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Positive Reviews of Graphite Blue by Realities Cosmetics

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Graphite Blue, what can I say? This is an excellent choice in my book for a number of reasons.

The opening of this is pretty darn awesome. Very, very well done. I could see a someone getting suckered into buying this based on that alone, but that wouldn't really be a loss in my book. All at once blue and green, spicy, unmistakably floral somewhere in the background, with just a hint of -something- creamy and even some musk right up front. Absolutely beautiful.

After that, though, I would say that this falls into the realm of very 'safe' choices. To my nose, much more green than blue after a half hour or so. I don't trust myself to accurately describe what I get once the top starts to burn off other than to say that it's green and spicy despite the bottle color and the tobacco is noticeable but not overdone. In my mind, extremely unoffensive and distinctly masculine. I don't really see it getting any comments or unsolicited compliments, but I also don't see you getting the stink eye from your coworkers as long as you watch the trigger there cowboy.

The end delves into the sweeter smoother notes again for me, becoming extremely non-intrusive.

Sillage: Pretty decent. Longevity: Strictly average.

One plus I see for this one is it's under-the-radar unoffensive factor. It's versatile, just striking and pleasant enough to get noticed but probably not going to turn heads. You can wear this one to work or church safely or on a date where you're not looking to dazzle your partner with your scent-sational self. It has a very prim restraint about it so it's definitely something to look into where discretion is valued. On the other hand, this would get boring to me if I wore frequently. Everything in its place.

Very solid.

30th March, 2013
Say what you will about Liz Claiborne but she put out some awesome fragrances and this my friends is one of them. Longevity and projection are outstanding and when I wear it I get compliments..... It has been discontinued i believe so when you come across it don't walk but run to purchase it.
10th March, 2013
To me it smells almost identical to Dolce & Gabbana pour Homme. The dominant note on both is Clary Sage embellized with some Cardamom and Lavander, and the basenotes of Sandalwood, Cedar and Tobacco Flower are identical, change the Tangerine for Bergamot for the opening and voila: same scent. But Blue Graphite can be had for one fifth of the price of D&G, so it gets my thumbs up
30th September, 2010
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Graphite Blue strikes me as the epitome of a fantasy fragrance: Synthetic (in a pleasant way) out of the bottle, and to me, not clearly evocative of any natural odor I'm familiar with. Seems pretty linear throughout, with a soft drydown melange of tobacco, rum and green woods. Inexpensive, with good longevity. Works well for me in any climate, and in a variety of social interactions. Thumbs up!
10th August, 2009
Realities Cosmetics as far as I know is a subsididary of Liz Claiborne...
It's maiden fragrance, Realities was a unabashed copy of D&G pour homme. It is lighter and less complex, but other than that, it is virtually identical.
It didn't catch on though, at least not among serious cologne guys, dismissed as a cheap copy. So I guess in order not for the name to die, Realities launched this Graphite Blue.
One would think they learnet their lesson the first go around copying another scent...not at all. This time it is a copy of Liz's Spark, itself a questionable scent. At least they kept it in-house. Don't get me wrong, Graphite Blue smells good, omitting all the 'bad' elements of Spark and reworking it to be more friendly, much like Spark Seduction did. It easily can be named Spark Blue or Spark Attraction.
Again it smells good (see thumb) but what a rough start for Realities.
05th July, 2007