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Negative Reviews of Midnight Poison by Christian Dior

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Gingerbread, red berries, 'rose', incense, patchouli; retelling of Poison myth, very synthetic. Radiates like Russian nuclear plant. Suggest to avoid but has been discontinued, unlike nuclear plant.

22nd November, 2017
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United States
If one doesn't like patchouli, one probably won't like this one.

Although the word "poison" is in its name, it smells like "medicine" to me -- a smell from a Chinese herbal medicine shop in southern Thailand.

Shiftybat is correct. I do smell lemon/bergamot-y smell in the opening, mixed with patchouli. Then a bit later, rose with patchouli, with a little bit of mandarin/orange. It does smell like it's trying to be a gourmand patchoul. It's not like Angel, though. (I actually like Angel in small doses, despite the patchouli. And I am not a patchouli lover.)

But it's just rose and patchouli, for over 8.5 hours. Gah!

About 8.5 hours later, I finally start smelling the amber and a bit of vanilla/tonka bean which is lovely. Buy why endure 8.5 hours of patchouli to get to amber and vanilla? I won't again.
26th March, 2011
Midnight Poison, on me smells sadly of flowers in full bloom on a compost heap; it's sickly sweet in a saccharine way. From that point on there is no change whatsoever.
I'm quite dissapointed as I truly adore the original Poison. It's not nearly as unique and compelling as the original. To me it feels much more generic, and that is something that, from a perfume in the poison line, I cannot accept.

*sigh* me and Midnight Poison have no chemistry together. Alas.
14th May, 2009
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