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Positive Reviews of Brut Revolution by Fabergé

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Peppery Brut

This is a nice spicy fragrance. Find impressions are that it's light enough for daily wear. I think I'll enjoy wearing this from time to time.

Pros: Spicy, peppery Brut alternative

15th October, 2013
I've since revised my review of this thread. it is definitely a derivative of Acqua di Gio, although it smells less smooth and more distinct. There is more of a sense of pepperiness here from the vetiver in the base notes, almost like a leathery smell more than an earthy smell. The lasting power is decent and on the whole it isn't realy a clone of Acqua di Gio but is vaguely similar. Recommended if you like this style of fragrance, but it definitely is derivative of AdG.
13th May, 2008 (last edited: 29th June, 2008)