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Gingerbread, red berries, 'rose', incense, patchouli; retelling of Poison myth, very synthetic. Radiates like Russian nuclear plant. Suggest to avoid but has been discontinued, unlike nuclear plant.

22nd November, 2017
Love at first sniff. I need a full bottle.
It's the rebel of the poison family. The most different one. In the opening, I got a lot of rum, and fruit (red and yellow) mixed together. I wish it had lasted longer, but the beautiful rose and patchouli that followed were as addictive.

Poison family, take all my money.
20th April, 2017
Goodness! I had no idea I would enjoy this little gem so much!

I found a mini for sale on ebay and it came in the mail today. Upon application, it was extremely LOUD and yelled HELLO! I AM ON YOUR WRIST! I thought "well damn, here is money down the drain". But I waited (thank goodness! price/ml was not low!), and it paid me back in spades in the dry-down - oh boy - this will have my pretty...the bottle is gorgeous as well!

Rose and Patchouli done VERY well. Just let the screaming citrus do its thing like a temperamental two year old, and you'll be fine - really!
30th September, 2016
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02nd April, 2016 (last edited: 12th October, 2017)

MIDNIGHT POISON?It has a Sensible Characterestic:Passionate. This EDP is different from typical Woody or Citrus smells as It smells more Classy and Artistic and The smell reminds me of a Mixture of Vanilla and Rose. Sultry, Irresistible,Sophisticated,Addictive, Strong,Special and Professional Fresh scent.

The first few Seconds Gives you quite an Intense Jolt of Citrus but it quickly quited down to a Creamy Seductive Woody,Floral. Rose in the Heart makes it really Feminine. The Vanilla slowly asserts itself Until MIDNIGHT POISON has made itself UNFORGETTABLE.

Everytime your Lover wear it You want to Cuddle and Smell her without Cloying. It is Particular and not for Everyone. A Perfect Choice for a Femme Fatale in Midnight. Heavy for Hot days but Excellent for COLD Weather and Definiteyle SPECIAL Occasion.


Longevity?It is not Like Pure Poison on my skin but Still Good.

22nd April, 2015
A decadent rose-patchouli fragrance with a soothing, soft, lush amber note. There is some citrus at the beginning, but it's blended smoothly. The overall effect is a stunning oriental that is sadly discontinued.

Dior, please bring it back.
12th August, 2014 (last edited: 08th March, 2015)
Amazing oriental!

To me it is the most intrigant of all the Poison line. Patchouli at its best. From the opening notes to the drydown, everything here is to die for, absolutely unique, dark, seductive, mysterious...
26th October, 2013 (last edited: 05th January, 2014)
Harmony Show all reviews
Russian Federation

I Love this perfume! Sexy is what I adore in fragrances, and here pachouli and rose marriage just makes it perfect. I personally wear it at night only, and it makes me want myself))). Seriously, you will have sweet dreams, but before you go to sleep you will feel luxury and admiration of others. When I am having a night with internet and glass of wine, I put on blue orchid 100% botanical oil from Clarins on my face- and OH, you get perfect combination of Spa experience and luxury of Dior. Bon Voyage!

15th October, 2013
I have a small midnight blue bottle of Midnight Poison, that I had never opened. Then, Poison caught me a few weeks ago, for the first time. I fell in love and have been having a Poison affair since.

Last week, I placed the Midnight Poison beside my bed and used it as a sleeping potion of sorts. And opening the bottle made me gasp. I love this scent. I still only use it at night, but almost every night now, I fall into dreams with the lush scent of warm roses and patchouli rising from my wrists and pillow.

This seems a bit thin at first, but then deepens. It is more complex than it first seems. It may be mostly roses and herb, but it does it with some other notes layered in, that I cannot recognize. The whole composition is more than the sum of its parts. It blends with an alchemical reaction that ZINGS on me. Then, it calms down and comforts me with one of the most beautiful scents I have ever experienced.

I need a full, big bottle now.
10th March, 2012
I tried this one after reading some of the rave reviews. I got the idea this is kind of a Poison for Men without actually being branded as such. I liked it, but there was a note to it that started to annoy me after an hour or so. It wouldn't go away. I couldn't quite put my finger on it but Vick's Vapo-Rub kept coming to mind. I just read awesomeness's review and she put it into words for me. "Medicinal and camphorous". That's exactly it! And that's what it smells like on my arm, still, three hours later. It doesn't work for me, so I'll have to pass on Midnight Poison. But that's not to say it's not interesting and good in its' own camphorous and medicinal way. Just, not for me.
07th December, 2011
Anup Show all reviews
United States
Poison pour lui?

