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Explorer is a nice, woody, generic crowd-pleaser that has above average longevity and projection. Has a bright opening that settles down within an hour and then remains pretty linear to the end.
25th December, 2017
A harsh mountain breeze
Faint over rocks and pine trees
Not for all noses.
06th July, 2017
I received this as gift shortly after it came out. Back then I thought it was good, but didn't really care to wear it. Now that I really appreciate fragrances, I love it. It is extremely generic and 'designer', but very pleasing. The fragrance is quite sweet for being in the woody category. The subtle leather note is nice touch, too. Longevity is about 8 hours and extremely linear. Sillage is great for the first 4 hours.
07th December, 2016
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A solid offering from Ralph Lauren. A winner that is different from the usual mall juice produced now from the big name designers. A fall / winter scent and wearable on cooler spring days. The juice itself is a nice blend of citrus and spice with decent longevity and projection. A buy for sure. Enjoy!
09th August, 2016

RL fragrances has a Reputation due POLO line as Most those smells Especially DOUBLE BLACK Better after develop on skin but This smells Laudable within a Few minutes of application However It smells a bit different on various persons.For me Definitely top notes Better of middle and base notes.

EXPLORER is Absolutely Woody and other words Fresh, Powerful and Pleasant.It has an Innovative blend of notes Synonymous with RL style but It could be never a Signature scent. At the beginning It smell much of the Bergamot and Mandarin Orange and Nice for my nose but the change is Common in middle and Especially in the base notes.

This mixture keeps you Feeling Masculine and Gives you confidence.It doesn't seem like a Night time or Romantic type of Fragrance. Perfect for the Office or a Day in the city.Suitable for AUTUMN. If you already have several Fragrances of Polo line probably this is not a Great Surprise for you.

Sillage is Good but Longevity is not as Good on my is Average.

15th May, 2015
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Orange and Bergamot to kick it off, subduedly fresh and pleasant. Fairly soon a coriander arrives that is a tad flat and unexciting on my skin. Woodsy notes arrive in the base and a light insipid amber towards the end - all a bit too generic and synthetically-predictable to really make an impression. With adequate sillage, fair projection and nearly five hours of longevity, this scent does not reach beyond pleasant mediocrity. Overall just soso.
05th November, 2014
Genre: Fougère

The pyramid makes it sound like someone added aquatic notes to Cartier’s Déclaration, but that’s not what Explorer smells like. The dusty, spicy coriander note dominates the citrus top notes at the start, a well-rendered bergamot only emerging as a distinct entity after a few minutes’ wear. I’m happy to report that the pyramid’s “aquatic accord” doesn’t make much impact, so Explorer dodges both the chemical harshness and the shampoo flavor that come with so many attempts to recreate the seashore in a bottle. Instead, Explorer’s center of gravity is defined by an off-dry combination of woods, resins, and brisk aromatic notes.

Bergamot remains conspicuous for a surprisingly long time, adding sweet counterpoint and balance to what would otherwise be a parched olfactory landscape. A faintly smoky leather accord (is that labdanum I smell?) peaks out after an hour or so, adding warmth and a welcome layer of complexity to the overall composition. It’s after about two hours on the skin, when the bergamot fades out, that Explorer begins to unravel. The composition’s balance falters as the exposed woods take on a rough, chemical edge that grows more blatant and disruptive over time. The leathery element and spices are next to go, leaving only the dry, woody aromachemicals in their wake. What remains in the end is yet one more of those harsh, pencil shaving drydowns that seem to be the common destination of half the commercial masculine scents composed since 1990. A promising start, but a downhill journey.
23rd June, 2014
There's remarkable rugged sweetness on this one. The fruits/leather combination is quite unique and very appealing and "out-doorish". Longevity is good and the sillage is even better! The name and presentation is spot-on!
17th December, 2012
Meh. Won't offend anyone, won't impress anyone. A wan, generic little thing that I gave to my 8yo nephew. He loves it.
31st October, 2012
Erok32 Show all reviews
United States
Very solid cooler weather cologne. It really reminds me of Burberry London. Thumbs up.
23rd August, 2012
Despite the other negative reviews, this is one of the best colognes I have ever smelled. My moms hates frags and she even likes this!
03rd June, 2012
Smells good on paper, smells bad on skin. Taught me a valuable lesson about testing on skin. This scent literally lasts one hour on your skin. During that hour it smells like a generic perfume for about 27 minutes then fades to a slight powder smell for the remaining 33. Then nothing. I actually thought I got a bad batch. Very disappointing.
13th April, 2012
Initially, smells like Deep Woods Off. Is that deet I detect? However, when it dries down, it does have a pretty decent scent, and lasts longer than many others.

