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United Kingdom
The fruity flowery opening works well on my skin, with a nice lychee impression harmonising quite well with the white floral but - the peony comes out well. Jasmine is the next stop, and a light patchouli then chimes it. Later on a fresher vetiver is combines with woodsy notes - the latter the most unexciting component of this scent, which is overall a nice product. Moderate sillage, good projection and six hours of longevity - 3/5
25th June, 2015

The best thing about Elle is how well it matches Every occasion and Perfect for any time of year minus Summer Then this YSL EDP is Sophisticated and More of a Everyday Scent However it is a Little Confusing Scent which makes it a Little Mysterious.

Modern,Urban,Charming,Youngish, Pleasant,Expensive and Lovely fresh scent. It opens with Citrus notes That leads to the Jasmine heart which Meet with Patchouli and Vetiver in the Base and Makes you feel Youth when You wear it.

It is not Heavy or Too Strong It smells like a Delightful day in Autumn. Elle is for a Modern Cinderella and It has a Romantic Effect too. I recommend it for a Lady between 20/30 Years old Definitely in COLD weather.


Longevity?Acceptable on my skin.

09th June, 2015
Elle is one of the few Yves Saint Laurent recent fragrances that i like. It seems to me to have the bold aroma of a classic YSL creation but shapped in a modern androginous shape. I like the spicy of pink pepper, that seems to add something slightly fruity with the litchi to the flower accord, which is more spicy than fully floral. The base is woody, with something a little bit incensed and i don't know why but wearing it today the flowers, woods, and spicy aromas made me imagine Elle as the younger sister of YSL NU Edp, one of my favorite incenses of all time.
02nd January, 2014
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This is a very sophisticated fragrance. It's the most multi faceted perfume I own. It starts off fairly innocently with light florals, then comes delicate rose, yet it settles into a sexy, subtle layer of patchouli and smokiness. Not for the faint of heart. Bold, sassy, classy and sexy. It shouts, "I'm here, I'm confident and I smell absolutely gorgeous!"
25th January, 2012
Elle reflects the chicness of modern Womanhood confident
yet refined this scent is the new Era of the powerhouse
scents of the 80's a scent just screams HERE I AM JUST LOOK AT ME! commands your attention with just one spray.
Open zesty with Almalfi Lemon with a crisp and bitter
texture in a minute it dries a bit softer with Petals
of peonies with it's semi sweet airy scent floating in the notes, Sweet and succulent Litchi plump ripe with
the purest transformation to dark pink to bright Red
dries sweetly finishes the top Layer with intoxicating
nuances. Delicate and spicy pink pepper opens the second
layer turns the scent with a bit of dryness that adds
to the intensity Jasmine is very easy to detect in This scent and give off an greenish herbal smell.

The drydown or the bottom layer fades and the only
note i can pick up is the diluted silage of Patchouli,
and deep almost elusive patches of musk that finishes
this Scent.

What i also think why this scent is sexy the reason for this is the shape and the color of the flacon
Clean slender lines reminiscent of the perfectly
built and well groomed businesswoman domineering and
Sexual who put men in their place and also the color
the sexiest of all flacon colors conjours bright neon
signs of a nocturnal city, adds to the futuristic
minimalistic style of Today.
09th January, 2011
Elle is a striking fruity, berry scent with woodsy musks. A breezy, light woody patchouli at the base makes for a strong fragrance. Good thing the ingredients for the patchouli weren't cheap or this whole thing would fall apart. Good for the younger ladies for a work scent, I think. A mature fruity woodsy floral.

The marketing copy for this says something about the "unique and unpredictable lifestyle" which is not what I get. Something more calm and reserved instead of exciting comes to mind. (Subjectiove material, indeed).
25th January, 2010
I got a wisp of a patchouli dry-down after a citrus-y floral start. I had expected a deeper perfume after glancing at the notes here and sniffing the bottle. It was nice and I liked it. The lightness of the perfume reminded me of Coco Mad. It is definitely aimed at the younger generation.
16th January, 2010
I have retried it lastweek while trying Parisienne. Well may be i am on the wrong side as this special scent is unique with its base or the beautiful integration of the florals with woods but i am fascinated with the sambac and peony of the first hours. Anyway Elle is a succesfull fragrance that outshines with the bold and sophisticated composition. It has much character which is more obvious when compared to defaced Parisienne.
29th October, 2009
It took me a while to really appreciate Elle. Didn't like the original campaign (though I like Coco Rocha a lot), the cheap looking bottle (though I like hot pink) and "at first sniff" the fragrance seamed to me like a patchouli version of Stella McCartney Stella (also by Cavallier) . I quickly concluded that it was all too young for a "real" YSL.

Yet, now 2 years after the launch I changed my mind. I'm still not so sure about Elle's fruity topnotes (which remind me of Givenchy's Hot Couture) but I love it's distictive and sexy (if a bit masculine) amber/patchouli drydown. Like all great YSL fragrances Elle has an excellent sillage: it can fill a whole metro car. So, Elle is not really one of those inoffencive office scents. Elle is not "younger" than Opium, the great Paris or Cinema but it is just more contemporary. It's for all sexy women (not girls) 21 and way up.

Love the simple and affective new ad campaign for Elle Shocking, which is much more in tune with the modern YSL fashion lable image.

Still hate the bottle (the refillable handbag spray is way more chic-looking), I would have much prefered to see Elle in the new Parisienne bottle.

Dior makes a more volumptous (and peachy) version of Elle under its Midnight Poison line (Cavallier again). If Elle is a black YSL smoking suit, than Midnight Poison is a black lace push-up bra.

26th August, 2009
I like Elle a lot! As a fan of dry, spicy, woodsy scents- this is the most patchouli prominent women's frag I've tried. It doesn't smell like a head shop; it smells like the beautiful sexy hippie chick who owns the head shop. The perfect mix between edgy and mainstream. Sexy and fresh. Daring and pleasant. Would also be lovely on a man.
28th July, 2009
I like this perfume. The fragrance is really nice. There is something fresh and something spice. I can smell the sweetness as well. First time I have tested them on the paper and than I had to go back again and again. The bottle is really nice!! I would bay them just for this bottle.
12th October, 2008
It is so sad that every perfumer is turning their new releases to a younger public today. I want some perfumes for all of us older than 25, too.

Elle is yet another young perfume, but really well done. If I was younger than 25 I would have bought it right away. As I want a little mor out of my perfumes, Elle is just on my "maybee-list". But it gets a thumbs-up from me. It is really beautiful!
14th June, 2008
YSL consistently puts forth uncompromised, relevant and uniquely wearable fragrances. In fact, I am a YSL devotee! Elle is one scent I feel has been aimed at the younger parfum wearer. A bit on the trend with notes of lychee, peony, vetiver and patchouli - Elle also contains a healthy dose of cedarwood, which is very direct from the first spritz. There are no suprises here. What makes this fruity/patchouli/floral superior to the slough of it's mass market competitors is balance. Blending, balancing, and quality of ingredients makes Elle stand out above the rest. I don't mean to imply this is a groundbreaking scent ~ merely a higher quality composition in a sea of mediocrity. I give Elle a thumbs up, but just barely.
07th December, 2007
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