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Neutral Reviews of White Musk for Men by Body Shop

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White Musk for Men is a good, clean, refreshing and likeable scent. Very versatile and no reason why anyone would turn their noses to it. To me, it's simplicity also lends it a sense of comfort - like an undershirt: it is not complex or to some may not be complete, but it has its purpose.

Contrary to some opinions here, I do get very good longevity out of White Musk for Men. So I often use it as a base on top of which I layer scents like Prada Infusion D'Iris EDP - they layer beautifully and to me I find that White Musk for Men eventually outlast Prada Infusion D'Iris as a skin scent.

So thumbs up for White Musk for Men - agree that I won't pay a lot for it so it's good I got it for $25 for a 100ml bottle. It sure has its uses. Get it if you can at a good price...
19th November, 2015
Extremely masculine musk with its agreement of windy and green lavender, astringent flowers (a stiff geranium) and a final base of powdery woodsy, smoky tonka, vetiver and ambergris. The musky base is cool, spicy-rooty and virile though linear and monolithic. Synthetic but decent, cheap and long lasting.
08th May, 2012 (last edited: 22nd October, 2012)
very musky and sweet.. i dont love or hate it but find it quite neutral.. i prefer white musk sport by the body shop.. its alot better and smells more expensive
26th September, 2011
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this is a clean musk type of fragrance. i find it expensive still for what it is but maybe when huge sales come along. good enough that i'd wear it if i got it as a gift but i'd probably not buy this for myself.
20th August, 2010
The ingredients maybe ethically sourced, but when they are assembled in this manner, you are left with a disappointing production. The musk element is too indistinct, and its vague woody presence is too dull to hold your interest. Even with its modest price tag, it is still much too flawed to be considered a contender for full bottle purchase
10th October, 2009
Opening note is like a dark sweet flower. I will prefer to smell this frag on a girl than on a guy. This is not for me, base is a common musky fragrance.
27th February, 2009
Along with the more niche oriented Muschio Bianco from Acca Kappa, this one has truly great unisex potential, although this one is a bit less elaborated and distinguished than the first. Nevertheless, the with musk, to be found in both fragrances, gives this one, just like in the case of the former, a certain soapy, solar and uplifting touch of cleanliness and softness, thus easy to be worn on informal occasions, in spite of the musky notes, which usually appeal to an elaborate and mature sort of fragrance taste. Also, slight (at least, to my perception) vanilla touches and sweetness... in all shapes and sizes. This one could actually be truly an olfactory treat, if only the Body Shop would not use no many generic notes, in affordable, yet quite one- dimensional (with the rare and notable exception of e.g. Kistna, in my opinion, a few degrees better than most of the male scents crafted by the Body Shop).
15th February, 2009