You can certainly go exploring while wearing this - and you won't have to worry about mosquitoes.

I give it a neutral rating however, since it is very different from any other colognes I own - bonus points for not being the same old, same old - but hard for me to shake the mosquito repelent odor.
06th March, 2012
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I got this by accident, confusing it with Modern Reserve when I placed the order. I didn't really take it seriously at first because I don't normally like fruit fragrances, but I later discovered it to be pretty nice in spite of myself. It's kind of quiet at first, with banana and either mango or passion fruit I'd say, and a bit of the Ralph Lauren / Calvin Klein synthetic sweetness. This of all things should be too sweet and in-your-face for me, which is why I'm normally averse to this type. Yet for some reason I totally buy it, and I'm completely convinced that it's a tropical fruit salad sitting on a wooden table. The sparkle of the more exotic fruits dissipates leaving a metallic banana, almost like a summer version of Acier Aluminium, with other fruits added instead of spices...maybe strawberry? It doesn't evolve a whole lot, but in the base the fruit backs off a little, leaving a light blonde wood underneath, akin to Canali, my next subject. A little fruit remains, but it's thankfully devoid of that synthetic leather/musk monster that dominates the base notes of cheap fruit fragrances like Curve or Lucky You. So for better or for worse, I ended up with a fruity fragrance by mistake, but at least it restored some of my faith in the genre.
26th February, 2012
I have no idea what it is, but once every thing in the top and middle notes as disappeared there is a spicy something or other that is breathtaking. That said for the first 4 hours all I smell are synthetic cedar wood chips (like the stuff used to line pet cages) and a green fresh mandarin and something metallic. Its not gross but not good among its contemporaries either. If only wish I could figure out what was in the spicy base and make just that into a scent....
03rd August, 2011
Green, acidic -- very acidic and metallic.
Hmmm.... pickle juice in an old tin can. What kind of pickle juice, you ask? Bread-and-butter pickle juice. Fairly sweet yet acidic, some peppercorns in the background, perhaps accompanying some cheese whiz on stale bread...
These actually are sincere descriptions of what I'm encountering. Quite an odd scent.
07th January, 2011
You're not sure if you would like vetiver scents or think that you may be too young to wear that kind of scent? You're tired of the typical aquatic or fruity frags and may be interested in trying out something slightly dirtier?
Polo Explorer is at the crossroad of all these genres. I guess the name Explorer is just like the scent: an invitation to try something different. At the same time, aren't real Explorers supposed to be more daring? Not screaming love because of its ambiguous nature which makes it a little generic by trying not to offend anyone (or please too much?), I can on the other hand agree that it's is easily likeable.
20th December, 2010 (last edited: 21st December, 2010)
This lasts 8+ hours on my skin in the cold weather. Beautifully blended fresh citrus, warm amber, woods, and a little bit of leather -- a unique, masculine fragrance.
02nd December, 2010 (last edited: 21st January, 2011)
Opening notes???, what opening notes? this fragrance goes directly to the heart, yelling CORIANDER so loud that if there was any mandarin or berganot in here, it got steamrolled by the coriander.
Very similar to Drakkar Noir at first impresion, but in a few minutes it takes a completely new direction and it becomes closer to Tsar IMO. The drydown is magnificent once the loud coriander is gone (Don't get me wrong, I like the coriander very much, but as I say, it is a bit too loud) the woods come with full glory and it is a real treat to your senses.
I would tame a bit the coriander and get more citric notes in the opening and then this scent would be a truly champion. To me, this is the best Ralph Lauren ever, but not good enough for thumbs up
01st December, 2010
I'm having a hard time understanding how people can not like this fragrance.

Anyway, if you can distance yourself from the "explorer" name, you might be able to smell this objectively. I get an almost aquatic, fresh, apple pie. As it dries down the mild leather and woods will begin to emerge, but for me, the apple pie note remains dominant. I'm of the mindset that you can't really go wrong here. I suppose the sillage and longevity could be better, but that really is my only issue with this.

