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I first wore S5H about five years ago when my wife picked up several sample vials from the Bond9 boutique during a business trip to NYC. I wore through the sample over the course of the year and ever since have wished I owned a bottle. S5H is by no means the best of Bond9, but it's easy wearing, year round, fresh versatility had me often wishing it was in my collection.

To me S5H has a common fruit, incense and amber theme that's dressed up through the addition of a chili, cardamon, black pepper and bergamot that does indeed conjure a licorice note, which I absolutely love over a incense, amber and wood base. While most Bonds are super amplified EDP strength, S5H is charming and subtle. I believe if it were at Bond's typical projection level the notes would begin to compete, rather than compliment each other, so credit to Almariac for his masterful composition.

I like S5H as an anytime fragrance that could be worn in the office or out to a casual affair. It's light, fresh and extremely wearable with just enough originality to be interesting and memorable. Worth trying for any Bond No9 fan. Thumbs Up.
19th January, 2016
There is a note in a skunk's spray that I find interesting.
It's actually more attractive than repulsive.
I find it interesting because I'm not supposed to like it, but I do.
There is a note in Saks Fifth Avenue that produces the same effect.
I find it interesting and therefore keep smelling it.
It is the type of note that I feel others wouldn't like (at first).
11th February, 2015
After I got passed the licorice thing it was incredible. Up until then I wasn't that impressed.
05th May, 2014
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Pepper and citrus. Noting earth shattering here, but actually quiet nice. Opening has depth for a bright fragrance, and has a sort of classy feel to it. I can see wearing this to a presentation I need to feel good to. After about two hours, the scent on my skin is warm. The pepper seems to fuse with an interesting woody note that is not familiar to me. Not sniffing myself, just taking in the projected scent, it smells nice, but a bit generic. On my skin close, I enjoy it more.
22nd December, 2013
Saks Fifth Avenue for Him kicks of with some of the most played-out topnotes in the business, that ubiquitous mix of grape soda, lavender, violet, and aquatic Windex smell that every masculine scent uses when they want to smell like every other masculine scent at the Macys. However, there's a decent wood scent hiding under the laughably common top.

Given about 30 minutes, the silly aquatic grape mess burns off and I'm left with a really interesting mix of lavender and pine that's actually very nice. Sadly, that aquatic note stays in the background, like trying to sniff a top-notch niche perfume while someone spills chlorine bleach next to you. Later, a nice pine tar note comes in, smelling kind of like licorice at first, but ending up smelling like piney leather. Unfortunately, hat Windex/bleach note ends up ruining everything at the end, forming a really cheap-smelling metallic "woody amber" base that overpowers and ultimately destroys the really interesting woody/lavender/leather thing that was happening.

For anyone who's read my reviews, you know any scent with that dumb Windex/chlorine "woody amber" chemical in it gets an automatic thumbs down from me, though to be fair, those lavender/pine/licorice/leather middle notes are fantastic and worth a sniff. For people who enjoy creative aquatics or, well, guys who like mall scents and kind of want to smell like everything else but then they don't but then they do again, Saks Fifth Avenue for Him may be your grail!
03rd June, 2012
I will speak today about a fragrance from the Maison Bond No. 9, which all fragrances are inspired by New York city, where beauty shines through the presentation of the bottles, all in star shapes with specific decorations to each fragrance. But I will speak more specifically about Saks Fifth Avenue for Him,
created by Michael Almairac and released in 2007.

On my skin, the fragrance begins with plenty of freshness guaranteed by bergamot, dominating the beginning of the fragrance. Chili, Black Pepper, on top, as Basenotes says? Not on my skin! Sorry Basenotes, you're wrong. After about 10 ~ 15 minutes, bergamot decays a bit, making the cardamom to become noticeable, however subtly, serving as an excellent transition from the fresh tone from the beginning, to a slightly sweet-woody tone (yes, sweet, but for just few minutes, believe me) guaranteed by a mixture of woody aroma mixed with a light incense which stands out more and more from the dry-down, thereby decreasing the semi-sweet aroma, now leading to a more comfortable level as time goes on, remaining that way until the end.

