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Negative Reviews of Fuel For Life pour Homme by Diesel

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This is probably, hands down, the worst fragrance I have ever purchased in my life. It is so powdery/sickly sweet that it would make me nauseous and would always give me a humongous headache. For some reason, though, women liked it, but it is just too overpowering from minimal sprays. From what I remember, the drydown left me smelling like a candy-scented bottle of baby powder. Absolutely horrid.
10th December, 2017
Turin gave it four stars and called it a "modern fougere."

I call it putrid - sharp, bitter oud, as repulsive and off-putting a fragrance as I have ever encountered.

Douse yourself with real diesel gasoline - you'll smell a lot better.

Not good at all, but better than using this vile stuff.
02nd October, 2015
A big pop-art raspberry – is this aimed at children? Ah wait, here comes the anise, mass-market signifier of masculinity these days it would seem. (Well, there is that candy called anise balls...) Its sine tone never lets up through this shiny and synthetic experience, boring a hole through the head. For masochists (or sadists if they inflict this on others) and the young and gullible.
13th July, 2012
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WAY too sweet for my nose. I get a super sweet synthetic raspberry smell. I wouldnt suggest blind buying this one. Could become cloying in the summer. But the superior sweetness of this fragrance just kills it for me.
02nd June, 2012
I have skin that kills fragrance in terms of projection and longevity. And yet Fuel for Life is inexplicably strong. Quite how this synthetic monster is so strong and yet nearly everything else is too weak I will be forever resentful.

Don't make the same mistake as I did, having loved everything I'd smelled by Annick Menardo, I blind bought this. Once this is applied anywhere near the neck, onset of nausea is imminent.

This will be the first ever thing I sell on Ebay.

17th June, 2011
I read some good review and like the smell of it on paper. I bought this on perfumania online during a sale and the bottle I got was probably very old, or somehow different than the tester I used at sephora.

Anyway, on skin, this scent is less enjoyable. I compared the sephora bottle and the bottle I bought and they smell the same in the dry down. However, for some reason, when I use my bottle, the scent made me naseseous. I dont understand why. But anyway, there a chance my bottle maybe fake...I'll post pics later when I get home.
09th April, 2011
Sweet, bland and vaguely fruity (although it is impossible to identify what fruit).

Whole lotta nuthin' going on...
09th April, 2011
This destroys my senses. People say its sweet and I guess thats true, but this is .. the wrong kind of sweet to me. Its like sweet Metal or something. Thumbs down. Definetly a unique scent but I dont recommend this one.
18th March, 2011
What an odd scent!
It starts rather aromatic and citrus... OK.
Develops a note more herbal than anise.
Oddly dry at that point.
No lavender, no fruit, and certainly no heliotrope (I was dubious about that).
Celery leaves? Perhaps.
Stinky socks and blue cheese? Possibly.
Gets more powerful and finally develops the inevitable sweet note with the added tang of obnoxiousness and synthetic-ness.
I think Dante missed a circle of hell, this definitely could qualify.
19th December, 2010
Nope! Another lame-ass fruity sweet fresh fragrance that plays a part in the de-masculinization of men's fragrances. Not even the Anise in the top could save this tea cooler. Next!
12th December, 2010
Don't like this one.
The beginning is almost pleasant with something actually similar to gasoline but subtly blended with some other good notes. Then, as more as it evolves it becomes sickeningly sweet at the point the scent makes me a bit nauseating.
I'm sure now I sometimes smelled it yet on some guys in the street but didn't know what it was, so I guess it has a bit of popularity, but I think it will probably never touch my skin again, though.
22nd May, 2010
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United States
Another youthful frag that I've worn several times. As with
Paris Hilton for Men, I feel a bit uncomfortable wearing this
14th February, 2010
The 'burning rubber tire' has been done before in Bulgari Black. Likewise the 'gasoline' note in Dior's Fahrenheit. So what's left to inspire a fuel by Diesel? Raspberry dunked in kerosene?

To my nose the fruity overtones and licorice-like notes are at best, fleeting - certainly incapable of inspiring more eloquent prose. But what completely ruin it for me is the sickly sweet, overwhelmingly synthetic woods accord that overshadow the fragrance's already meagre bits that I find interesting.

