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Negative Reviews of Burberry Summer for Men by Burberry

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At first, this smelled just like a cleaning product to me. Then it faded away into yet another generic citrus scent. Bland and uninspired, and yet another failure from Burberry.
28th July, 2010
Its unfortunate that I don't like Burberry Summer since i am a fan of most Burberry fragrances. This cologne comes off way as a strong industrial citrus smell, that makes my head spin. After 50 mins the scent is all but gone.
17th February, 2010
Thumbs down because of a complete lack of originality. Very familiar, smells like a hundred other colognes, and I can't stand geranium.
14th March, 2009 (last edited: 17th March, 2013)
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Hate it! I thought I would like this scent since I like most of Burberry's scent, but this one reminds me of a 'bar of soap' smell. It smells fresh, but i'm not fond of bar soap smells.
06th September, 2008
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United States
Very disappointing... after considering Summer for months, trying it multiple times on cards and on my skin, I finally pulled the trigger and purchased. The top notes are fantastic and were clearly what was drawing me in for so long. Pungent, strong, lemon and grapefruit lead to promises of a great citrus fragrance. In not much longer than the time it's taken you to read this so far, the strong citrus dissipates, replaced with an entirely pleasant musky cedrat accord, and that's about it for the rest of the fragrance's short life.

This would be ok if it weren't for the fact that it smells IDENTICAL to Azzaro Pure Cedrat, which I purchased for $15 at a discount store. I put Burb Summer on one hand and Pure Cedrat on the other.... my girlfriend could not distinguish. The only difference between the two is that the Pure Cedrat lasted about twice as long as the Burberry, which was all but unnoticeable in 90 minutes.

I'm lucky I was able pawn off the Burb Summer to a friend without losing too much money. Not worth it.
11th July, 2008