I believe that this certain creation could have been released alongside the original Poison from 1985 in an alternate timeline. To me the scent comes of as a "structurally sweetened" Antaeus by Channel.

Comparisons aside, strictly speaking of Poisons, this fragrance stands out to me. It is without a doubt the simplest Poison, yet carries the most complexity in according the notes than any of the others in my opinion. For example, oranges and bergamot in the top, so what? Those are very commonly used notes in many fragrances. The middle only consisting of roses, pale, soft and slightly sweet. And concluding of a oh so common base of vanilla amber musk and patchouli. Surprisingly, as with a few other scents of post millennia miracles, Midnight Poison pulls all of the notes together in to one solitary aroma.

The start is very aromatic, sweet and slightly moist; dewy or even humidified. Heading further into the scent that humidity stands firm and is greeted coldly with drab, dead and dry floral musk which, despite how awful that sounds, fills me with olfactive joy indicative of fall. Viewing the final grasps at life, it's last takes of air, Midnight Poison shrieks, yet nothing comes from the creatures mouth, dusty woods with a dissipating powdery/sweetness are all thats left upon conclusion.

A misunderstood man often taken as a malnourished woman.
Midnight Poison.
23rd November, 2011
In the same vein of the more articolated and regal Shalimar  (which is smokier, more leather-animalic, almost gummy, more spicy-floral and woodsy) this  rich and luxurious potion is basically an ambery fragrance strong on patchouli in my opinion . The note of amber is central and starring likewhise the rose that is elegant and  absolutely featuring and performing in a sort of modern interpretation far from its usual indolent and retro temperament. The smell in general is resinous and sinister. A touch of angular fruitness, a type of fruity-floral decadent whiff, is perceivable at first spray when the hesperides, notable the presence of bergamot, are still like blades and the rose is botanic, earthy and not yet drowned and softened in a sink of amber. The  smell few time later is a sort of creamy orange with the head of rose and with the backbone of an abundant patchouli that loses its earthiness (or better its herbal  rough sharpness) but manteins its dark, shadowy, woody and bold typical flavour. The last element restrains a bit the creamy sweetness imprinting a more shadowy, tamed and neutral rooty mildness. The note of sandalwood makes its part in the blend in my opinion (in light amount) and supports the note of vanilla in order to push up a sort of mild kind of woody whiteness. The note of vanilla colours the amber advancing and receding, in barely perceivable whiffs, as a tide. The milky dry down is averagely smooth (or better averagely dry) rather than particulary powdery. May be some civet of leather is buried somewhere in the blend as well as a touch of incense. The scent is  lush and sophisticated on rose and patchouli in their creaminess and barely detectable final muskiness. Finally each herbal, botanic or earthy temperament is definitely tamed. Midnight Poison smells far better and classy than the almondy-sugary Hypnotic Poison, in my opinion unclassy and lacking in mystery on the contrary of this one. As well as the evolution is completed, i feel on my skin a slightly notable aromatic-cool spark that cuts the resinous warmth without breaking the substance and enhances the glamour and the modernity of the juice. The longevity is remarcable on my skin.
17th October, 2011 (last edited: 14th December, 2011)
Midnight Poison is a dark, seductive, voluptuous and a very sexy concotion. Francois Demanchy has added patchouli, amber and vanilla to this fragrance as its base notes, and belive me, I never really knew what patchouli means before I smelt this. Patchouli caught my attention in other fragrances as a cheap, herbal, pleasant but a bit boring to make anything like a scent out of it. Midnight Poison really made the patchouli for me. I must say I wear while I'm a man, and it really suits my personality, while I also like to wear the midnight blue Eau de Parfum.

I must say I really enjoyed it, its my favourite fragrance and i'll always have a bottle of this dark concotion on my dresser!
04th September, 2011
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Midnight Poison is quite a fascinatingly complex scent.

The scent itself is rather heavy and strong. There is an intriguing blend of amber, spices, patchouli, citrus and classic rose throughout.

At first sniff you realise that this is something different, something mysterious. You'll find yourself overwhelmed by dark, woodsy undertones, exotic spices and a syrupy-like sweetness.

There's a certain sense of masculinity in this fragrance, however with that being said, I do still think this scent wears well on women. Midnight Poison commands attention. It is bold, dark, sensual, smooth, dramatic and intriguing.

I particularly love the smokey, almost 'incensey' quality this fragrance creates when worn on the skin. The dark, midnight blue coloured bottle certainly portrays what is yet to come, a potent potion for the brave and daring woman.