I just don't get the hate.

Ya'll be hatin'

10th September, 2010
I got this first as a sample from Myer's. Great bottle, very rugged, masculine. The scent itself if very inoffensive, top notes are nice but I found that the spicy coriander note is the most surprising and most fascinating part of the fragrance. I loved the smell of it, very masculine yet subtle. The mate and amber drydown is nice but like I said before, it plays close to the skin. Not that it matters really, i re-apply after 4-5 hrs, but just one or two sprays.

It projects really well for the first 2-3 hours then plays close to the skin. All seasons use. Taking my small 40ml bottle with me to India on holiday because it suits the jungle. I also own the 125ml which i got for a good price (Gift pack with aftershave-125ml).

27th July, 2010 (last edited: 27th September, 2010)
This smelled to me like someone ate a bowl of moss and long hot chiles, topped with something else nasty and then threw it up. This was absolutely vile on my skin and gave me my first "can't WAIT to wash this off!" moment.
01st July, 2010
Smells almost exactly like 99 Rocawear.I still like it though.
08th March, 2010
Bigsly Show all reviews
United States
The bergamot is sharp and strong to begin with, but within an hour or so it fades out. And guess what you then have? Adidas Victory League! Not exactly, but quite close. The base for both have a grassy/woody feel, blended with vanilla/amber. AVL is a bit more vanillic, but both have a "syrupy" quality that is probably a "love it or hate" thing. I don't get any strong patchouli from Explorer, unless that is the grassy/mossy kind of thing I sense in it. It's certainly not the patchouli of something like Borneo 1834. I think AVL is quite good, especially for the price, and I prefer it to Explorer, so there's no reason for me to consider a bottle of Explorer, except perhaps in a swap for something I dislike intensely. I'll give it a neutral because of my impression that it's "love it or hate" and because I prefer the much cheaper AVL.
31st January, 2010
Polo explorer, though widely marketed as a scent for the outdoors or the adventurer, it feels otherwise. It feels more suited as a night scent rather than a scent for the adventurer.

There's just something in it that I don't like. Maybe the fragrance is just too strong for me.
10th January, 2010
I love the scent, manly all the way, too bad it doesn't last long. and sillage isn't great either, such is the curse of polo fragrances.
27th November, 2009
I had been looking forward to trying this one out, so when i saw a tester at Kohls, I damn near knocked over this old lady to get to it haha. Anyways, I got there and the sprayer was broken. Zzzzzzz. anyways, i managed to squeeze a bit of the juice on to my hands, and i LOVED what i smelled. very good, but a little different than what i expected, but that's what I like. I want to get a REAL sample though, but I liked what I smelled.
25th September, 2009
Hi there ^.^

I really love this fragrance as being a big fan of Polo Ralph Lauren myself. This EDT does not turn me down at all. It smells woody (agreed with foetidus), refreshing and adventurous as the name implies.

Only bad point is it does not last long on me. I have no idea about other people but the longevity of this EDT for me is 2 hours at most. The price is also a bit high compared to others, but not as high as Amrani Code :P

02nd August, 2009
The bottle's military-issue-style and rugged looks certainly complement the forest green of my fatigues. It even fits into one of the compartment for navigation devices. But how does the scent fare? Like many RL frags, the top notes carry a fat juicy bait on a big hook with which to snag a sale. But I had learnt my lesson from the massive 'posterior end' that was Polo Black and waited to see if the hook was all there is to the scent. It was at this point that POLO EXPLORER's pleasantly constructed woodsy aromatic revealed another side of RL that may well be worth exploring.
29th July, 2009 (last edited: 13th September, 2009)

Starts out with a fresh green minty patchouli, then develops a lemony oatmeal vibe that segues into an herbal vegetable soup mess (oregano and a little sage). Kinda gives me that green champa incense vibe...The best thing about it is the synthetic patchouli (dry and powdery, ala beyond paradise) and that really shone brightest on paper versus my skin...not bad for a ho-hum office scent in autumn, but Eddie Bauer Adventurer 2 is much better. I would only pick this if I felt like I needed the RL label when people ask, but I have kinda lost interest in the cache of RL these days, go with 3rd man or Yatagan if you really want quality.

16th June, 2009