An excellent casual scent. Perfect for those who likes the suit and jeans style.

In my opinion, the perfect day by day scent for a successful business man that is not so focused on a formal dress. A pleasant classy and versatile smell that offends no one.
21st August, 2011
A lush, creamy aquatic....almost a bit powdery. Not sure if this would get a little cloying on a really hot day, but certainly nice for a cool spring one. Certainly one of the nicer Bond No. 9's I've tried. Worth the cost? Eh, not sure at that price.........
29th April, 2011
Classy, masculine scent for day wear; spicy and assertive but gentle and the first blast of chilli, nutmeg, cardamon and bergamot...very well done...then the incense takes over for ages, mixed with amber and guaiac wood...also very well done indeed...

I like wearing this scent on special occasions for work as it has that special "good feel" factor to my nose...

The longevity is fantastic and guess it must have good sillage...

Big Thumbs up...!!!
22nd February, 2011
Absolutely beautiful.
At first, this struck me as another "faceless" copy issued by BOND. (i.e., in the vein of some garbage from Hugo-Boss, Armani, or Polo)......I recommend not throwing your sample decant away; it may grow on it did on me.
It took only a few wearings to realize its depth and complexity.
It's a really multifaceted aquatic, and I can even detect a subtle hint of mint.
This "aquatic" is very atypical, and strikes me as more of a warm/vegetal aquatic, than what one may expect from this typically passe genre.
My only complaint RE: Saks Fifth Ave is the (relatively) weak longevity.
Definitely a worthy contender.
A unique genius of an aquatic!
08th May, 2010
This upon first sniff doesn't really compell anybody or seem particularly unique or worth the money. After it dries down this really shines. It's a spicy, semi sweet incense with a wood base and subtle black pepper and chili. The chili is the intriguing part of this fragrances combined with the incense and smells quite unique. The quality is there but this is a typical genre so it can easily be categoried with many other scents including designer scents. Regardless, it's still top quality although, I don't believe it's worth the retail value.
07th May, 2010
Did she copy N-18 by Pal Zileri?
And didn't improve on it ?
It's not bad at all, in fact it's a nice sweet/spicy incense.
But for the money, Bond should improve upon the OG, which in this case, its most certainly Pal Zileri N-18
For that....
14th December, 2008
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United States
I didn't think this was terribly unique on first sniff, but after wearing it for a while, it's really grown on me. The Guaic Wood plus (very ethereal) Incense is addicting and I'm really glad I have a bottle now. It's well put together, smooth, and comforting with a considerable amount of depth in the dry-down. My girlfriend absolutely loves this one as well.
12th September, 2008
Good but not worth the money. Smells like any other designer fragrance but I can't quite put my finger on which. Just good.
09th July, 2008
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Only tried it once, a pretty SA asked me if I wanted to try it while I was looking for Nuits de Noho, I said why not. Not at all impressive. This isn't a bad scent by far. It's just nothing special. Still, I think it smells good, similar to the new Escada moon sparkle but less green smelling, but it won't have me yearning to buy a bottle.
14th April, 2008
This smells ....ok? I put four sprays of this on me and walked around the South Coast Plaza mall after visiting Saks and someone asked me if I was wearing Polo Black. The lady at nordstrom asked me if it was Armani Mania? Don't get me wrong this scent is not bad, but its just...(Shrugs shoulders) ....ok?

If I am going to pay 185 bucks for a cologne, it better make me feel special, unique and be unlike anything else on the market. This smells like another one of your polo's, armani or calvin klein mass marketed fragrances you smell at Sephora or Macys.

Lasting power isnt very good either. I still think the best masculine and spicy fragrance Bond 9 makes is Riverside Drive
02nd April, 2008
My wife just got me this for x-mas. I'm a Bond no. 9 fan and I absolutley love this one. This is a very complex men's scent. At first it smells like something you have owned before but after a few more minutes you realize that it is much more than your average run of the mill masculine scent. It makes me want to put on a suit and I'm a casual jeans kind of guy. The best men's scent from Bond no.9 ever. CLASS, CLASS, and more CLASS.
25th December, 2007