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Negative Reviews of Narciso Rodriguez for Him by Narciso Rodriguez

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This is a really weird fragrance. It smells like something hipsters would love to wear. It starts off with a very interesting smell of wet concrete, but then dries down to an unbearably sweet patchouli. I have learned that I dislike patchouli a lot after smelling this fragrance. Overall a huge disappointment, and no I don't get any petrichor or rainy day vibe (other than the initial wet concrete).
04th March, 2018
I can only assume this scent is very susceptible to skin chemistry. Like nearly all who dislike it, it causes waves of revulsion. Despite three scrubs its tenacious synthetic musks and other horrors will not leave my skin. Usually violet leaves are one of my favourite perfume notes but something here leaves a sour, nauseating stench, some have referred to green peppers or rotting cucumbers or concrete. Whatever it is, this is a scent that must be tried, and tried on the skin. If it works for you then fantastic, but if not, I think you will be avoiding for the rest of time.
02nd July, 2017
A strange, synthetic mess. A cloying patchouli-musk bomb that almost seems to make my eyes water. Very offensive. Not something I would wear for any occasion.
03rd December, 2012
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Whoa this stuff smells weird, I'm assuming it's the patch that's throwing me a curve ball (woody, kinda nutty smelling). Very potent, but very weird. In the unwearable category for me.
24th November, 2012
Although i'm almost unable to detect the notes in this particular mysterious fragrance, I must say that it does not match my style. There's a floral violet opening in here that is harsh to my nose. Through time things does not get better even with this note disappearing and giving space to a very subtle musk that never dominates the fragrance. Indeed a formal fragrance with a beautiful bottle but that simple does not match my style.
12th April, 2012
I like the bottle design but the smell is strange and unpleasant. It is definitely unusual and doesn't smell like anything else I have tried.
22nd September, 2011
MJW77 Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I have a sample and have have given it a few wearings on the wrist, but I'm just not keen on this one. I don't enjoy the violet note up top nor do I enjoy the dirty musk in the base. I couldn't coutenance even giving it a full wearing. There are far superior frangrances out there so I'll happily leave NRFH to those who enjoy it.
23rd February, 2011
Sweet, cloying. Sugary patchouli and amber. Sugar cube on tin foil – quite irritating.
07th December, 2010
Way too heavy for my liking,nutmeg that I cant go along for much time.
definately unique but thats not reason to obtain a bottle.
thats not for me.
28th March, 2010
Smells like a rejected version of Rive Gauche PH. Or a strip club long after the strippers have gone. The opening isn’t bad, but it begins to fall apart when the lackluster amber/musk arrive. Get the Eau de Parfum version.
29th January, 2010
I really tried. I even like violet leaf, but this was just dreadful. This smell induced the gag reflex and after only a few moments, I got to experience those moments where you squint your face because the fragrance is beyond causing discomfort, but actually causing you to feel ill.

I definitely get the wet concrete/earthy/stony quality that goes with this. There's a definite soil-like quality to this. I also get the extremely synthetic greens accord that does smell like a mixture of cut grass and green bell peppers (which I hate). I don't quite get the ozone note, but I definitely get a petrol note. As it dries, it starts to resemble cheap 1980's canned hair spray. A very synthetic, petroleum, fixative note (which is vertigo inducing) mixed with these sweet notes of synthetic florals (that is headache inducing), mixed with remnant wafts of green bell peppers (which is nausea inducing), mixed with a final smell that I can only describe as... almost fecal. There's a weird dirty musky twang in this that is ever-present throughout the entire process. In the beginning it seems more like fresh perineal sweat mixed with the overpowering greens, but as this dries down, it behaves much like real human sweat. It gets sour, and when you combine that with the heavy florals and petrol notes that persist in the dry down, the combination is finally enough to induce a migraine.

The sillage on this is powerful. The lasting power is also amazing. This was not a good thing for me.

To put it bluntly, it smelled as if I had been rolling around in the backseat of a car with someone who had walked up 20 flights of stairs beforehand, in the middle of a hot summer with someone weed-eating nearby, and the odor of stuffed bell peppers clinging to our clothes from dinner earlier in the night.

