by soon on your skin a vaguely powdery white lemony feel with musky accents and a floral temperament. I detect by soon the opoponax more than the vanille while the floral effect keeps on to be undistinguished still for a while (although the powderiness reports us immediately to the note of iris). The powder begins progressively to increase its mist over the elements. In the middle of the trip a soapy rose/jasmine starts to envelop the senses in a balmy/vanillic dreamy "baume". You can still detect the powder from iris/myrrh and the citrusy whiff with a sort of vetiver nuance. Going ahead from this point, the powder starts to be slowly flanked by the cream, a shadowy feel starts to lower its blanket on the world and you feel yourself comforted by a silent embrace of balsams, patchouli, nocturnal flowers and cloudy iris. The lemon is still present with grassy accents and with a vague "eau de cologne" durable effect. Vanille Noir du Mexique is not properly a sophisticated stuff but is musky/soapy in a balmy way and smells heavenly about cleanliness, floral cuddles and whispers of love in the night.

Pros: Balmy and delicious.
Cons: Not luxurious or particularly textured."

19th September, 2013
I like it at first application. Fresh sweet vanilla. Unfortunately after 5 minutes, it was rotting fruit sweet. That didn't last and I was left with a pleasant, soft sweet vanilla with just a tinge of tonka in the drydown. I never found the florals real apparent. I don't find much about this fragrance that's marketly better than other vanilla fragrances.
29th April, 2010