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Reviews of Shanghaijava - Encens Mystic by Crazylibellule & The Poppies

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Everybody seems to agree that this is the best scent from this line, and perhaps it is, at least it's probably the edgiest one, but it doesn't do an awful lot for me. It's a decent, dry/spicy/woody incense scent, yes, but I'd rather pay more for one I really love. This just seems to sort of sit on my skin and not do anything, it has a sort of chemical/cold edge that never softens or warms up. It might not mean it's a "cheap" or "plasticky" incense - some expensive incense scents have it too, so it might have to do with the incense notes - but I don't find it very pleasant.
06th June, 2008
This is just wonderful stuff. A must for incense fans. Very similar to CdG Avignon, but this is a solid. That means you can take it on an airplane! Which is what I do with mine, and it's got a very calming effect. This is also wonderful for layering with other scents that cry out for a dash of incense. The price makes it very economical and it has good lasting power.
03rd May, 2007