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Neutral Reviews of Louve by Serge Lutens

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I was prepared for the worst. The combo of cherry, almond and vanilla had served two popular cosmetic items in the past. My mother and aunts always put on Jergen's hand lotion in the winter, which was very very strong. Likewise, in my youth, the Vidal Sassoon shampoo line reeked of it.

Louve begings strong, but calms down within minutes to become quite close to the skin. It has all the warm and reassuring vibes connected with these three gourmand scents, but in dry down more resembles a bowl of ice cream, combining cherry vanilla with pistachio.

It's a wearable gourmand as it is not in your face, not making you reek of the kitchen or the pantry. It is however rather simplistic, hence the neutral review. Nice, but not remarkable.
17th May, 2016
The opening on this was marvelous--I love almond scents, and I am still in search of a sweet and lasting one that is true to life but not too cloying. However, the almond notes vanished relatively quickly, leaving behind a kind of generic floral powdery scent--almost like baby powder. Disappointing.
10th January, 2014
Smells like Jergens Original Scent with more punch. A simple mélange of cherry, almonds, and vanilla.
30th August, 2010
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There is a reason this scent is called Louve, the female wolf.

On my skin, the almond-cherry-vanilla sweetness later reveals a dirty powdery musk. The musk is more amplified on me than when my girlfriend wears this. IMO, the composition as a whole is pretty tame though (and very feminine too), so perhaps "Late Teenage Wolf" would've been a more appropriate name.
04th February, 2009
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United Kingdom
I have to be in the right mood for this one. I actually like the initial strong bitter almond, which later settles down and gently mingles with the fruit, vanilla and amber notes, though the almond and sweetness still predominate. I find it lasts a long time on my skin - still definitely present after 9-10 hours. Sometimes I find it soothing and comforting - but other times I just find it too sweet and a bit sickly, so I won't be buying a full bottle. Definitely worth a try, though.
03rd December, 2008
Smells just like Turkish Delight to me: Almonds, milk, vanilla, some slight floral. Delicious, but very sweet and fades way too fast for the price of the scent.
12th October, 2008
I don't like the opening– only one word popped into my mind: “cheap!” …but “bubble gum” or “air freshener” would have worked just as well. So… this is the she-wolf? Frankly, I don’t get the train of thought that resulted in that name. Louve opens with a sweet, sweet bitter almond / cherry accord that doesn’t smell very rich or refined to me – just sweet. It has a definite marzipan thing going for it at first, and then it seems to change to cherry cough syrup for its heart notes, but those are just preliminaries – they have very little to do with the remainder of the fragrance. The main run of the fragrance is a sweet, powdery almond accord that moves in close to the skin, and stays there for a long, long time. It is a feminine scent that is quite pleasant – certainly refined, uberly powdery, I suppose, but I don’t find it very intriguing – it’s a very nice skin scent...

The person who wants a subtle, sweet, feminine skin scent (and this one really should be considered) might be turned off by the opening: They should probably not smell this for the first five minutes… Personally, I think there are many, many fragrances available (most of them quite a bit less expensive) that can equal or exceed the performance of Louve as a subtle skin scent, but this one is worthy of a testing.

29th September, 2008
Total Amaretto upon spraying. After the initial sharp, sweet, candied (almost synthetic?) almond note has faded, it turns into a vaguely medicinal concoction on my skin - which has nothing to do with almonds and everything with a memory I can't quite put my finger on. Cough syrup, an alcoholic bitter... something similar to that. Unpleasant.
As the scent progresses, I'm picking up the original almond opening again, but mellowed, powdery and devoid of all the sugar and the candied wetness. This is the part of the scent that I like best, I wish it would smell like that for the entire duration. Alas, it fades soon into an inoffensive musky odour.

It's a wild ride, I'll have to give it that. It has me intrigued, but I can't say it's an entirely pleasant experience.
30th May, 2008
Vidal Sassoon shampoo it is, with enough almonds and cherries to make a marzipan factory worker swoon.

Lovely drydown, though, and yes, ubuandibeme got it right -- very in the Chergui vein.

Wouldn't pay the outrageous price per bottle, though -- I don't like almonds THAT much.
10th December, 2007