Midnight Poison is a long-lasting and incredibly tempting fragrance that is difficult to resist.

04th June, 2011
My favorite Poison and one of my favorites in general. Quite simple (rose + patchouli), but beautiful. Very versatile and wearable in all occasions, plus office friendly;) Good silage, solid longevity. I have both Edp and pure parfum and Edp is slightly rounder, softer, richer, while prafum is sharper, less sweet, almost unisex.
21st April, 2011
Aiona Show all reviews
United States
If one doesn't like patchouli, one probably won't like this one.

Although the word "poison" is in its name, it smells like "medicine" to me -- a smell from a Chinese herbal medicine shop in southern Thailand.

Shiftybat is correct. I do smell lemon/bergamot-y smell in the opening, mixed with patchouli. Then a bit later, rose with patchouli, with a little bit of mandarin/orange. It does smell like it's trying to be a gourmand patchoul. It's not like Angel, though. (I actually like Angel in small doses, despite the patchouli. And I am not a patchouli lover.)

But it's just rose and patchouli, for over 8.5 hours. Gah!

About 8.5 hours later, I finally start smelling the amber and a bit of vanilla/tonka bean which is lovely. Buy why endure 8.5 hours of patchouli to get to amber and vanilla? I won't again.
26th March, 2011
eris Show all reviews
United States
To me, it smells like sex and smoke and death. Intrinsically heavy, sinister, and very serious, with a remarkably refined edge of sex appeal. It smells exactly like what I imagine power would smell like. I've smelled it on different people before, and to my mind, it takes a certain kind of person to pull it off. Not sure if I, personally, can, but if you think you can wear it with aplomb, take it from me--it's irresistible.
05th February, 2011
Read the pyramid of notes and add vanilla to the base and you'll have an idea of what this smells like. It's one of the most literal fragrances I've encountered. No strange accords or illusions of things not there. You get what you read. This is good because the ingredients are true and the end product is very nice indeed, but it's also bad because it's a bit predictable, here meaning boring. If you're in the market for a lightly sweet patchouli rose fragrance then this is it and then some, be you man or woman (it smells quite good on me). I just grow tired of it quickly. Still very good stuff, though.
02nd February, 2011
Is So Strong at the begginng, i don't like that, but, after a while this fragrance show you why deserves to be part of the Poison Family. I think black roses would smell like Midnight Poison.

I feel this scent a bit masculine but i like it a lot.
28th January, 2011
EDP! Midnight Poison is a dark, seductive, sensual, creepy, yet well constructed fragrance. It has 1 of thee best openings of a frag I have smelled in a long time. I am not a fan of Roses, yet in MD it is so well blended that I do not mind it.

The patchouli is dominant towards the end with the rose & citrus still lingering along to create a sexy masterpiece! It last all day or night & it has good projection. What more can you ask for?

Many women find this to be to masculine for them & I will agree that it is more masculine than feminine. Dior missed the mark on this 1 as it should have been named Midnight Poison Pour Homme! Men go check this out & if you like it buy it for your girlfriend & or wife & if she does not like it, you can keep it for yourself! Everybody wins with Midnight Poison! Gorgeous deep blue bottle as well! Dior deserves a standing round of applause for there work here!
16th January, 2011
Wow, what to say about Midnight Poison....

For me, it goes on sweet with prominent patchouli and rose, making it dark like "evil candy". However, I don't find it sickeningly sweet, and yes, a guy can wear it. As it dries down the sweetness becomes richer along with the patchouli and rose and it just lasts for hours. Midnight Poison is a dark and beautiful fragrance that both men and women can wear with ease. It is more masculine than most gourmands, anyway.
29th December, 2010
Bought it as a gift for my wife she tried it and did not like it saying "is to strong, dark and masculine". We went trough the web to get more info and decide if we can sale it. We found out sites saying this could easily be wear by men. Then everything changed. What if I start to wear it?. Why not I love the smell? I find it masculine too once the the top note the dark rose (which is not that strong and feminine) subside. So this is how my love story with this frag started,since then this has become my signature fragrance top of my list. I began using it for my wife daily and when going out and she loves how this one smell on me. She says is the perfect match for me.

Then I started using it for my daily work (macho land capital) ladies coworkers love it but I still I keep it a secret when asked. No one knows what I wear I don't tell. I expected some negative feedback or feminine jokes- commentaries from male fellows I have not receive one yet. I have discover that people think this is another male EDT or another unisex frag of the many around.

