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One of those beautiful fragrances that when you smell it Immediately reminds you of the reason that You wears it as definitely It is to Seduce a Man.high quality ingredients:the incense,patchouli,amber, myrrh,black currant and ginger that is not overwhelming but blend in well.A Delicious Scent For a Unforgettable Night.Modern,Deep,Oriental,powerful, Provocative,Dark and Luxurious.

At the beginning this scent definitely hits your nose with a bang Because It is strong so you only need a minimal Use.the middle is indescribably charming,and the patchouli in the dry down is quite Prominent that Result is a audacious scent full of Temptation and fact a spicy fruity mixed with a bright jasmine,orchid and iris then moving to a dry smokey note of incense finally moving to elegant amber and patchouli dry down.

I would imagine a myserious,beautiful witch,sitting in front of her fireplace,eating dark,delicious ripe fruits.the scent definitely not for the faint-hearted or a conservative character.Perfect for self-assured lady or Seductress.really Great for EVENING.Heavy for Summer days,Seemly for AUTUMN/WINTER.Anyway if you are looking for a perfume that makes you feel the queen of the night you are exactly at the right place.


Longevity?The only Complaint as It is not So Remarkable on my skin.

15th May, 2015 (last edited: 10th November, 2015)
This is, to me, the ultimate clubbing fragrance.

It's clean yet dark and sultry. Sexy but playful. It's berries with the depth of amber and patchouli. A little incense-y but in a light, clean way.

It reminds me of a night out. You've gotten all pretty, you're sitting in a bar with some fruity girl-drink or another, about to hit the dance floor, on top of the world and loving it.

It's not very versatile though, I wouldn't wear this as an everyday frag. It just puts you in a party mood.

It does what it's supposed to very well, works perfect as a night-out scent for a young woman. It's fairly strong so don't overdo it.
19th August, 2012
dimplesg Show all reviews
United Kingdom
This is also my favourite from the 'Delicious' range. Its is mysterious and 'warm'. I don't find it to be a very heavy scent with my body chemistry.

To be honest, I have had this scent a few years and forgot that I had it but rediscovering it again has been great.

Definitely my typical scent - warm and comforting!
05th August, 2012
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Whenever I see the colour purple I immediately think berries and this is exactly what Delicious Night is, rich, dark berries.

Hands down my favourite fragrance from the Delicious series. There is something so very sexy and mysterious about it which none of the other scents have.

Blackberry, pomelo, ginger, orchid, incense, patchouli and jasmine, all the notes that make up a fabulous night-time fragrance. This is dark if not a little bit naughty and outrageous.

Even if the name and the advertisement didn't suggest that this was intended to be worn at night I would have chosen to wear it so. Delicious Night makes me think of dim nightclubs, flashing lights, cocktails, stilettos and dancing till you can't dance no more.

This is very powerful stuff, so beware when applying. Overall, Delicious Night is a delightful scent which is sure to seduce both you and the opposite sex.

12th June, 2011
Fruity-floral cocktails drowned in to a smooth resinous base of incensey patchouli. Velvety and purple DN conjures me images of subterraneous clubs full of "dark-violet" enlighted shelters, secret passages, purple screens, games of mirrors and obscure rooms of unmentionable pleasure. Mystery and sin whirl around in the impenetrable smoky air. The few lights cutting the bleu darkness are violet and red. The first part of the juice is metallic and super modern because of frozen pomelo and ginger martini. The outcome of the experiment is chic and glamour although a bit too much "plastic" and synthetic. This is the more feminine part of an unisex fragrance leaning on the masculine side in my humble opinion. In this phase the scent is angular and fizzy-fruity as a tropical cocktail. The heart is a bunch of dark sophisticated flowers, carnal plants and black fruits. Enormously bold is the final product because of its bully synthetic patchouli and scratching vetiver overshadowed by succulent berries that fall in to a tunnel of smoky amber, myrrh and dusty incense. A dark choice for the underground world of discos and club prive.
25th April, 2011 (last edited: 13th June, 2014)
Delicious Night is a fruit of sin that
grows on the vine of temptation a dark
and indolic beauty a femme fatale a bad girl definitely not a scent for the average girl next door virgin, no This spells S.E.X across the front of the
fruit shape like flacon the opening is
fruity of frozen pomelo tangy and fun then
succulent black current starts steeping
through your senses like an inner Terra
of earth brings an primal spirit in this scent.