If Annick Menardo AND Jacques Cavallier were the noses behind this scent, I suppose Martin Scorsese AND James Cameron must have directed Terminator 3. For this smells nothing like the work of two very talented perfumers but rather some lighter fluid that burns with the rest of the garbage.
09th February, 2010 (last edited: 10th February, 2010)
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Most definitely one of the top Gino clubber scents of choice! Extremely sweet paired with surprisingly powerful sillage and longevity. No doubt a hit with the young people.
04th September, 2009
Whilst i'm fond of Anise there's something very wrong here. After 20 minutes this becomes so overly sweet and cloying that I just wanted to wash it off. This fragrance lacks development and has something of an imature feel about it. Over 18's need not apply!
28th July, 2009
Naitch Show all reviews
United States
This is one of those dangerous colognes that smell great on a card for a few minutes but when you wear it, it's another story. It has a "sickening sweetness" that is a bit off putting and has you wondering if you are offending anyone nearby. I normally love lavender but it is too potent here along with the anise. The rasberry just puts it way over the top. After trying it for one day back it went (exchanged for the much more mature Pour Monsieur). This is truly for someone in their early twenties who goes clubbing very weekend.

I give it 3 stars because the longevity is excellent (way over 8 to 10 hours). It would be tolerable if toned down some.
13th June, 2009
I didn't like this one from the get go.. way too sweet for my liking
05th June, 2009
I got a sample of this at the Deisel store when it first came out. It's very Italian - extremely sweet and strong, not really my thing. Honestly, to me, it smells like Twizzlers or Red Vines, but stronger and sweeter. There's pretty much no subtlety to it. It makes the most sense as a nightclub fragrance, because it's strong enough that people will be able to smell it over all the other smells.
01st January, 2009
If it seems to you that this review contains too many sentences which start with “I can’t believe”, it would be just a matter of your imagination.
I can’t believe that two top perfumers, Mr. Cavallier and Mrs. Menardo, could create such an unbelievably frivolous scent.
I can’t believe I got so many compliments on this senselessly fruity scent during the only day I was wearing it. I can’t believe how funny taste the people around me have.
I can’t believe I bought this “when you see my attractive commercial you won’t mind how unattractive I smell” type of scent. I can’t believe that I could respect myself after I did it… ever again.
27th October, 2008
For the first 10-15 minutes, it was a pleasant, interesting take on fougere. Unfortunately, during the drydown a strange, off-putting almond-like element developed--the heliotropin, perhaps?--that was cloyingly sweet, almost nauseating.
21st September, 2008
I tested this again recently, but my impression of it still remains unchanged. This is candied and fruity, and definitely not for me, I could hardly detect the lavender on skin. I can see how this can be popular, it is pleasant to the nose, but not something I want to smell of.
20th September, 2008 (last edited: 10th September, 2009)
Instant nausea! It's milky sweetness, coupled with the anise and synthetic raspberry note creates an accord that makes my stomach turn. It's SO DAMN CLOYING! I wore a single test spray of this to a movie theater and I was miserable the whole time.

Not no, but HELL NO!

As a side note, did Annick Menardo really create this!?! She must have been having an off day or something...
02nd September, 2008 (last edited: 28th January, 2011)
Anise is hit or miss with me unfortunately it misses here. I like Lolita Lempicka pour Homme but this... is revolting. Smooths out later but it does not settle very well. Feels like real fuel, like turpentine almost. Different, but not the kind I prefer.
05th June, 2008
Very brief top note of citrus gives way to raspberry, which dominates. Lavender fights for it's life to save it, but perhaps sweetens it further thus cheapening it into a noxious fruity candy. The slow to evolve woodsy base is a little too little and a little too late. Perhaps a junior high scent?
25th April, 2008
While testing this, I found out that I really do not like anise as a note. This scent smells like a candy store. As a child I loved candy stores, but as an adult I do not want to smell like that. This is cloyingly sweet and lacks development and personality. Longevity is good though, but in this case that was not a good thing for me. Avoid this scent!
28th December, 2007
Tried this in a department store yesterday. Wasn't sure what to think about it at first -- there was a familiarity to it I just couldn't put my finger on. When I got home, my partner asked if I'd spilled gasoline on myself while filling up the car.
Perhaps a good choice for NASCAR fans, but I'll pass...
21st November, 2007
Garbage. Top notes smell of sour candy, then it gets worse from there. STAY AWAY!
06th November, 2007
An amorphous mess, sweet, can't distinguish any notes and if you're over 30 don' wear it or you'll smell like a teenager on a first date. Mass market tosh. EVERYTHING and his cousin out there smells like this.
26th October, 2007
Wow, what a mess! It starts out with a subtle 'fuel' scent, that is just enough for you to think: 'How corny'. Then it slowly dries into a feminine comfort scent (think cereal/soy milk).
Complete dissapointment, don't waste your time.
11th October, 2007