I don't know if disgusting is a word that is strong enough. It's positively vile.
24th November, 2009
This is just a rubbish frag I didn't find one thing about it that I liked. But then the mens version of most perfume is never as good as the womens IMHO.
14th October, 2009
So bad it is downright terrifying. I am usually one who can find a positive in the most awful of scents, I sometimes feel like I like too many fragrances I should not, I end up buying too many also. But even I can't find the slightest justification in this to say it even smells ok. This is an avoid at all costs for me, I can't imagine paying money to smell this bad.
11th July, 2009
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Dr Mu Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I tried this from a sample this morning and instantly regretted it. The smell is somewhere between fresh asphalt and the contents of a 1950s bathroom cabinet. I can just imagine that a target demographic for this scent might exist; perhaps third-rate professional footballers, but it does nothing for me.
09th July, 2009
Typical product in "the current style" of the last 15 years or so, in other words: crap. An uninteresting take on androgyny, death by melon water, with a bunch of flowers and a cucumber to finish the job. The last in an endless line of depressing airport fragrances.
22nd May, 2009
The worst thing I ever had on my skin ever. Top notes smelled like the farts of a schmuck that ate cement. Middle notes smelled like rotted meat of a llama. Base notes of it smelled like Fidel Castro's feces boiled. Worse scent ever! That aroma could kill a man.
19th March, 2009
I dont like this kind of strong perfumes ... there is something in it goes directly to burn my nose.... its like eating a very hot pepper that makes you forget how deleciuos the food is .....
01st March, 2009
I am using Narcisu Rodriguez for her, both the EDP and the EDT..and like them a lot..ı took my husband and we went to a store for a try out of "for him"..what a bad choice..!! at the very first second you think sth good will come out..but then the pain starts...I agree with is like a dog!! it fulfilled us till our neurons and we only could smell just him for some hours! Try to wash it off;no success, it stayed...I congratulate Francis Kurkdjian for FOR HER but absolutely not for FOR HIM :(
06th January, 2009
Kaern Show all reviews
United Kingdom
This was put out on the quick and smells like it, i.e. hardly any thought has gone into it -- the 'NR for her' is quite nice though. What a rotter.
30th December, 2008
I bought this. I don't like it anymore,only wore it twice, It smells strange now but I liked it at first. I do like to sniff the bottle at times but I will not wear it, if you spray it on a coat just wait until later, then it smell different and I don't like it. Maybe they used Grandma's footjuice or some funky funk in the recipe. It is pure poop. avoid this combo of poop and I guess the following version of still more poop. Maybe I can pawn this off to a homeless man,but I don't even think that the homeless want to smell like this. Homelessness is no joke, I would never give a homeless person a bottle of Narciso. Donate better things than This to charity,Food,Money and Clothes,but please,no fancy poop cologne. This one's a stinker.
27th December, 2008
Quite possibly the most awful fragrance ive ever smelled. Whoever said mold put it well.
26th December, 2008
The meanest, dryest and most unpalatable fragrance I have ever encountered. To wear this hideous concoction is to experience a Japanese style endurance test. I felt as though the smelling strip was telling me to F*ck Off.
03rd December, 2008
I suspected that my nose might have been burnt off because I smell nothing but aqua. Maybe someone poured pure mineral oil into this bottle?
25th November, 2008
27th October, 2008
everso Show all reviews
United States
this smells like MOLD. the kind of mold that sticks to a loaf of bread. this also smells a bit like a dog that was playing in a pond for a few hours and came in the house. ICK. avoid.
27th September, 2008
This was a blind purchase and a mistake. It smells so much like Grey Frannel which is one of the fragrances that I dislike the most. Verey strong opening , sweet candy, violets, it gives me a headache must be the pachouli the one that gives it a "cheap" character.
I don't understand all the fuzz about it. If you wear it go easy on the trigger you can drive the people around you insane.
26th September, 2008
Nasty, nasty stuff... all I get is a gross green smell, like bell peppers mixed with grass or something.... does seem like it has a long life though (unfortunately for my arm).
18th September, 2008
Urgh...just plain foul. Everything that is wrong with postmodernity put in a bottle. The opening will burn your nosehairs right off, so you can't smell anything for at least an hour. In the midnotes, for a few brief moments, there is a pleasant hint of violet leaves mixed with the earthy patchouli which is just starting to come into the picture, for this half an hour you could almost enjoy this fragrance, but then it all comes crashing down in a jumble of notes so indecipherable that I can best describe them with an image: wet soil after a heavy rain riddled with fat nightcrawlers.

I am grateful to my father for giving me a sample of this otherwise I might have bought it blind and truly lamented the investment, after all NR for Him has been praised as a 21st century take on the fougere genre, but in my opinion, it fails miserably. For an alternate, and better formulated, take on the modern fougere try Lalique's Encre Noire, you won't be disappointed.
03rd September, 2008 (last edited: 19th October, 2008)
Synthetic and headache-inducing accord of violet and ozonic cucumber. Original? Yes. Pleasant? No. Not my cup of tea and, like most designer fragrances, it smells cheap.
11th August, 2008
I rarely despise a scent, but this is one of them. Smells like decaying greens and sewage. I cannot understand how anyone would be able to wear this.
24th May, 2008