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Neutral Reviews of Ti Amo : Il Vs Iris by Hilde Soliani Profumi

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United States
listed notes from Lucky Scent:

Orris root, green pepper, almond, sandalwood.

The opening notes immediately reminded me of the smell and taste of that dreadful, gritty "cherry" flavored toothpaste that dental hygienists use on you when you're having your teeth cleaned. That quickly fades into a green-iris root accord that smells nice but is slightly obscured by the almond note. It's the almond note that probably made me associate it with the cherry like accord I imagined.

Do you remember how Jergens Original Scent moisturizing lotion smells? (Cherry Almond) That's kind of what this smells like, but as a perfume.

It's billed as feminine, but I certainly don't feel like I'm doing any gender-bending by wearing this--- it's unisex.

Nice for a spring day, but there are much better irises out there. Adequate, and a fine effort from this seldom discussed, slightly avant-garde Italian fragrance house.
22nd April, 2011