Now I use it daily to everywhere I go. This is yummy stuff for a male it makes me feel sweet,warm, clean, relax and cozy. Sweet in a good well balanced way. High quality ingredients in this juice, the rose so dark and good not overpowering, delicious patchouli and amber, so simple so great. One or two sprays (the top) of this magic Poison and you are set to go for the hole day.

Sorry for Dior House I think they missed the target big time with this frag. This could have been the perfect POISON POUR HOMME a best seller ground breaking. trend setter in male perfume history in the 2000'S. Same effect original Poison For Her achieved when it came out 1980's. The only things feminine on this one is the bottle and the name. Change the bottle, change the name relaunch it as a male frag or at least as a perfect unisex frag and they will be selling like hot cakes out of the shelves, a strike of gold.

Guys men out there dare to be different, dare to use this one you wont be disappointed. Don't be afraid but don't over spray this one is strong in a good way. Thank you Basenotes for the hints in finding my signature fragrance.
13th March, 2010
A rose-based oriental fragrance. Very sharp rose opening but once that settles it's all good stuff from there. Drydown is a dark and resinous patchouli and amber and is very sweet as a result. Projects very well. Voluptuous.
24th January, 2010
Noraed Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Midnight poison has a citrusy and sharp scent with a stunning mix of rose and patchouli.
I think of this smell as the smell of a daring, dangerous, and mysterious woman. It is more suitable in the evening.

It has a very deep, masculine and long-lasting scent. I think it would smell great on men.
Patchouli lovers need to give it a try. My husband loves patchouli and this perfume is one of his favourite perfumes.

It is an Oriental - Woody type of perfume. It suits ladies more than girls.
If you like it you should try Elle by YSL, because they smell very similar to each other (like I said in my Elle review).
12th November, 2009
I agree with those who think Midnight Poison is suitable for a man. I believe a man should wear a so-called feminine perfume if he smells good in it. And of course, a woman should wear a man's cologne if she can handle it! I tried Midnight Poison for fun because I liked the fragrance on the blotter. On me, it smelled rather woody and masculine but not very "chic". In fact, it reminded me of spruce beer!!! Don't get me wrong, it is not a bad fragrance. It is just not "great" on me. I still think it is a quality perfume and I am sure some women (and men) smell wonderful in it.
19th September, 2009
Midnight Poison, on me smells sadly of flowers in full bloom on a compost heap; it's sickly sweet in a saccharine way. From that point on there is no change whatsoever.
I'm quite dissapointed as I truly adore the original Poison. It's not nearly as unique and compelling as the original. To me it feels much more generic, and that is something that, from a perfume in the poison line, I cannot accept.

*sigh* me and Midnight Poison have no chemistry together. Alas.
14th May, 2009
I don't hate it, but don't completely like it either. At first it is very heavy and nauseating scent that made me want to scrub it off immediately. Unfortunately I was at the mall and couldn't. Eventually, the very strong smell of synthetic leather wore away and left a smell that kinda reminded me of Brittney Speares Midnight Fantasy (funny how both names have midnight in them). The color, the name, and even the juices bear an uncanny resemblance to each other - the plum-ey sweetness with florals and clean patchouli. Go smell them and you will know what I mean! I do not like to buy celebrity fragrances because of many different reasons. Maybe that's why I don't like this one, or maybe it is the horrific smell in the opening notes. The scent may be wearable for some but I don't think it is for me. I'm still not sure about this one.
22nd November, 2008
Gblue Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I'm in love with Midnight Poison. I think this is very much suitable for a man. I've been asked by men and women what the aftershave I'm wearing is.
To me the top note is an explosion of Patchouli, and I can't get enough of it. Then the rose appears, and I'm in heaven. I've tried both the "elixir" (where patchouli+caramel=burnt, but not at all in a bad way) and the EdP, and prefer the EdP. Oh, and the bottle is absolutely stunning.
The extrait is smoky dirty patch.
08th November, 2008 (last edited: 07th July, 2009)
Truffles Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Gee I really am a sucker for those blue glass bottles. This bottle is really beautiful, dark, holdable and lovely. The perfume itself has topnotes which don't immediately beguile me - a bit too Diorsy, a bit all over the place, but it fades down to a beautiful and unusual incense smell which makes it worthwhile for me.
20th October, 2008
I love the advert, the idea of a dark cindorella in a dark blue dress with black nails, diva red lips looking for fun,actually it pictures the perfume quite well.Playful, youthful,naughty,very chic.
30th September, 2008