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Neutral Reviews of Sushi Imperiale by Bois 1920

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I'm honestly getting tired of companies pretending we buy old fragrances with new names. Sushi Impreiale smells nice but it smells just like tones of spicy orientals of the last couple of decades. Opium Pour Homme anyone?
29th April, 2012
Lovely name, not so lovely fragrance. Too much cinnamon, but one of the best cinnamon out there. Maybe I just don't like cinnamon, but with a name like Sushi Imperiale I was hoping for more ginger than cinnamon And the nutmeg only adds insult to injury. Works best on unbathed skin; blends well with pubic follicles. And that is its only saving grace.
08th August, 2010
Premium price for opium pour homme. I canno`t understand why a niche company would do this.
05th April, 2010
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My first review, yay!

Tried some of this last night, upon first sniff my impressions were an opening of muddled citrus with a notion of some cinnamon on the way. After some time, and in retrospect after wearing, the overall impression I got was a sweet but not cloying warm gourmand focused around a peppery cinnamon note with a bit of fruitiness in there too. I'd say it's fairly "refined" and not to be mistaken for something "cheap", which frankly at the price it isn't. It felt a bit like a warm “aura”, projecting without offending. Only having worn it once I can’t testify to the longevity or sillage with confident but with so few reviews I wanted to add something to the mix.

I don't think this is groundbreaking, very pleasant, but there are better alternatives along the same lines IMO. Glad I tried it just to know what it's like, but I wouldn't suggest rushing out to find it.

Alternatives? Within a few minutes of wearing, it started to smell quite "familiar". After some thought I realized why, it's a lot like Hermessence Ambre Narguile. What S.I. doesn’t have though is a certain “sparkle” that the Narguile has. There's some overlap with Opium PH as others have said but I find Opium has the anise, which is a bit "sharper" on my nose as well as the black current.
17th March, 2010
I love the citrus and nearly edible spices - the cinnamon is particularly nice - in the opening. It is a very attractive accord that has me excited to experience the rest of the evolution. Unfortunately, this scent does not open and up and deepen, as most orientals do. The edible baking spices and citrus fade out completely and I get a rather boring, synthetic smelling anise and light tonka combo in the base. This is reasonably attractive, but there's no depth here. I'll pass, at this price.
09th October, 2009 (last edited: 19th November, 2009)
Top: citrus (bergamot, mandarin, lemon)
Heart: spices (pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon) and jasmine, rose, anise
Base: vanilla and woody notes (sandalwood, patchouli, vetiver, tonka beans)
I got this expanded list off the Net and it jibes with what I’m smellin’.
First I’ll have a mild grumble about the name. I can imagine a scent that actually might evoke a sushi-like vibe: it could have a marine note, a wasabi kick, some dark soy… and that would be an interesting sort of thing. Sushi Imperiale has absolutely nothing to do with sushi. So why the name? I suppose because it is an oriental style of scent. But Japanese minimalism and focus (seen for example in some of the Comme des Garçons line) is the antithesis of the rich, spicy, luxurious oriental style of fragrance. Giving this scent the name ‘sushi’ suggests a simplistic marketing attitude of “hey, let’s pick an oriental-sounding name that no one has used yet.”
Enough of that line, what about the scent? It is a beautiful oriental, to be sure. That style is not my cup of tea but I can note what’s here. The citrus opening is so brief as to be undetectable, at least on my skin. I immediately get interesting spices, which are peppery and warm. These are softened by floral notes. Vanilla and patchouli emerge and the scent gets sweet, soft, opulent, slightly foody. So it is a nice scent, some may enjoy it.
23rd July, 2008
I love the opening salvo of this fragrance; vanilla, gingerbread & the aroma of baking cinnamon cookies. Unfortunately, after about 20 minutes, the fragrance is all pepper and licorice on my skin. Gone is the lovely comforting Christmas spice. The Grinch takes over.
08th June, 2008
there are no scents of raw fish in this

it smells like a terrific salad dressing though
08th August, 2007