The Innocence of freesia falls discreetly and dries the top note with
a bit of sweetness Jasmine with it's
elusive delicateness opens the middle
note gives it a green-tea like aroma
that is meditative the leafy and intoxicating note of dark orchard sprays
an scent of inhibited animalistic properties.

then delicious night turns woody with
dry ginger turns warm with amber Dark
incense and ancient myrrh adds to the
esoteric mystery of the scent which
makes it unique.
12th December, 2010
I am totally enjoying Delicious Night. The opening notes are floral and sweet on my skin. The middle notes I'm not too fond of because they tend to be a bit sharp with my body chemistry. However once the sharpness has subsided a sweetness emerges that I just love. I'd give it a 6 out of 10.
28th October, 2010
Exactly my kind of perfume. A delicious, juicy floriental. Opens with a burst of pomelo and blackberry and settles into the musky sexiness of patchouli, myrrh and amber, enhanced by floral hints of freesia, orchid, jasmine and iris. I love that it has the strength of an oriental whilst holding onto a core of deep, dark fruits and florals.
05th November, 2009
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United Kingdom
I really love this. It's a heady oriental with a really seductive drydown. Everytime my girlfriend wears this I always comment on how nice she smells. It has good sillage and manages to be very sexy as well as being spicy and head-turning.

I would very much recommend it as a present to any woman who likes orientals. It's surprisingly good in my opinion.
11th May, 2009
This fragrance has an intoxicating spicy patchouli, romantic myrrh and calming amber. If you do not enjoy oriental/ spicy you will not enjoy this. It is sensual and seductive. I wear this out to dinner and always get complements. The fragrance is intense at first, but later subdues to a mild to moderate amber and myrrh. It is definitely not a scent worn for daily use, but it is intriguing nonetheless.
18th February, 2009
lovely floral-spicy base, really intimate and attractive.. sure a better step to be delecious series... i hope the mens version soon.
26th December, 2008
I agree I really did want to like this as well this stuff stinks!!!! There is no getting to like this. It is horrible dillards and Macys said they can't hardly get rid of this stuff, and what a waste the bottle is quite lovely.
15th September, 2008
I really wanted to love this as the initial burst of blackberry liquor and vanilla was delicious, but it dies down very soon with little lasting power. A nice scent with awful sillage. Somebody would have to have their nasal passages on your pulse points to know you are even wearing it, not a good thing in my opinion. Unfortunately I had to return this after purchasing. Hopefully works better for other chemistries!!
31st July, 2008
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its dark and not unlike black cashmere..................heavy,...sort of nice........but wont be going in for a larger bottle next time. However did get some compliments on it, and thats never a bad thing
09th July, 2008
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United States
My testing of this was with the body lotion, not the edp. Sometimes scents in different forms react in different ways on my skin; so this review could be inaccurate for the edp. Anyway, I like this smell, but it's not something I would wear. I don't mind smelling it on others, but it gets overwhelmingly sweet on me. And it smells so...clean...definitely has that infamous "dryer sheet" accord to me. I was hoping it would have a mysterious air, or something that connotes "night" to me, but it smells like a berry fruit smoothie to my nose. Berry fruit smoothie + Tide Laundry detergent. The drydown is sugary, and light patchouli, and is, by far, my favorite part of the fragrance. At the beginning, it's the kind of fragrance smell I've noticed when chaperoning my son's junior high dances; not what I've smelled in NYC clubs. But when it dries down, it's good enough that I would consider purchasing it. I really like this after it develops into a creamy, seductive, but still very sweet scent. It's interesting because, where I'd expect to smell vanilla, there is patchouli, and possibly amber; giving this a similarity to Flowerbomb. Delicious Night's color is gorgeous and the bottle, like all the "Delicious" bottles, is adorable. If you like juicy-fruity, sweet scents, you may enjoy this very much, and you should give it a try!
09th June, 2008
A grown up version of Karan's Delicious line. As the name implies, it's richer and deeper than the others. The fruit sits in the background, which I prefer. Patchouli is very evident in this, so if you don't care for that note you probably won't like it. An all around nice fragrance, but I'm not bewitched by it so probably will not purchase.
12th October, 2007